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Copenhagen City – By Night

Wednesday, 16th December, 2015


Copenhagen is a cool city in the day time, but at night it always looked beautiful. Since it’s Christmas there’s plenty of Christmas trees around, all lit up, which look nice and festive. One of the Christmas markets had a big wheel which really stood out on the evening and was all lit up. The building near my hotel has the entire outside lit up too, in really cool LED lights which change colour and also create patterns like heart shapes. It looks amazing in real life, I think the pictures do it justice 🙂

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Copenhagen City – By Day

Wednesday, 16th December, 2015


I am back from Copenhagen!

Actually, I did come back Sunday, but I have been busy with work, resting and of course having to edit a huge number of photos for the blog! 😛 I was unsure how to organise these blog posts so I am just going to dive in and separate them by day, night and the odd place I loved 🙂

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Travelling Is Overrated: Why I Hate To Travel

Monday, 9th November, 2015

Is Travelling Overrated? Why I Hate To Travel

Why is everyone obsessed with travelling? At least, that’s how it can seem sometimes.

But I actually think travelling is overrated. Not going places, not having holidays, but the travelling itself, and everything about it.

Let me explain…

For a couple of years now I have said I wanted to do one thing; Travel to different places. My aim is to go abroad at least once a year…If you are a frequent traveller or one of these who thinks jet-setting is the meaning of life, or you use the word ‘nomad’, that will not seem very ambitious.

Why I Hate Travelling

If you love holidays and love to experience new things then you’ll wonder how someone can even ponder not liking to travel. The end result of it all is almost always great, but it’s the build-up, the preparation and tedious planning which is something I hate.

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What To Wear In Iceland

Tuesday, 3rd March, 2015

What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland

As you will know if you are a regular reader of my blog, I went to Iceland in the Autumn of last year. It’s a great place, with a big variety of things to do, and with each different type of activity, different clothing may be required, and it will also depend on what time of the year you’re going.

Will you be spending more time in the city of Reykjavik or are you getting a secluded cabin out in the countryside? Packing the right things can be challenging, especially when you’re going somewhere for the first time.

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Reykjavik Roundup – FAQ, Travel Tips & Random Things

Monday, 15th September, 2014


So you’ve read about my days and nights in Reykjavik, but there is so much more I must of missed out! What about the general things in Reykjavik, Iceland, prices, living and so on. So here it goes!

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Reykjavik: Day 3 – Blue Lagoon & Home Time

Sunday, 14th September, 2014


After Saturday night out in Reykjavik I needed to chill.We had already booked the Blue Lagoon which was a really good idea, however the bus picked us up at 9:30AM and I got in at 5AM….So I only had around 3 hours sleep! :mrgreen:

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa, basically a large lagoon which is heated up by the earth. It’s probably the best way to unwind after our Saturday night in Reykjavik, and best way to waste a day when waiting for a flight;

Far, far better than trying to kill time wondering around bored which I’ve had to do on other holidays! 😛 Unfortunately it was the only day it properly rained, but I guess that didn’t matter so much since we were in water anyway, and it was so warm! 😛

It’s a cool place, you go in and have a shower, then there is a small pool indoors, and the large lagoon outside. I got the €60 package which included priority entry to the lagoon, a drink, robe and towel and some skin products.

The lagoon is all different depths throughout, it goes down to around 1.5m so you can easily stand, and in places it’s so shallow you can sit on the floor and not be under the water. It’s pretty big, and even though it was pretty busy there was plenty of space for you to relax or have a wonder.

I got a waterproof pouch for my phone so I could talk pictures while I was in…Thank god it worked! 😛

From the Blue Lagoon we headed to Keflavik airport to catch our flight. The only bad thing was that the last bus from the Lagoon was at 3PM and we did not need to be at the airport until 6!

But the Blue Lagoon is definitely worth going to if you ever visit Iceland 🙂

Check out the rest of the pics below…

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Reykjavik Night Three – Saturday Night – Let’s Go Out Out!

Saturday, 13th September, 2014

Me In B5 In Reykjavik

So it was Saturday night, we had just been on the Golden Circle Tour which takes it out of you, being out all day, but we’re in Reykjavik, and were only there for 3 nights, so we can sleep when we’re dead and let’s go out-out! :mrgreen:

We saw the weather was no better so resigned ourselves to the fact that we’d not see the Northern Lights and this being our last night we’d not get another chance. We did contact the company who organised it just for the formalities of them telling us, and they did 🙁

It was such a shame we did not see them, which was the biggest reason to go on the trip.

