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Welcome to Michael 84 – The online publication for everything a man loves, with a deep focus on lifestyle, fashion, grooming and personal style.

It began around 2008, and while there were plenty of magazines dedicated to high-fashion and personal blogs, there was very little which combined the two, especially in the men’s industry. Michael 84 is all about two perspectives; Written from a personal point of view along with an editorial approach; This would be a magazine-blog hybrid style of publication which was rare at the time and still is today.

You’ll find hands-on experienced reviews, everyday style tips and advice, with the latest news in menswear, grooming and tech.

Now firmly established within the industry, Michael has been featured in various publications online and offline, including features for TOPMAN, Vuelio, Shortlist, Fashion Beans, Men’s Fitness, LG For London Fashion Week, and regularly features in various “top lists”. (see the press page here).

Michael 84 is here to provide you with tips on dressing your best, sharing experiences and interests, offering helpful advice for life as well as the latest goings on in the world of fashion.

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