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Dip Dye Sunday Style & What I’ve Been Up To This Weekend

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Sunday, 2nd June, 2019

Dip Dye Sweatshirt - My Sunday Style Edit For A Laid Back Look

Happy Sunday guys!

I have to say, I feel pretty well rested and chilled out today! It has started as one of those days which looks gloomy, but if you go outside it’s really warm. I might not get another chance to wear my dip dye sweatshirt again, so I’ve decided to pull it on since it’s a relaxed kind of day.

Last night was pretty good, there was football, boxing and music, aka my song of the summer which I will listen to at least once a day…More on that below

First of the sweatshirt…It’s a mid-weight top, and I love sweatshirts for when you’re just chilling out and relaxing, they are such an easy to wear and laid back piece, but of course can be too much if it gets too hot. Since we’re into June now, I thought I would wear it for probably one last time, since I’ve not worn it all too much, but I really like it.

I got it from Gant quite a while back when I was getting into dip dye. I love the colours, the white into green into blue, it looks really cool. It’s on the baggy side, so I can only really wear it in casual settings, but that kind of goes with the dip dye style. This summer is all about tie dye, I’ve been featuring that a lot on the blog, so I might go and get myself something for summer.

Last night was the football, the Champions League final, Liverpool vs Tottenham. I have to say that sadly, it was kind of a boring match. Liverpool got a penalty in the first minute, they scored, and not much else happened. There were barely any talking points for the whole 90 minutes, and it wasn’t a great game of football. Liverpool got another late on, and won the game 2-0. I wanted Tottenham to win, but wasn’t too bothered, it was just sad that it wasn’t a great game of football.

My song of the summer….So, last summer for some weird reason I listened to the song “Wake Up It’s A Beautiful Morning” by The Boo Radleys quite a bit, so much so in fact that I decided for a laugh that I would have to listen to it at least once a day, but only for the summer, and then never again…And that’s exactly what I did! 😀

I could never remember ever watching the video, so last year may have been the first time I’ve seen it, but probably not. It was released back in 1995 when music was so epic, there was so much around back then.

I always liked this song, and it reminds me of the summer as a kid, I always remember waking up to it on the radio in the morning. So this year I’ve decided to keep this tradition going, so I’ll listen to this at least once a day every day…That’s 92 times! 😀

This morning I woke up this morning to find out that Anthony Joshua lost!!! A big shock in boxing, he lost in the 7th round and was on the floor a few times in the fight. I’m not a big boxing fan but I do like the big fights, although I haven’t seen any of it yet.

I also have to speak about the sad news which happened on Saturday, the passing of José Antonio Reyes. He was only 35 years old, and was sadly killed in a motoring accident, which is both shocking and tragic. He was such a talented footballer playing for the national team as well as Arsenal, Real Madrid, Atletico his boyhood club Sevilla and Extremadura among others. R.I.P José Antonio Reyes.

So that is my weekend so far, and I will probably just be chilling out today and maybe some gaming (Football Manager) which I don’t do enough of.

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