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Hi there! 🙂 First of all thank you for reading my blog. As you’ll already know I am Michael 84, a men’s fashion blogger from the UK. I love to write it, and I appreciate it if you read it and enjoy it. I love hearing back from anyone who reads my blog, so don’t be shy 😛

If you would like to contact me to say hi, or about something in particular on my blog, I encourage you to follow me via my official social media accounts. These are Twitter, Facebook or Instagram , Pinterest and Tumblr. I am known on each of these as Michael84Blog.

If there’s a particular post/article/feature you’d like to talk about, please leave a comment in that post, and I’ll try to answer 🙂 I get a huge number of emails these days, so unfortunately I can’t reply to them all, but I do love Twitter so come and say hi there 😉

Business & Brands

If you would like to get in touch with me you can email me at hola@michael84.co.uk but If you have a quick question or want to ask something, it’s probably easier asking via my social media.

Press/Media/PR should send an email, but please feel free to follow my Twitter.

Due to the large number of spam I encourage you to address me as my name, Michael, and send email from a branded email address rather than a free Gmail or Yahoo address. Please note I am currently experiencing  high volumes of emails.

Get Featured On Michael 84

Michael 84 is a prominent men’s fashion and lifestyle blog, with thousands of posts and articles around fashion, lifestyle, music and men’s related products. Please note if you are sending something it will be assumed that it is “For your consideration” and will not be returned, unless it has been explicitly agreed in writing beforehand.

If you would like your brand or product featured or have a proposal for collaboration, please get in touch.

Michael 84 In The Press

The Michael 84 blog as well as myself have been featured in numerous publications, you can view my In The Press page here.

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Please note I do not accept guest posts or any 3rd party content. If you email for anything of this nature, it will be ignored. See the FAQ below for more information.

Lookbooks, Press Releases, PR Companies

If you would like to send me your lookbook or latest press releases, you are welcome to do so. Please include a small introduction to the email or cover. Michael 84 is a PR friendly blog, If you look after the PR for a brand please get in touch.

Please note keyword anchor rich links or demands for links will not be accepted and likely ignored.

SEO & Internet Marketers: FAQ

Q. I have an article which I want to publish on your blog, you can have it for free (wow aren’t you nice!) All I ask is you leave the spammy keyword rich anchor text links in it.
A. I do NOT accept any pre-written content, articles with embedded links or anything of that nature.

Q.  I want to buy a text link on your blog, insert a text link in an article or something similar to this…
A. I do NOT accept text links, inserting text links into existing content or anything of that nature.

Q. I have an infographic I want you to publish, Don’t worry you can have it for free (whoopee!!)
A. I do NOT use inforgraphics which I don’t create myself, I have no interest in using yours. Sorry.

Q. I have done some amazing research on a topic which you should cover, you can use the research for free, but you should link to us for credit.
A. I am NOT interested in your amazing research. We both know it’s outreach to get a link back to your website, which I do not do.

Please do not be offended if you ask for the above and I decline to respond.