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All Nike 2022 World Cup Football Kits Released (Home & Away Shirts)

Sunday, 18th September, 2022

You can always tell the World Cup is around the corner when football kits get unveiled. Earlier this week Nike have released all their home and away kits for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Kits from the likes of Brazil, Portugal, France, Holland and England have been announced, some better than others.

Here’s all the home and away kits you’ll be seeing from Nike and the national football teams at the World Cup this year.

England Home & Away Kits


There was controversary around the release of the England shirts, with the home & away shirts getting leaked by various retailers and outlets ahead of the official English F.A. unveiling them.

The home England shirts feature a blue gradient colour on the sleeves, something that has been a hit and miss design from the fans.

The away is red with the collar, interestingly with light blue Nike and England crest badges respectively.

Brazil Home Shirt

The Brazil home shirt is yellow with a tonal pattern within the shirt, and badge to the front with Brazil wording. It has a green and blue trim, and the yellow looks a brighter, paler yellow than in previous shirts.

Brazil Away

Brazil’s away shirt looks to be a pale mid blue colour with a faded animal print on the sleeves in green.

Portugal Home

Portugal have gone for a red and green shirt with a bit of a twist. It has a quarter style section at the bottom which is green, against the majority of the shirt which is red.

This will be divisive, but I think I actually like this as it shows something a little different.

Portugal Away

For the away Kit, the Portugal shirt looks to be white with the green and red of the Portugal flag as a stripe in the centre of the shirt. Again this looks quite different and could be something which looks good in matches.

Holland Home

Holland or Netherlands as they should be known are synonymous for their orange kits, but this one hasn’t gone down well. It’s a very strange shade of orange, not one which seems to be popular.

I don’t really like this kit at all, although it may look different on the pitch.

Holland Away

A blue away shirt is nothing new for the Dutch, and this is their 2022 away kit they’ll be wearing in Qatar.

France Home

The France home shirt for 2022 is very simple and to the point. A solid dark blue colour with gold colour badges to the front, and a one button collar. This looks fairly smart and almost not like a football shirt.

France Away

Once again France go for a traditional away shirt colour in white. This one has a tonal pattern throughout and is supported with the badges being a blue colour. It’s light, clean and sleek looking.

Nigeria Home

Another crazy pattern kit design for Nigeria this World Cup, but will it be as popular as in 2018? Trademark eagles are there in the design, which is incredibly striking in various greens and is something you’ll not be missed in.

Nigeria Away

Nigeria have gone with something a little simpler for the away kit, but still retain some repeat patterns which are present on the sleeves. The majority of the shirt is white, with the patterns on the sleeves being black, and a green trim.

Turkey Home

The red of Turkey’s strip is classic, but there’s also a tonal geometric pattern print within this. I think it really sets the shirt off and makes it look really nice. It’s a pattern you’ll probably not see on the TV screens, but it does make the shirt.

Turkey Away

White and red are the traditional Turkey away colours, and that’s what you see in 2022. Plain white shirts with a central red horizontal stripe, with red banding around the sleeves and collar.

Poland Home

Poland’s home shirt is a classic white with red crest and Nike swoosh to the front. The sleeves come in a white and grey pattern which is set off from the clean white shirt.

Poland Away

Another team sticking to classics for their away colours, Poland’s away shirt is red with white detailing on the sleeves and neckline.

Croatia Home

A check pattern is always seen on Croatia, but there’s usually a twist on the design, and 2022 is no different. This year’s check pattern is a bit of a random pattern, but I think it looks pretty decent.

Croatia Away

Croatia’s away shirt is a dark blue top which has a geometric faded style of light blue checks in the top left quarter and left sleeve of the shirt. It’s really distinctive and one of the cool looking kits Nike have produced this year.

Saudi Arabia Home

the Saudi Arabia home shirt is white with a tonal pattern within the shirt. From the images it looks as though the ribbed detailing on the collar and Nike swoosh are a different green to the KSA badge, which makes the design look odd.

Saudi Arabia Away

A pattern two colour green shirt is what Saudi Arabia have gone for in their away shirt.

Qatar Home

Qatar are making their debut in the 2022 World Cup and will be wearing a dark red home shirt with triangular detailing on the sleeves similar to their national flag.

Qatar Away

For their away shirt, Qatar have gone for an off white colour which has a tonal pattern within the shirt. The badge and Nike logo are in the dark red colour.

Australia Home

Australia’s home colours are this bright yellow colour with the shirt containing a pattern within it making it really stand out. It has a light green trim to finish off the shirt.

Australia Away

Australia’s away shirt sticks to the same template pattern as Netherlands with a refresh in colours. A dark navy shirt is contrasted with mint green on the collar and taping of the sleeves.

USA Home

Following on from the Aussie and Dutch template, the USA home shirt is the same too. This time with the USA crest to the centre, the white shirt is supported by red and blue colours. Interestingly this doesn’t seem to feature a Nike logo to the front, with swooshes on the sleeves.

USA Away

USA’s away shirt has a kind of tie-dye pattern in black and blue which stands out. Once again there’s no Nike branding to the front, with swooshes on the sleeves.

New Zealand Home

The all whites New Zealand have a clean white home shirt with black trim in the sleeves and collar.

New Zealand Away

Perfectly complimenting the all white home, New Zealand’s away kit is black which is tradition. A very simple but clean looking shirt.


And there you have it, all of the Nike home and away shirts for the 2022 World Cup.

There’s not long to go before you’ll be kits in action. Which is your favourite, and which do you not like?

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All images credit: Nike

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