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Ballers Season 4 On Sky Atlantic

Thursday, 16th August, 2018

Ballers Season 4 On Sky Atlantic

Ballers is back!

Are you ready for more Dwayne Johnson in sharp suits? One of my favourite shows, Ballers is back on Sky Atlantic, it’s into season 4 and the premiere is on tonight at 22:10.

If you’ve never seen it, where have you been!? Basically it’s a show which centres around the NFL and American Football, in particular Spencer Strasmore played by Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, who’s a retired football player now trying to make it as a financial manager for the players.

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T-Shirt Tuesday: The Plain Red T-Shirt Outfit

Tuesday, 14th August, 2018

Red Hugo Boss T Shirt For T-Shirt Tuesday

Happy T Shirt Tuesday guys!

What has happened to the weather!? Please tell me that the Summer isn’t over yet. Luckily for me, I shot these pictures when the weather was good. This week for T Shirt Tuesday it’s all about the plain red T Shirt.

I have to say I almost never wear this plain red tee, but I love it. The red is so bold and it pops, and the quality is awesome, which is what you’d expect from Hugo Boss. It’s not all about showing off logos when it comes to designer brands, and this is nice and plain, with a subtle BOSS branding to the front breast. When it comes to thinking about what to wear with red, I have to say, stick with the classics, which is what I have done.

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New In My Wardrobe: Mango MAN Chinos

Monday, 13th August, 2018

MANGO Man Chinos - New In My Wardrobe - Navy and Blue options

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday. It seems like all I have done for the past few weeks is buy new clothes to expand my wardrobe, and I’m not stopping (although I really should!) and I’ve picked up a couple of pairs of Chinos from Mango MAN.

I love jeans, there is no doubt about it. They are what I wear the majority of the time, they’re my go to item of clothing when it comes to the lower half of my body. My collection is pretty huge, with most being dark indigo, a few pair of black and some colours too. But what about chinos?

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Most Stylish Football Managers In The Premier League 2018-19

Sunday, 12th August, 2018

The Best Dressed Football Managers 2018-19

From tracksuit managers to the suited and booted, there’s a lot of style and fashion in the dugout and on the touchline these days. With the money in football, there’s no reason why the managers shouldn’t be looking their best and dressing the part.

The Premier League 2018-19 season is here, and there’s been some stylish management movements, with Arsene Wenger and Antonio Conte both departing, replaced by Unai Emery and Maurizio Sarri. There’s also been some other managerial changes, and the three promoted teams, Cardiff City, Wolves and Fulham entering the most stylish managers contest.

So in no particular order, here’s the best dressed managers in the Premier League, and what I love about their style.

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The Premier League Is Back & I’ve Got My New Shirt!

Saturday, 11th August, 2018

Wearing my Newcastle Away Shirt 2018-19

I am so excited that the Premier League is back! We’re in for a great football season, everyone is excited coming off the back of the World Cup, and it’s the opening weekend of the Premier League.

Last night it all kicked off with Manchester United vs Leicester, but today the first game up is my team, Newcastle, and I’ve got myself the shirt.

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The Best Transfer Deadline Day Deals August 2018

Thursday, 9th August, 2018

August 2018 Transfer Deadline Day - The Best Deals

It’s transfer deadline day, and all the deals are done! Which players are going where, and who’ll be playing next season in the Premier League?

Deadline day is always exciting, twice a year, but the August one is usually the most exciting, as it starts before the season. This year, for the first time, the transfer window closes earlier; On the eve of the first Premier League match, which will be Leicester vs Man United tomorrow.

It’s been a really exciting transfer window, and deadline day did not disappoint either. But who was making all the waves?

Here’s the best transfer deadline day deals which I’ve been excited about.

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Men’s Pink Denim Jacket From H&M

Wednesday, 8th August, 2018

Pink Denim Jacket From H&M - What do you think of this piece?

I’ve had my eye on this pink denim jacket for months now – It’s from H&M, but what do you think?

I really do like the style, Denim jackets are great for Summer, but I am unsure about this one.

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Simple Blue Tee For Summer – T-Shirt Tuesday

Tuesday, 7th August, 2018

Blue T Shirt from ASOS For T-Shirt Tuesday

Happy T-Shirt Tuesday guys!

I hope you’re all having a good week so far. This weekend you’ll know I went to the NE1 motor show which was great, and now I’m settling into another really, really busy week! It’s still warm, still T-shirt weather, but the rain has come back in recent times, however it’s still plenty warm enough to get away with wearing a tee without the need for jacket or anything else.

This is what I’ve gone for this week.

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Made In Chelsea: Men’s Style Guide

Monday, 6th August, 2018

Made In Chelsea Men's Fashion - Get The Style

Who’s ready for tonight? Made In Chelsea is back on our screens, with the gang in Croatia. Aside from the drama, there’s one thing which is the show is all about, and that’s fashion, so here’s a style guide with tips on how to get the Made In Chelsea look for guys.

Rich posh people always fascinate us, which is probably why Made In Chelsea is such a hit. It’s popularity among the characters has spanned several years, and there’s no slowing it down. Money may be the thing that most of the cast have in common, but personal fashion tastes really set them apart.

When it comes to dressing, there’s plenty of individuality in the characters, from a tailored formal approach, to the smart casual all the way down to super casual from some of the guys, depending on the situation.

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NE1 Motor Show 2018 – Photos Of The Cars

Saturday, 4th August, 2018

Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Car At the NE1 Car Show - Michael 84

Happy Weekend!

This weekend was the return of the NE1 Motor Show in Newcastle, and as with previous years, I decided I would go. It’s always a good time, and a real relaxed atmosphere for people who are proper petrol heads and can talk to others, or just for people who like to have a look at cars and see some real masterpieces.

This year there was a brand new car, the Bloodhound SSC which is a land speed record car. There was the same great stuff from previous years, including Paul Swift doing some car stunts on Hood Street, as well as the likes of Aston Martin, Mercedes and Lexus being present, and there was plenty of super cars such as Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, classic cars, American Muscle and the best of British.

Check out all the pictures from the day.

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