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Wednesday, 8th February, 2017

Dior Homme Intense Review

Dior Homme Intense Review EDP

A fragrance which I have had for a couple of years is Dior Homme Intense. It was released back in 2007, and I’ve had it in my collection for around 5 years. As the name suggests, it’s a masculine style of scent, and I think it’s quite a nice, underrated one for men. It’s an EDP, Eau De Parfum, so has a higher concentration of scent than your usual EDT would have.

First off let’s talk about the bottle. It’s a real clean and simple bottle, which keeps the style to a minimum, but does feel quite elegant with the bottle being more of a cube type of shape, chunky glass, and the fragrance sitting in the middle of it. The top is a heavy black plastic, with the atomizer also being black plastic, and has quite a wide spray, so only a few sprays are required for good coverage.

As for the smell, it’s perfect for an evening, especially in the Autumn or Winter, as it’s quite a warm manly smell. You get a real sense of the woody nature, as you can tell from looking at the colour, however it’s not overpowering, and the vanilla calms it down, with the lavender also toning it down with some powdery tones.

It’s a good choice if you’re looking for something masculine and woody, but something which is not too musky. If this is not for you try checking out more of my aftershave reviews and see if there’s one you can find.

Best season to wear – Autumn/Winter
Scent type – Woody, Aromatic, Floral
Age Recommendation – 23+
Best Worn – Evening, Casual, Formal

Top Notes – Lavender

Heart Notes – Iris, Ambrette seed

Base Notes – Virginia cedarwood, Vetiver, Vanilla

Thursday, 26th January, 2017

Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him! Fragrance Review

Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him Review

A scent which has been talked about a lot in 2016 is the latest from Zadig & Voltaire, called This Is Him! I had to grab a bottle to add to my collection, but what’s this one all about?

The packaging and bottle is all about monochrome, it’s black and white. From the box to the bottle, it carries the same style over, a sleek all black style with clean white text. The bottle is a translucent black colour and is an irregular cuboid shape, with a straight edge on one side and a cracked jagged edge on the other. The atomiser spray is wide for good coverage, and the design of the bottle is finished with the top sporting the Z&V logo to the top.

The scent itself is quite a dark and mysterious one. It’s fairly smoky and warm, slightly woody and inviting, definitely one for the evening. After a while you get a sense of the sweet type of notes coming through, vanilla, and pleasant. This fragrance is best suited for the Autumn and Winter, the warm and dark notes will work well for this time for year on a night, it’s fairly seductive so would make a good scent to wear on a night out; Probably not a one for work, Uni or College.

Best season to wear – Autumn/Winter
Scent type – Aromatic, Smoky, Sweet, Slightly Woody
Age Recommendation – 21+
Best Worn – Evening, Casual

Top Notes – Grapefruit, Black Pepper

Middle Notes – Vanilla, Incense

Base Notes – Sandalwood

What do you think of this scent? Check out more of my fragrance tips over on the directory.

Thursday, 12th January, 2017

MR Burberry Review

MR Burberry Fragrance Review

One of the most acclaimed fragrances of 2016 is the first to be reviewed on Michael 84 in 2017. For Christmas I got the latest scent from the house of Burberry, simply called MR. Burberry, and it’s a good one.

Let’s start as always with the bottle, and it’s a plain and simple rectangular shaped bottle, made with clear glass, a plastic top and with the added touch of decoration in the way of a fabric fashioned bow. There’s the branding to the front of the bottle, the logo which consists of the wording in both a script and plain style.

The smell is a very pleasant one, and one which I like. I think it’s more of a fresh and citrus type of scent, with the grapefruit really coming through. It does have woody accords, however they’re not overpowering and it’s not musky, nor it is necessarily an evening-only dark fragrance. This makes it quite an all round scent, something which can be worn during the day as well as a night, in both formal and casual settings. It’s subtle and soft, and definitely not sharp however I’d still say this is a masculine fragrance, a modern one rather than the old school musky type.

I don’t recall having a scent like this one, I don’t really think it smells like anything else, which is a good quality to have. It does not blow me away like my loved scents, however it’s a really nice and attractive inoffensive smell.

Best Season To Wear – All Rounder

Scent Type – Fresh, Citrus, Woody

Age Recommendation – 18+

Best Worn – Evening, Day, Casual, Formal


Top Notes – Grapefruit, Tarragon, Cardamom

Middle Notes – Birch leaf, Nutmeg, Cedarwood

Base Notes – Sandalwood, Vetiver, Guaiac wood

Let me know what you think of MR Burberry! If it’s not for you have a browse through the other men’s aftershave reviews and find another fragrance.

Wednesday, 23rd November, 2016

The Best Men’s Fragrances For Christmas 2016


If there’s one easy gift to buy for virtually any man, it’s a new scent, or a favourite fragrance. If you’re looking for aftershave ideas, then I have come up with this very short list of my favourites which I think will be big hits. It’s really hard to narrow things down, as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader, I have lots of scents which have been featured on Michael 84, you can see them all over on the fragrance reviews page, so it’s hard to narrow things down to a manageable level. But I have tried to take on the task, and have selected seven of my highly recommended scents, along with some which deserve an honourable mention too.