Saturday night was supposed to be the big one, we were going out-out :mrgreen: Another friend and I booked to go to the Blue Lagoon the next day, and had to leave at 9:30AM so it was another early start, but that did not really stop us doing it up as big as we could 😀

The Wheel Of No Fortune – In a lot of bars there’s this wheel behind the bar (you can see it in the pics below).

You can pay 2,000kr (about £10) to spin it, and you can win whatever it lands on. Of course there are a lot of chances to lose, the options are; 8 beers, 1 metre beer, 2 beers, spin again and sorry.

There are 5 chances of sorry, and since 2 beers would cost around 2,000kr you’ll only really win if you get the 8 beers or 1 metre beer. It did not stop lots of people having a go, in fact we saw 7 people try, and 5 got sorry!

So the odds are heavily stacked against you, as you can see in the pic there’s only 2 of the sections in red, those are the big wins. Still, it’s good fun to watch…Probably not so good when you don’t win :mrgreen:

We went to a few bars such as Shooters, The English Pub, KaffiBarrin, Hressó Hressingarskálinn and B5 which we’d previously been too.

The problem with Reykjavik is almost all the bars are quiet even at 10PM, so if you’re like us and like to go to a lot of bars and start quite early it’s pretty quiet especially at the start of the night. The previous night we had gone to B5 and it was quite early, maybe 23:30 or something like that.

The Saturday night we did not go until later, which proved to be a mistake. Despite there being only 7 or 8 people ahead of us in the queue, it took 2 hours to get in! I got in before my friends, and was in around 30 minutes before they got in, even though they were only 1 place behind me!

I was kept entertained by an Icelandic girl who was cute and had some good banter in the queue 😉

B5 on a Saturday night is a crazy place. Other than the fact you have to stand in a queue which does not move, when you’re in it’s pretty packed.

The people dance and jump around like crazy, it’s like being in a mosh pit, I’ve never been in a club like it. People barge past, jump around and are pretty crazy, but everyone is the same and it sort of seems fine.

There’s no fighting or people saying sorry when people are jumping around into each other, it just seems like half the fun. It was strange at first, but I did get amongst it after a little while :mrgreen: The place played pop, RnB and Hip Hop bangers, I loved it! :mrgreen:

Check out more of the pics below…

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Reykjavik: Day Two – The Golden Circle Tour

Friday, 12th September, 2014


So on the second full day in Reykjavik it was Saturday and we had planned on doing the Golden Circle Tour out in the Icelandic country. It was a long day, getting up at around 8AM and the tour lasts around 8 hours, so it is a full day, but worth doing.

This included going around the countryside of Iceland, and seeing Gullfoss aka The Golden Waterfall, Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir hot spring area, a church and the geothermal power station.

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Reykjavik: Night 2 – The Nothern Lights Did Not Happen

Thursday, 11th September, 2014


Our first night was the Thursday, but we arrived late in Reykjavik so the plan was to go out for a couple on that night which we did, and the Friday night we planned on doing the Northern Lights. Unfortunately the weather was not good, it was cloudy so they told us there was no chance of seeing them and cancelled the tour 🙁 They said we could try again on the next night, the Saturday, which we had planned on having a proper night out but obviously the Northern Lights were a priority so we’d rather of done that.

Since we could not go on the tour of the Northern Lights we had planned, we decided to go out, but not stay out for too long as we had to be up early the next morning for The Golden Circle Tour. We went to a couple of places which were much more lively than the first night, and went in to B5, one of the more trendy bars which stayed open until 4:30AM. When we went in it was a little quiet, but then got busier, we stayed for a couple of drinks, of course I had to stay a bit longer and did not want to leave 😉

I have no idea why the pic is so bad, that’s what happens when you’re drinking in a dark bar and taking pics lol :mrgreen:


Reykjavik: First Day – Look Around The City

Wednesday, 10th September, 2014


After the first night in Reykjavik we had no trips or anything planned and it was the day we picked to chill out and just have a look around the city of Reykjavik. It’s a small city with the main street (called Laugavegur) hosting most of the bars, shops, clubs and everything in between. There were plenty of smaller streets off this main street, which does changes it’s name a couple of times as you make your way down it, but it’s all mainly one long street and easy to get around.

We had a good look around, and checked out the old harbour, got some food in a place called Icelandic Fish And Chips and went to the Saga Museum which is a museum detailing the history of Iceland and Reykjavik.

We went to Hallgrímskirkja Church which is so cool, and done a few happy hours. A lot of the bars in Reykjavik have happy hour, usually between 16:00 – 20:00 and it seems to get quite busy (busier than 20:00 – 22:00), we went to Kaldi, Bravo and The English Pub for some drinks.

Check out the rest of the pictures below…

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