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Something’s Off By Virgil Abloh & Soled Out By Sneaker Freaker Books

Tuesday, 7th December, 2021

Something's Off Virgil Abloh And Soled Out Book

A few weeks ago I was out and happened to find these two books: Something’s Off by Virgil Abloh and Soled Out by Sneaker Freaker.

I had seen both books online but when I was out I wasn’t shopping for them, and came across them both by chance. I was thinking about getting them for a few weeks, and decided that I’d go out and get them.

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Men’s Winter Fashion Outfits – Tips On What To Wear In Winter [2021 Edition]

Monday, 6th December, 2021

The Best Men's Winter Fashion Outfits - Stylish Ideas

Winter is here, but what do you wear?

I’ve decided to showcase all of my winter fashion outfits, all in one easy to see and read posts.

You should be able to get some ideas on some essential clothes for this season which will keep you warm and stylish.

It’s a time for winter coats, cosy knits, dark denim, sweatshirts, layering, and more. Since it’s a time to wrap up warm, casual outfits are the usual go to. That doesn’t mean you can’t look smart in your daily fashion choices.

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H&M Black Friday Haul – Winter Fashion Essentials I Picked Up

Friday, 3rd December, 2021

H&M Winter Fashion Haul - Essential Menswear Pieces

It’s been years since I’ve done a proper fashion haul blog post. That could be because it’s been years since I’ve really bought several pieces of clothing all at once.

But here we are, and I’ve bought lots of clothing from H&M over the past Black Friday.

I got myself some shirts, sweats, jackets and even a hat. Here’s a closer look at every piece I got in the H&M Black Friday event.

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H&M x Smiley Collab – Hoodies, Sweats, T Shirts & More

Thursday, 2nd December, 2021

H&M x Smiley Collaboration Collection

H&M are quite literally putting a smile on your clothes this winter, in their latest collab with Smiley. It’s all about some good vibes, retro style and having some fun with your clothes in these drops.

I’ve picked out a couple of stand out pieces from the collection which have caught my eye.

Here’s some of the pieces to look out for from the H&M x Smiley collab.

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Calvin Klein Defy Eau De Toilette Fragrance Review – Here’s What It Smells Like

Wednesday, 1st December, 2021

Calvin Klein Defy eau de toilette Fragrance Review

I recently got a new for 2021 fragrance, this one is Calvin Klein Defy.

I tried this out in store and liked it. It didn’t blow my mind away, but I thought it was a nice scent. I saw a few good deals on this in the run up to Black Friday, so decided I’d get myself a small 30ml bottle.

This is everything you need to know about Calvin Klein Defy including what it smells like.

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The Best Winter Coats You Can Buy 2021 – Your Guide To The Warmest Outerwear

Tuesday, 30th November, 2021

The Best Winter Coats You Can Buy This Season

Winter is most definitely here!

It’s that time of the year again. It’s getting very cold, and you need a winter coat.

If you’re looking for a new coat to wear outdoors in the British winter, you’ll want to make a good investment.

It’s all about getting the right coat to last. You’ll be able to wear this throughout the year, from October until March, and who knows, maybe longer. Getting the right coat can also last you years, so making the right investment can pay off in the long run.

The UK may not be the coldest place in the world, but knowing that doesn’t warm you up on a cold winter night.

With that said, investing in a good jacket is worth it. You’ll be getting much better quality which will be noticeable when you wear it, as well as it lasting longer than a cheap and cheerful coat.

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New In The Wardrobe: H&M Blue Blank Staples Hoodie And Joggers

Sunday, 28th November, 2021

H&M Blank Staples Collection - Navy Joggers and hoodie outfit

If you’ve read my fashion blog over the past year or so, you’ll know my love of the H&M Blank Staple pieces. I have bought so many in this time, hoodies, shorts and joggers, and now I have added in a new colour to the mix, blue.

This is my hoodie and joggers outfit from the Blank Staples collection.

Here’s what you need to know.

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Gamesmaster Returns On E4 In 2021 – Watch Tonight at 10PM

Wednesday, 24th November, 2021

Gamesmaster is back in 2021 on E4

Gamesmaster is back! That means nothing if you didn’t live in the 90’s or like computer games, but if you did then you’ll know what a great time this is.

It had it’s hay day in the early to late 90’s, in the times of NES and SNES, Master System and Mega Drive, and later the Playstation, Saturn and N64 days.

This time round the new Gamesmaster (oracle, guru or whatever you’d like to call him) is Trevor McDonald, and I can’t wait to see it.

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Men’s Jumpers & Knitwear Guide: The Best 18 Mens Sweaters You Can Buy In 2021

Monday, 22nd November, 2021

The Best Men's Jumpers And Knitwear This Season - A Style Guide

Are you looking to find the best mens jumper for wrapping up this season?

You’re in the right place. Sweater season has finally begun, and it’s time to add some knitwear into your daily outfits.

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Gucci x XBOX Series X Collab Console

Tuesday, 16th November, 2021

XBOX Series X Gucci Collab Console

XBOX have collaborated with Gucci to bring us all the console we didn’t ask for. But I have to say, I love this.

It’s the Gucci x XBOX Series X Console, and it looks great!

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Iraq 3rd Shirt 2021-22 Is Released By Umbro

Monday, 15th November, 2021

Iraq 3rd Shirt by Umbro sold out

It’s not the best football team in the world, or the most followed. Like most football fans, I can’t name you any of their players.

Umbro launched the Iraq 3rd shirt a while back, but it’s now hit the mainstream online stores including at Umbro.

But there is some bad news, it’s already sold out. And you can see why!

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Football Manager 22, GTA San Andreas & Forza Horizon 5: It’s A Bit Of A Gaming Weekend

Saturday, 13th November, 2021

Football Manager 22, GTA San Andreas & Forza Horizon 5: It's A Bit Of A Gaming Weekend

This week 3 games were released that I wanted to play: Football Manager 22, Grand Theft Auto The Definitive Edition and Forza Horizon 5.

It’s going to be a bit of a gaming weekend.

Although these games are brand new releases I was able to play them all for FREE! Here’s how.

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