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Adidas Spain 2010 Icon Shirt With Incorrect Date Printing Released

Thursday, 15th September, 2022

Adidas has released several lifestyle products in recent times, and for Spain fans commemorating the 2010 World Cup with an icon shirt may sound great.

But it seems Adidas have scored a massive own goal on this shirt.

The date is incorrect!

As a Spain fan I have the date 11th July 2010 etched into my mind. When I saw that Adidas were doing an icon shirt, basically a re-worked re-release I was intrigued, then I saw the printing.

July 10 2010 Johannesburg.

I thought to myself, I am sure it was the 11th, it was the 11th right?

I even had to double check. Yes I was right, it was 11th July 2010!

So it would appear the shirt that was made to commemorate the greatest moment in Spanish football history is wrong. Oops!

As for the shirt itself, it’s going to be one which is hit and miss with people.

Rather than try for a 1-1 exact replica to celebrate the 2010 World Cup win, Adidas has put a street style spin on it.

This comes in what looks to be a very oversized fit, with incredibly longer length sleeves.

A lot of the detailing from the original shirt is still there. The colour is the same, There’s the red, yellow red stripes down the sleeves.

The layout of the badges are the same, with Adidas having their logo in the centre and the Spanish crest on the left and side.

The date is under the crest, which as mentioned is incorrect. There’s also an omission of the team names (Netherlands – Spain) as you’d get in the match shirts.

To the reverse on the neckline of the shirt, there’s the RFEF wording in fancy text as it was on the original shirt.

The shirts also come with the “winning” yellow star, which wasn’t on the original, but we can forgive that 😉

Constructed in a recycled double knit, it has the V-neck collar and is double ribbed on the collar and sleeves.

I have read this shirt is set for official release on 16th September, and currently is showing as sold out on the Adidas site here (although this may be because it’s not officially been released as of yet).

This shirt comes in at £70, the same price as the official Spain 2022 world cup shirts that were released a few weeks ago.

What do you think of this release from Adidas?

I am glad it exists, but I really wish they got the date right! For this reason alone, it’s not something I’d buy.

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