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Thursday, 8th December, 2016

TBT – Visiting Copenhagen – Exactly A Year Ago!


How time flies!

I can’t believe that it’s exactly a year ago when I visited Copenhagen for the first time! I’ve always wanted to go, and it did not let me down, it was great. It is of course Christmas time, with Christmas markets and the city was so Christmassy, definitely the place to be and probably the best time to go with so much to see and do. I thought about doing another Christmas Market this year, and looked at Munich, but decided not to go. Munich could be cool, but it’s not a place where I’ve always wanted to visit, not that I’d never go, but it’s not high on my list of places I want to go to, so decided to not bother.

As I’ve mentioned so much over on the travel blog, you have to go to Copenhagen! If you visit, I highly recommend going to Tivoli, but you’ll probably go there anyway. It’s like a Christmas wonderland, and they dress it up on some other holidays too (such as Halloween). I was in the Square hotel which as it sounds was a stone’s throw away from the square, the centre of Copenhagen. You can read all my Copenhagen travel tips if you’re thinking of going 😉

Here’s a couple of photos, including this one from the Triumph store with live lingerie models in the window! So cool! :mrgreen: There’s a few which you’ll have already seen too, a few in Tivoli, Nyhavn and around the city.








Thursday, 20th October, 2016

TBT Tivoli Copenhagen 2015


I can’t believe how fast this year is going, and that I went to Copenhagen almost a year ago! I went just before the Christmas period, when all the Christmas markets were on, and it was the first time I had been to Copenhagen. It’s such a cool place, if you ever get the chance of visiting the city I’d definitely advise going, especially during the festive period. Tivoli at Christmas is such a good time, that and the rest of the city are so festive and it could possibly be the best time to go, as there’s so much more to see and do.

One of the highlights is going to Tivoli, which is like an amusement part, but so much more than that. It’s cool if you just want to go for a look around, it’s fairly sizable, and there’s rides like the old wooden rollercoaster and a 5G “Dive bomb” style ride called Vertigo if that’s your thing. If you prefer something a little more cosy or quiet, there’s a Tivoli Christmas light show, which is on the lake every hour for a couple of hours in the evening. I took a video of the whole thing which you can see below…

It’s a cool thing to see in person, if you’re ever in Copenhagen you have to check it out.

Tuesday, 9th August, 2016

Madrid Travel Tips & Advice


It seems like just yesterday I was in Madrid, and it’s a brilliant city and a place which I really loved. As always when I write about places I’ve been to on the blog, I do a roundup of advice and tips from my experiences. Here’s my travel tips and advice, and if you have any questions please feel free to add them in the comments below 🙂

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Sunday, 7th August, 2016

Too Late For Another Summer Trip? Where Could I Go?


As you know, at the start of June I went to Madrid and it was brilliant. My plan was to go to a couple of places this Summer, but as usual, I leave things until the last minute and before you know it, it’s already August! 😀

There’s only a few weeks left, so if I go anywhere I will have to hurry the hell up, but where do I go? Where is good to go for a couple of days? Ideally I’d like to fly from Newcastle, so there’s limited options, but there are some.



I have always wanted to visit Dubrovnik, it looks really nice. I know so many people are going there now, but it’s still somewhere a bit different to the usual places. The biggest thing stopping me is the current flight price. Jet2 fly direct from Newcastle, but their flights are over £300 return! That’s way too much, when you compare it to other airlines it’s double than to go to other places on different airlines.



I have been going on and on about how the South of France is such a cool place to go, and it’s somewhere I’ve never been. You can fly to Nice from Newcastle, and I’d love to go to Cannes, it’s close enough to stay in Cannes and go to Monaco and Nice which would be really cool. The recent terrorism in France is quite concerning, I am not sure if I’d want to go there at the moment.



I love Barcelona! I have been before, in fact it was only 3 years ago, and I would love to go back. Barca is amazing, but I’d prefer to go somewhere new where I haven’t been before, but I would definitely go back to Barcelona.



One country I have never been to is Italy, and I’d like to go one day. There’s so many places in Italy to visit, from Venice to Florence, Milan, Rome and Sorrento…too many places!



I have been to so many Nordic countries, I have unofficially decided that I need to go to at least one place in each country. I’ve been to Reykjavik, Iceland, Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark, and the next place I’d love to go to is Helsinki, Finland. The biggest issue with this is that there’s no direct flights from Newcastle, so I’d have to fly from somewhere else. I think I might put Helsinki on the back-burner for now.

