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Newcastle United Adidas 2024 Home Shirt & Training Kits Launched – Here It Is!

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Friday, 7th June, 2024

Newcastle United Adidas Home Shirt 2024-25

The worst kept secret in football and fashion has been the reunion between Newcastle and Adidas. Today is the day, 7th June 2024, Newcastle and Adidas have released the brand new home kit for the upcoming season.

The goalkeeper shirt has also been released.

They’ve also released additional clothing, training and presentation ranges which they are calling their players range and coach range, more on that later.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Adidas Newcastle Home Shirt 2024-25

Here it is…What do you think?

The new Newcastle United home shirt for 2024-25 by Adidas. It comes with fairly thick black and white stripes to the front, in a similar style to the 2002-03 shirt which Adidas had done for us.

The neckline is a V shape, with white detailing on it, the Adidas three stripes down the shoulders and of course the Newcastle crest, Sela sponsor and the new Adidas sportwear logo which is slightly larger without any text.

The nape of the neck comes with a magpie crest, an ode to the vintage badge history of Newcastle, used between 1976 – 1983.

It’s slim fit, with the replica using the Adidas Aeroready technology, and official colours being black, white and onyx.

The back of the shirt is also mostly plain white, so plenty room for the name and number with an all white background rather than stripes. This will no doubt make it easier to read.

The Goalkeeper Shirt Is Green

Newcastle Green Goalkeeper Shirt 2024-25

the goalkeeper shirt is green. This comes from the Tiro 24 Adidas template, and it’s one of the colours from that range which I like the least.

It’s definitely striking, but will be other colour goalkeeper shirts on the way with the away and 3rd shirts, more on that below.

The goalkeeper shirt is long sleeve, and comes in at £85.

The Difference Between The Authentic Version And Replica Shirt

Newcastle Shirt 2024-25 - Replica vs Authentic

Replica shirt on the left, authentic shirt on the right

When it comes to football shirts, there are usually 2 versions available. The Authentic version which is sometimes called the players version, and the replica.

The replica football shirt is the standard football shirt which have been sold to fans for years. It’s the shirt you’ve always been able to get. The Authentic version is what the players wear on the pitch. So what’s the difference?

The Badges – The Newcastle crest and Adidas badges are heat seals on the authentic version, with the replica version having woven badges.

Material – The authentic version uses Adidas HeatRDY tech, whereas the replica has the AeroReady tech. There’s also mesh inserts on the authentic materials, whereas the replica does not have these.

Price – The replica shirt is £80, while the authentic is £110.

All in all the replica is the “normal” shirt to get, if you want that extra bit of authenticity, you can get the shirt that the players wear on the pitch.

The Training Kit AKA The Players Range

Newcastle has also released some training kit, or the Players Range as they are calling it. So far they have released a lot of tops, jackets and coats, all being burgundy.

The official Adidas colour for this range is called Team Coll Burgundy 2.

Newcastle Training Kit 1

  • Players Training Hoodie – £55
  • Players All Weather Jacket – £85
  • Players Training Top – £65
  • Players Polo Shirt £40

Newcastle Training Kit 2

  • Players Presentation Jacket – £75
  • Players Training Jacket – £65
  • Players Training Shirt – £45
  • Players Training Bottoms – £55

Newcastle Training Kit 3

  • Players Training 1/4 Zip Up
  • Players Stadium Parka – £170
  • Players Training Shorts – £38

From the Players Range I like the hoodie, training t-shirt, presentation jacket and long sleeve training top.

The Coach’s Range

The coaches range is what you’d expect to see Eddie Howe, Mad Dog Jason Tindall and co wearing on the touchline. I really like this range, I think the white looks amazing and bright, and the black sets it off perfectly.

Newcastle Coach's Kit Range 1

  • Coach’s Competition All Weather Jacket – £70
  • Coach’s Competition Presentation Jacket – £75
  • Coach’s Competition Training Top – £55

I like all 3 of these options, with a favourite being the presentation jacket as well as the training top with a 1/4 zip.

Newcastle Coach's Kit Range 2

  • White Polo Shirt – £40
  • Training Shirt – £40
  • Training Jacket – £55
  • Training Hoodie – £48

I think that the hoodie is by far the best value here, along with the training shirt and jacket. I think these are the best 3 from the coach’s range.

The Players Names And Numbers Are Black

Newcastle Black Names And Numbers On Shirts

For years and years Newcastle have used red numbers and names on the back of their shirts, I actually cannot remember how long it’s been, but it’s been a long time.

But when Newcastle started in the Premier League with Asics, and when they moved to Adidas, the names and numbers were black and white in colour. Mostly white with black detailing, and looked great.

For the upcoming season it looks like we’ll see black names and numbers for the first time, and they look brilliant.

Since the back of the shirt is white, any colour name/number could be used (obviously excluding white) so red could still be possible, but from what I have seen, black will be used.

In Premier League games the Premier League font type must be worn, but for other games, you can use the club/Adidas nameset.

These are available to order, and I do like the look of the number and nameset, however I’d need a better look. This image is small, but it gives an idea of what it looks like.

Possible Away Goalkeeper Shirt Blue?

Newcastle Blue Goalkeeper Shorts 2024

For the upcoming season Adidas supplied teams are using the Tiro 24 goalkeeper shirt. This is available in several colours, green as seen for Newcastle. There’s also red, blue, pink, purple, black and others.

I have seen that there are some blue Newcastle Adidas goalkeeper shorts in the wild. The shirt is not been seen, but this is safe to say that Newcastle will also use a blue goalkeeper shirt, possibly with the away or 3rd shirt.

Adidas Tiro 24 Goalkeeper Shirt In Blue

The blue Newcastle goalkeeper shirt comes from the Tiro 24 template. This is the same shirt worn by Spain in Euro 2024 as I posted here. It’s also being worn by Real Madrid next year, so it’s a shirt I think we’ll see a lot of.

Keep a look out for the Newcastle away and 3rd kits, along with the goalkeeper shirt.

The home shirt is out now to buy at Adidas and the Newcastle United Shop as well as JD Sports. Check out the home shirt at Adidas here.

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