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My 2022 Spain Home Shirt (Authentic Version) – I’m Ready For The 2022 World Cup!

Friday, 18th November, 2022

Wearing Spain Home Shirt 2022 By Adidas Michael 84

It’s almost here, the World Cup starts on Sunday! With that said I have got my brand new Spain home shirt, not only that, it’s the authentic players version.

I have to admit I am not as excited as I would usually be. It’s on in Qatar, the matches are at silly times and it’s in the Winter!

But I will still be watching Spain, and now I have the shirt to wear while watching the match.

Here’s what you need to know about this.

This time round I got the players authentic version of the shirt. I got a really good deal which was almost the same price as the retail price of the replica version. Those were selling for £70, the authentic version being £110 but I got a deal for £77 so I had to snap it up.

I’ve had authentic versions of the shirts before, usually just to keep as a collectors item and wear the replica. I’ve not done that for a while and only bought the replica, and this year I decided on just getting the players shirt which I will be wearing.

This is the first Spain shirt to feature the new Spain crest which was unveiled in March 2021.

What’s the difference?

The shirts are made by Adidas, who’ve been making the Spain football shirts for longer than I can remember.

The material feels so different. It does feel like completely different material, and in the past few seasons of shirts I’ve thought the usual replica versions of shirts have bobbled quite a bit.

The players version also offers a dropped bottom of the shirt. That means it’s slightly longer at the back than at the front.

The badges are different too.

Wearing Spain Home Shirt 2022 By Adidas Close Up Michael 84

Rather than having embroidered badges which can chafe, the Spain crest and Adidas logo are heat seals which I always prefer. Some prefer embroidered and think this is a sign of better equality, when in fact it’s not the case.

The fit is slightly different too, with the Authentic version being a slim fit shirt.

As for the design itself I really love it. A dark-to-mid colour red shirt with a tonal pattern baked into the shirt which gives it some dimension.

The neckline is navy with red and yellow Spain-esque flag colours on the neck, as well as down the sides of the shirt. The three Adidas stripes are on the shoulders in a navy blue.

Wearing Spain Home Shirt 2022 By Adidas - Side View Michael 84

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The back of the shirt has the same navy taping with the red and yellow to the bottom of the shirt too.

Finally there’s an Adidas Authentic 2022 badge to the front at the bottom of the shirt in black and silver.

I’ll be getting the away shirt too very soon, and I’m excited to get that. I’ll just go for the replica in the away shirt, and I’ll feature that on the blog as soon as I get it.

I’ll can’t wait to watch the match, Spain’s first match kicks off on Wednesday 23rd November against Costa Rica.

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