Where do you recommend going, somewhere from this shortlist or have you been somewhere else (in Europe) which was so good that I should consider?

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Tuesday, 14th June, 2016

Dear Hotel Madrid Review


As you know, I recently visited Madrid, and stayed in the brilliant Dear Hotel. If you’ve read my other reviews, including The Square in Copenhagen, you’ll know that I really like modern hotels, and ones with a boutique feel. I had a look at the Dear Hotel and it looked like it would fit the bill, so I chose it for my stay in Madrid.

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Thursday, 9th June, 2016

Madrid Day 3 – Royal Palace, Cathedral & Bus Tours

So day 3 in Madrid began at the Palacio Real de Madrid, aka The Royal Palace. It actually began at the Plaza de Oriente, which are gardens right outside the palace. I had done so much and seen almost everything in Madrid by my final day, the last things on my list were to see the Palace and Cathedral, both 10 minutes from my hotel, and then I had the rest of the day free, but decided to do the two tourist bus tours to see as much of Madrid as I could where I could not walk to.

The Royal Palace is so cool. In my first couple of days I did not see many tourists, but when I got to the area with the Palace and Cathedral there were loads, they must hide out here. The cathedral is really big and also worth going to see.

For lunch I had spotted this nice little place which was a chip shop, selling cones of chips. Since I love chips I had to get myself a little cone, which was more than enough for a little snack to keep me going before doing the bus tours.

The Madrid bus tours are worth doing too, the hop on-hop off buses run regularly through the city, and there’s two routes; Classic Madrid and Modern Madrid, and I did both. The modern Madrid tour was mostly things I had already seen, but still worth doing as you get a seat and a view from the top of a bus. Tickets cost €21 for 1 day, and you can use them on both routes for the entire day, I think it’s definitely worth the money.

I finished off the day with a stroll around Puerto Del Sol, and then chilled out at Plaza De España with an ice cream.

Check out some of my photos below…

Michael 84 In Madrid

Madrid Day 2 – Hard Rock Café, Plaza De Colon

Madrid Day 2 – Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Tour

Museo de la Selección Española Visit – The Spanish Football Museum Madrid

Short Break To Madrid – Day 1 – The Sights

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Thursday, 9th June, 2016

Madrid Day 2 – Hard Rock Café, Plaza De Colon


On the 2nd Day in Madrid I did so much! I went to Museo de la Selection de futbol, done the Santiago Bernabeu tour and finally to finish off the day I went to Plaza De Colon to check it out, and the Hard Rock Café happens to be in the area too. I had to get myself a Hard Rock T Shirt, I have a bit of a collection going on, so I needed to keep it up.

Here’s a couple of photos from day 2 of looking around Madrid. Check them out below…

Michael 84 In Madrid

Madrid Day 3 – Royal Palace, Cathedral & Bus Tours

Madrid Day 2 – Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Tour

Museo de la Selección Española Visit – The Spanish Football Museum Madrid

Short Break To Madrid – Day 1 – The Sights




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Wednesday, 8th June, 2016

Madrid Day 2 – Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Tour


As you’ve seen on my 2nd day in Madrid I went to the Spanish Football Museum, but I had plenty of time to do other things, so I decided to check out the home of Real Madrid, the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. I never really planned on going, it was always going to be an extra if I had time since I didn’t know how long I’d be doing other things, but I went, and I’m glad I did.

It’s just a short Metro ride from the centre of Madrid, then once you’re off the Metro you’re more or less there. There was a short queue, and when I got to the ticket office the girl told me “The full tour is not available”. This was not a great start.

After going up to see panoramic views of the stadium, I thought that was the end, most of the stadium was sectioned off, and I thought that’s all I was going to see. But when I went down a few levels there was another opening, and then I got closer to the pitch, to the museum and a good look around the whole place. I think that the only things which were missing were going pitch side and going into the presidential box, but I got to see the press conference room and the museum which is highly impressive and stocked with trophies, as you’d expect. There was a chance to get a photo with the Champions League trophy, as well as a fun photo with a player which I got a print out of, and then you’re into the club shop to end the tour…They know how to sell in Real Madrid, someone has to pay for those World class players! 😉

If you’re in Madrid it’s well worth going, I am really glad I went.

Check out all the photos below…

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