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Monday, 24th April, 2017

Will Jaeger Come Back From Administration?


It’s a sad time for British fashion, 2 weeks ago Jaeger entered administration, and it’s said that up to 600 jobs could go. Will it be able to be saved?

You’ll know that from reading my blog I have been a fan of Jaeger for quite a while. I have so many shirts and tailored jackets from them, I got not one but two black Jaeger shirts several months ago, and I’ve got lots of knitwear, including some really nice cashmere jumpers from the brand too.

I really like the quality of the clothing, some say it’s not as good as previous, and many of the things aren’t actually made in the UK, but most of the things are of good quality, and easily matches up to what I consider to be it’s main competitors, which are Thomas Pink, Reiss and Ted Baker, especially for shirts. I always call this kind of clothing premium high street, as it’s usually quite a bit more than high street, especially now with fast fashion and the likes of Primark, H&M and the like, but less expensive than the higher end designer labels such as Burberry. However Jaeger used to see itself as that higher end label, but not as high as something you’d expect to find on Savile Row.

Jaeger has already been bought in 2012, and it went through some changes, most notionally the logo, which I actually don’t like, and much prefer the older, more traditional graphic.

Hopefully they will come up with a strategy which will work for the business as well as producing some great clothing.

Tuesday, 11th April, 2017

Quick Fashion Tips & Style Hacks For Guys

Quick Fashion Tips On How To Dress Better

I am always getting asked for tips on what to wear or what’s trending at the moment or even in the future, and you can read so much of what I think over on the fashion tips section of the blog, which has in depth advice and guides on everything to do with style. But what about some quick tips and the absolute essentials for your day to day life? I’m going to condense down my quick fashion tips and style hacks from the absolute basics that you probably already know, to others which you may take for granted or not even notice.

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Monday, 10th April, 2017

Kappa x Urban Outfitters Spring 2017 Collection

Kappa x Urban Outfitters For Spring 2017

As you know from reading my blog, I love the 90’s and the 90’s trends in fashion are still going strong in 2017. One of the biggest brands back then which has made a successful comeback has been Kappa, and they have a new capsule collection release which is exclusive to Urban Outfitters. When I found out, I had to feature it on the blog, there’s a few really great pieces from it.

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Monday, 3rd April, 2017

What To Wear With Black Jeans

What To Wear With Black Jeans - How To Style Black Denim

I love black jeans! Last time I was looking at what to wear with a white shirt, and since you loved that guide so much I have to talk about denim, in particular one colour which anyone can style, black. If you’ve already read my 5 pairs of jeans you should own, you’ll know that a pair of black jeans is an essential item for your wardrobe. They’re versatile, smart and really stylish. One of the main benefits of a dark colour denim is that they look more classy, more upmarket and can be both dressed up and dressed down, depending on what your own style and look is.

But what do you wear with them, and how do you style them? I am going to give a couple of ideas on how you can style your pair of black denim for all occasions, smart and the more casual.

Get all the details on each style below.

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Monday, 27th March, 2017

Luxury Loungewear – Pyjamas For Stylish Gentleman

Derek Rose Loungewear - Michael 84 Fashion Blog

When do PJ’s or pyjamas become loungewear or nightwear? It’s probably when you reach get into your twenties, and then once in your thirties, you really should be embracing the comfort and luxury of some really fine clothing to wear for bed, or even when you’re just lounging around (hence the name).

Quite a while back I got some really high end loungewear, I think it’s been on the blog before but I’ve never really written a proper blog post about it. Since we’re in Winter and it’s been cold, it’s probably a good time to feature it on the blog. It’s from Derek Rose, and it’s something which I really love to wear. Now, these are not traditional PJs or “Formal nightwear” as it’s called because it’s posh, this is more for relaxing. I associate the more traditional PJ style with two age groups; Really little kids, or really old men. In our 20’s and 30’s and even 40’s, where does that leave us? With loungewear.

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Sunday, 26th March, 2017

Happy Air Max Day 2017

Air Max Day 2017

Happy Air Max Day 2017!

