Friday, 23rd June, 2017

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 All White Trainers

Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 all white

I finally got some white trainers for Summer!

Yes, I went ahead and got a pair of white trainers! With so many options available I picked out the limited edition Air Max Jewel, bought them, and then cancelled them! 😀 Then I found a pair of Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 which were in the sales, and thought I better get these quick! Then Nike reduced them further so I ended up paying more than I should have! 😂

My story of white trainers for Summer… I haven’t really had any. I did buy some Adidas Superstar trainers several years ago, and I never really wore them. I still have them, and they look to have become faulty, with the toecap going a creamy-yellow colour, so I don’t really wear them. I’m going to create a white trainer guide for the blog as I do like white trainers, I was going to buy a pair last Summer but couldn’t decide which pair to get, and ended up getting none. Now I have taken the plunge and opted for a pair of Air Max, the Air Max 1 Ultra which I really like.

First of all I have to talk about the trainers I didn’t buy. The Air Max 1 Jewel Black Diamond…I think these look so good and I did actually go through and buy them, and after thinking about it, decided to cancel the order. Why? Well because they’re made of hard leather. I’ve never tried them, but I think that the hard leather may not be too comfortable, especially in the heat of the Summer, and are undoubtedly heavier than the Ultras. The second pair of trainers I considered, and may also end up getting as a secondary pair, are a pair of Adidas Stan Smith’s. Yes, I know they’re a similar hard leather, but if I get a pair I’ll only be wearing them now and again, so for that comfort can take a back seat.

So let’s me tell you about the pair I did end up getting, the Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0. They’re light and breathable, bright white and all white, including the Iconic swoosh, which is something I was looking for. I got a pair of the Ultra Moire trainers a couple of years back and love how light and comfortable they are, so picking out this pair as a white pair was a really easy decision. The mesh is really lightweight and works well with a textile upper, the fit is quite snug around the sides and the width of the trainers, but I’m used to that from the Ultra Moire.

So I’ve finally joined the white trainer club 😀 I may also get a pair of Adidas Original Stan Smith in the near future too, or another ‘smarter’ pair of white trainers. But for now, I will enjoy these 🙂

Let me know what you think of these, or if you have any other recommendations for all white trainers for this season let me know.

close up of the nike all white air max 1 ultras

Wednesday, 21st June, 2017

33rd Birthday

Happy birthday to me! 😀

Today I turned 33, it sounds so old! 😀 When I started this blog I thought that using 84 would be cool so everyone would know I was in my 20s…Of course I forgot I would get older, and I entered my 30’s what feels like a while ago now! 😂

I got some pretty cool things, including a new pair of Air Max I got myself yesterday which you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram and look at my stories (you can follow me at Michael84Blog) I will be doing reviews of most things separately over the coming days.

I feel so tired right now, so I will say good night 🙂

Tuesday, 20th June, 2017

Smart Styling On A Budget: French Connection Suit

MandM Style With French Connection Suit

Hey guys!

For my outfit of the week I have gone for a smarter look, with this suit by French Connection. I really like the smarter look, jackets and blazers are always a good thing to have, you can dress them up in a full suit for a smart look, or dress them down with a nice plain tee and pair of jeans to create a smart casual look. As I’ve got older I’ve expanded my suit collection, and have the key colours covered; Black, dark blue and grey, as well as some contemporary toned down patterned options.

MandM Direct have up to 75% off RRP 365 days a year, and being one of the leaders in discounted men’s fashion challenged me to find some smart style on a budget. I know a lot of guys think that a good suit always costs the Earth, but you can get very decent suits for affordable prices such as this one, and if you only need it for the odd occasion, it makes sense not to spend a small fortune.

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Monday, 19th June, 2017

What To Wear At Prom For Guys In The UK

Tips on what to wear at prom for guys in the UK

Suit up boys, it’s time for Prom! Back in the good old days it was the school dance, but in the UK we’re taking on American culture and calling it the Prom, and occasionally the leavers ball or summer ball. As the school year is ending, you’ll be gearing up for your prom, so you need to make sure you get your clothing right, it’s time to fix up and look sharp and make sure you’re looking on point for the night. For a girl it’s about a prom dress, quite straight forward, but for a guy the choice is for more varied, and you’ll want to get it right so you not only look good but feel confident in what you’re wearing. Check out some fashion advice, tips and ideas on what to wear to your school Prom.

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Thursday, 15th June, 2017

Creed Aventus Review [UPDATED]

Creed Aventus Review - Is The Best Men's Fragrance Worth The Hype?

I got Creed Aventus back in 2014, and I still have the same bottle, and it’s still going strong in every sense of the word. It’s still a firm favourite, so is it worth getting?

Updated Review For 2017

Creed Aventus – Worth The Hype?

Is Creed Aventus worth the hype? In my opinion, yes. It’s a very expensive men’s fragrance, especially if you’re not into scents and fragrances as I am (check out all my men’s fragrance reviews). Having said that, it’s not just a scent for fragrance aficionados. It may not be cheap, but it could be your go to bottle and your own signature scent.
What that does mean is that it gives it an exclusivity, not too many people will be wearing this or even consider it, however over the past few years it has become more and more popular because of the hype which surrounds it.

