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Spring Equinox Style: Overcoat, Merino Knit & Scarf Outfit

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Wednesday, 20th March, 2019

The Spring Equinox - How I'm Styling It This Spring
So apparently it’s the Spring Equinox today, so it should officially be the first day of Spring! 🙂

I have been noticing the lighter nights, and that’s a good thing, because it’s closer to the Summer which I love.

Soon we’ll be putting out clocks forward, and Summer will be here in no time. It will mean I have to swap my wardrobe around, from the Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer in a few weeks time when the weather gets better.

For now, I am still wearing my overcoat, which I do really like. Style in the seasons is always a strange one…I like the colder months because you can wear so many things, and at times, so many things together. But I love the Summer, because, it’s the Summer!

I did take these photos a long while ago but never got around to posting them.

In this outfit I am wearing my Merino roll up knit which I got from Uniqlo, and has served me well this season. I wore it alongside my favourite jeans, black denim of course, from Nudie Jeans.

The overcoat is my go to when I need to wear a coat which is on the smarter side of things. Nothing is ever going to beat my Canada Goose Parka when it comes to fighting the weather, but for a variation and something for a more smart-casual setting, you can’t go wrong with a camel overcoat.

What I'm Wearing In Spring - Overcoat, Scarf, Jeans and Roll-Neck Merino Knit

Something which I don’t wear very often is this scarf, which I got a while ago from Roberto Cavalli. It’s probably my favourite scarf, but since it’s expensive, I don’t wear it all too often.

It’s one of those delicate items which you buy which costs a lot and you love, but since it’s so delicate you end up hardly using, which is almost a waste. But I do wear it every now and then, although this could be the last time until next Winter.

It’s a kind of light beige/cream colour, but the good thing is on the reverse side it’s grey, which not only gives it a really nice tone, it pretty much makes it reversible, so I can wear it both ways.


What have you been up to? It seems like my life has been consumed by TV lately…There’s been so much on! Derry Girls, White Gold, Top Gear, and I’ve been watching things on Amazon like The Grand Tour. Not long to go before Billions is back too tonight, Made In Chelsea is also coming back soon (pretty much the only reality show I watch now) Even the F1 is back! 😀

TV, along with football…Football on TV, really rules my life. Later this week are the internationals, and Spain are playing on Saturday and Tuesday, which I will watch…But then England are playing Friday and Monday, and I’ll watch those too. Then back to the Premier League, which is reaching the end, and it’s never been more exciting!

And as you’ll know, I’ve been making lots of content for the blog, which you can obviously see and read 🙂

So, happy Spring to you! Remember to check out my Spring fashion basics if you’re looking to invest in some clothing for the Spring, there’s lots of clothes in there which you can get for yourself.

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