This year Nike have been teasing some really nice trainers for Air Max Day, with new colourways and designs, there’s 8 pair which you can get your hands on, some of which are only just available from today, and of course, some which will already be sold out.

I have far too many pairs of Air Max now…If there’s such a thing? Probably not! But for this year I did not buy a new pair of Air Max, but if you want to, here’s 8 of the editions which are making today Air Max Day.

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Friday, 24th March, 2017

Men’s Fashion Trends 2017: Pink For Spring

Pink Sweatshirt For Men

Spring has arrived, and with it, it’s brought a new fashion trend. Several weeks ago I read that the pantone colour of the year 2017 was green, specifically a green they call Greenery, which is quite a dirty, mid-to-light green, quite a solid colour. There’s been lots of fashion produced in this colour for this season too, as well as other shades of green, signalling it could be big for Spring, but for me, it’s not. The big trend for Spring, at least the first half, is pink!

Specifically a light or pale pink. I’ve seen a couple of pieces of clothing and fashion in this colour, I already own a few bits and pieces too, and I love it. A really deep or bold pink can be hard to wear and difficult to pull off, with the colour being seen as a feminine option usually. Pale shades are synonymous with Springtime, with grey, white, beige, red, blue, green and yellow all being worn, you can add pink to that list too.

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Tuesday, 21st March, 2017

What To Wear With A White Shirt

How To Wear A White Shirt: 7 ways to wear a white shirt

If there’s one piece of clothing which you should own, and probably already do, it’s the humble white shirt. It’s that classic go to piece of clothing when you want to wear something smart without having to resort to the latest fashion trend, it’s timeless and you can wear one of these with pretty much anything, all year round.

How To Wear A White Shirt

Since it’s such a classic piece there’s not really a wrong way to put on a plain white shirt, and it can be worn for every occasion imaginable. I’m going to go through seven different ways you can style a white shirt, and you can see just a few ways which items of how I dress them.

Are you ready? Check out the 7 ways I have styled the white shirt below.

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Monday, 20th March, 2017

England Away Kit For 2017 Unveiled – All Blue

England squad debut 2017 away kit

Nike and England have unveiled the latest away kit for 2017, and will be debuted against Germany on Wednesday 22nd March. The colour of the kit is a navy with varying shades, and I think it could be the best looking away kit for a while.

As with everything Nike these days, it’s a plain sleek style, with the whole kit comprising of matching coloured shorts and socks, with a silver Nike swoosh and light blue star above the classic England three lions badge. The shirt will be available to buy from from 22nd March. The kit is being modelled by England players Raheem Sterling, Gary Cahill, Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford.

Nike have released the kit with a launch by Marcus Rashford and an essay for The Players Tribune, which provides an honest look at Marcus’ relationship with the England team and the shirt. You can read the full essay here at The Players Tribune. Rashford talks about his England debut, scoring his goal against Australia, Euro 2016 disappointment and the influence that Wayne Rooney has had throughout his footballing life.

What do you think of the new kit? Check out more pictures below.

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Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

The Adidas Calabasas By Yeezy – Coming Soon?

Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Coming Soon

When you think of the latest in street wear and cities the first one you think of is the city of Calabasas right?

The rumoured soon-to-be latest drop from the world of Yeezy are these trainers; The Adidas Calabasas, or the Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase are being talked about by sneaker heads in the past couple of days, and could be the cheapest from the Adidas/Kanye West collaboration yet. The price is rumoured to be around $120, which could be <£100, that is of course if you can even get your hands on a pair.

The design comes from a tennis trainer, an all-white design with three stripes and some perforated design on the upper and toe. It has the Calabasas logo branding in gold, along with an Adidas logo on the upper.

I think that the trainers do look nice, but that’s because they remind me of one of my favourite trainers from back in the 90’s which have enjoyed a comeback recently…

Reebok Classic or Yeezy Adidas Calabasas?

The Reebok Classic! These look quite familiar, the way that Adidas have done the logo in an almost identical way does not really help them distinguish the trainers from each other.

What do you think of the Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase?

Top Image Source: Unknown