I only personally recommend fragrances which I either own or I’ve tried, and there’s obviously plenty others on the market too. With that said, here’s my favourites.

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Thursday, 10th November, 2016

Fragrances Revisited: Narciso Rodriguez For Him

Narciso Rodriguez For Him Review

When I first properly got into fragrances and scents as I have done, one of the first ones I got was Narciso Rodriguez For Him. This was released in 2007, and I believe that I got this for Christmas of that year, possibly a year later. It was quite a mysterious scent for me to get, it’s not the huge name that everyone in the world outside of fashion or perfume knows, and the bottle gives nothing away either since it’s dark and opaque. However once you open it and try it, you’ll know why it’s called, For Him.

Obviously For Him implies a masculine type of scent, and it surely does deliver. But it’s not that woody, dirty, musky, old school type of man smell, and is a more spicy aquatic and warm notes which instantly hit you. Masculine scents usually say one of two things to me: Musky or sophisticated. This one is definitely the sophisticated gentleman, which is inviting and edgy, but has a sensual aura about it. You really do get a sense of the woody undertones, but the warmth of the spices are what shine through. You can see wearing this scent with a smart suit or shirt, it would work well on a date night or night out with the boys.

If you’re looking for something which screams refined and gentleman, and you want something which your friends may not have, this is definitely worth a try. Remember to check out more of my men’s fragrance tips over here which has plenty of reviews of the best scents for guys.

Best season to wear – Autumn/Winter
Scent type – Spicy, Woody, Musky
Age Recommendation – 23+
Best Worn – Evening, Casual, Formal

Notes: Violet Leaf, Patchouli, Amber, Musk

Friday, 28th October, 2016

Fragrances Revisited – Bulgari MAN

Bulgari MAN Fragrance Review

Bulgari MAN, or Bvlgari MAN as it’s stylised, has been one of my favourite fragrances since I first got it. It was launched in 2010, and I probably got it around that time, and since then, I fell in love with it.

People who like scents like me will tell you it’s not just about the smell, it’s the memories they creates. Since this is one of my favourite scents of all time, I’ve used it so many times and had so many great times while I was wearing it, usually on nights out. Not only that, it’s been a scent which I’ve taken with me when travelling for years. It’s been to Barcelona, Stockholm, Iceland, Copenhagen and Madrid.

The fragrance just smells really elegant and sophisticated, but it has an edge of spice to it, and the woody notes come through. It really does do a very good job at being everything you’d want in a masculine scent without being over-powering. That makes it perfect for any occasion or season, the green and fresh style is cool, but then warmed up with a spicy punch, it really is a fantastic fragrance for any guy.

There’s been some newer variants which I’ve got, such as Bvlgari MAN In Black, and although that is nice and I do like it, I don’t think anything from Bvlgari will beat this in my opinion. Remember to check out my men’s fragrance reviews if you’re looking for a new scent, there’s some great advice and tips.

Best season to wear – Autumn/Winter
Scent type – Woody/Spicy/Floral
Age Recommendation – 21+
Best Worn – Evening, Casual, Formal

Top Notes – Bergamot, Violet leaf

Middle Notes – Lotus blossom, Vetiver, Cypriol

Base Notes – White woods, Sandalwood, Cashmere wood, Vegetal amber, Benzoin, White honey, Musk

What do you think of Bvlgari MAN?

Thursday, 13th October, 2016

Fragrances Revisited – Dolce And Gabbana: The One Gentleman

Dolce And Gabbana The One Gentleman Review

Last time out in Fragrances Revisited I was talking about Dolce And Gabbana, The One, and so I thought the next move should be to write about it’s little brother, Dolce And Gabbana: The One Gentleman.

The One Gentleman was released 2 years after the original, and people sometimes get confused between the two because of the similarity of the name. Once you’ve smelled them both, you’ll know that is the only thing in common, as they’re completely different styles of scent; Different, but equally as nice. Whereas you’ve got the golden musky and almost dirty colours of The One, The One Gentlemen has this beautiful and clean looking glow of blue and green, which indicates a fresh type of scent from it’s looks.

It doesn’t disappoint. It’s a fresh floral kind of scent, and actually smells very similar to Floris Santal and the coveted Gucci Envy For Men, with some hints of spiky spice which is quite pungent and really takes hold. This makes it a very inviting scent, and because of it’s fresh nature it can be worn for almost all occasions and seasons; Day to night, Spring to Winter, Casual to Formal.

Sadly it appears that D&G have discontinued this scent now, and I have a small amount in a little bottle remaining. Luckily for me, when I was buying up my favourite scents in large format bottles this was one of them, so I have an unopened pristine bottle which I am actually reluctant to open, but I will at some point, and it will probably last me a very long time 😉

If you like this please let me know in the comments, you can check out more of my men’s aftershave reviews and find some more of my scent tips and advice.

Best season to wear – Spring/Summer
Scent type – Floral, Spicy, Fresh
Age Recommendation – 18+
Best Worn – Day, Evening, Casual, Formal

Top Notes – Pepper
Middle Notes – Lavender, Cardamom, Watercress
Base Notes – Patchouli, Vanilla