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Monday, 12th June, 2017

Men’s Denim Jacket Style Guide & Tips

Men's Denim Jacket Guide For Summer

My Denim Jackets: All Saints In Grey | !Solid In Rust | Cheap Monday In Black

One trend I really love for Summer, and for Spring and even Autumn for that matter is the denim jacket. When thinking about denim jackets, it’s definitely more of a warm weather item of clothing, which means it’s time to put away the overcoats and Winter Coats, and pair up some of your warm weather wardrobe with this jacket style when it gets a bit chilly, or when you just want to style up an outfit.

It can be a bit of a trend for some, especially something like double denim which is a look which has a love/hate tag to it, but there’s a few things you can do to avoid this kind of look, or embrace it if that’s your thing. I’m going to talk about everything to do with jean jackets, from how to style them to what to wear with them, including footwear and other clothing.

Are you ready? Let’s Go!

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Saturday, 10th June, 2017

Adidas Originals Campus Shoe For Summer 2017

Adidas Originals Campus Trainers Summer 2017

Adidas Originals have announced the upcoming release of the iconic Campus silhouette for Summer 2017, which sees the shoe that went from Sport to Street in the downtown New York scene. Originals collaborates with Blondey McCoy, Na-Kel Smith, Tavia Bonetti and Tiffany Lighty to celebrate the brave, bold attitude of the Campus shoe in the No Time to Think campaign.

Introduced in 1978, you’ll be able to get the Campus in a few styles and colours, including a textured suede. This comes with a ‘hairy suede’ upper, in either bold aqua or semi solar pink in colour. They have a leather lining with the iconic three stripes also in leather at the middle of the trainer. They have a reinforced toe cap and a rubber outsole, with the Adidas trefoil logo on the heel. These come in at £79.95. Check them out here.

Another option is the same Campus with a pigskin nubuck upper, which is available in dark blue, grey or black, and has a synthetic leather lining. These also come with a rubber outsole, the three stripes in the middle and trefoil logo on the heel. They come in at £69.95. Check them out here.

Overall I really like both of these options, and with the rise and rise of street wear and iconic re-releases and updates, these will be popular by many. Adidas Originals have already brought back the Stan Smith and Superstar silhouettes to name only two, both with success and a huge fan base, and the Campus could go that way too.

The Adidas Original Campus trainers will be available from 15th June 2017 from Adidas here. More pictures below

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Wednesday, 7th June, 2017

Black Bold by Kenneth Cole Fragrance For Men

Kenneth Cole Black Bold Review

This is my first ever scent from Kenneth Cole, and it’s a good one, this is Black Bold. They say that this fragrance aims to embody the old essence of New York and celebrate confident individuals who like to live life on the edge. How does it smell? Here’s my review of this eau de parfum.

First of all I have to begin with the bottle. It’s a circular shape and is all black and very smooth and sleek. It has a faux-leather wrap around which covers most of the body of the bottle, which has the simple and clear Black Bold Kenneth Cole branding to the front. It’s a nice clean design which will sit well on a shelf or draw, it’s fairly distinctive so you’ll be able to distinguish it from other bottles you may have.

As for the smell itself…The name is a giveaway for the style of scent this is going to be; Black indicates dark, and it is that. It’s a woody aromatic type of scent, very inviting and a mysterious kind of smell. It’s spicy but not sharp, and has quite a subtle and soft element to it. It’s quite a gentlemanly classic fragrance without being too musky or woody, and is strong enough to leave an impression without being overpowering. There are very slight citrus notes, but I get more woody tones from this.  I would wear this on an evening, and would work in most situations.

Best season to wear – Autumn/Winter
Scent type – Slightly woody and spicy, Aromatic
Age Recommendation – 21+
Best Worn – Evening, Casual, Formal

Top notes: zesty citrus, herbal tones
Middle notes: ground nutmeg, lotus flower
Base notes: wood, leather, musk

Have you tried Black Bold? If you have let me know your thoughts, and as always you can check out all my men’s fragrance reviews if you’re looking for your next scent.

Monday, 5th June, 2017

Bum Bags Are Back! The Summer 2017 Trend

Bum Bags On Trend In 2017

Just when you thought you’d missed out, bum bags are back on trend in 2017!

If you are 25 years old or under, then you can be forgiven if you don’t know what a bum bag is, but if you’re like me, and grew up with 90’s fashion trends, then you’ll know all about them, and probably had one, if not a few.

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Friday, 2nd June, 2017

Casual Levi’s Style – Outfit Of The Week

Style Of The Week - Levi's Tee And Denim

Hey guys!

I hope you are well and have had a great week. It started off well with a Bank Holiday, but for some reason this week hasn’t felt any shorter and I am so glad that it’s Friday and the weekend is here. I can’t believe June is already here, when it starts you know that it’s truly the start of Summer, and I do love the Summer 😀

For my outfit of the week I have gone for something simple, all from one brand, Levi’s. You remember that a few weeks ago I picked up some thing from Levi’s, I really like some of the stuff they’ve been putting out, and it’s definitely a brand which is back on trend.

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