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Monday, 27th March, 2017

Luxury Loungewear – Pyjamas For Stylish Gentleman

Derek Rose Loungewear - Michael 84 Fashion Blog

When do PJ’s or pyjamas become loungewear or nightwear? It’s probably when you reach get into your twenties, and then once in your thirties, you really should be embracing the comfort and luxury of some really fine clothing to wear for bed, or even when you’re just lounging around (hence the name).

Quite a while back I got some really high end loungewear, I think it’s been on the blog before but I’ve never really written a proper blog post about it. Since we’re in Winter and it’s been cold, it’s probably a good time to feature it on the blog. It’s from Derek Rose, and it’s something which I really love to wear. Now, these are not traditional PJs or “Formal nightwear” as it’s called because it’s posh, this is more for relaxing. I associate the more traditional PJ style with two age groups; Really little kids, or really old men. In our 20’s and 30’s and even 40’s, where does that leave us? With loungewear.

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Sunday, 26th March, 2017

Happy Air Max Day 2017

Air Max Day 2017

Happy Air Max Day 2017!

This year Nike have been teasing some really nice trainers for Air Max Day, with new colourways and designs, there’s 8 pair which you can get your hands on, some of which are only just available from today, and of course, some which will already be sold out.

I have far too many pairs of Air Max now…If there’s such a thing? Probably not! But for this year I did not buy a new pair of Air Max, but if you want to, here’s 8 of the editions which are making today Air Max Day.

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Friday, 24th March, 2017

Men’s Fashion Trends 2017: Pink For Spring

Pink Sweatshirt For Men

Spring has arrived, and with it, it’s brought a new fashion trend. Several weeks ago I read that the pantone colour of the year 2017 was green, specifically a green they call Greenery, which is quite a dirty, mid-to-light green, quite a solid colour. There’s been lots of fashion produced in this colour for this season too, as well as other shades of green, signalling it could be big for Spring, but for me, it’s not. The big trend for Spring, at least the first half, is pink!

Specifically a light or pale pink. I’ve seen a couple of pieces of clothing and fashion in this colour, I already own a few bits and pieces too, and I love it. A really deep or bold pink can be hard to wear and difficult to pull off, with the colour being seen as a feminine option usually. Pale shades are synonymous with Springtime, with grey, white, beige, red, blue, green and yellow all being worn, you can add pink to that list too.

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Thursday, 23rd March, 2017

Foreo LUNA Go & Cleanser For Men

Foreo LUNA Go For Men Review

I’ve seen these devices before and was always intrigued what they did and if they worked. These are made by a Swedish beauty brand called Foreo, and have several devices like this for women, but have now entered the men’s market and have launched the Foreo LUNA Go for men, including a men’s cleanser. I had the chance to try it out and see what it’s all about, so I decided to give it a go.

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Tuesday, 21st March, 2017

What To Wear With A White Shirt

How To Wear A White Shirt: 7 ways to wear a white shirt

If there’s one piece of clothing which you should own, and probably already do, it’s the humble white shirt. It’s that classic go to piece of clothing when you want to wear something smart without having to resort to the latest fashion trend, it’s timeless and you can wear one of these with pretty much anything, all year round.

How To Wear A White Shirt

Since it’s such a classic piece there’s not really a wrong way to put on a plain white shirt, and it can be worn for every occasion imaginable. I’m going to go through seven different ways you can style a white shirt, and you can see just a few ways which items of how I dress them.

Are you ready? Check out the 7 ways I have styled the white shirt below.

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Monday, 20th March, 2017

England Away Kit For 2017 Unveiled – All Blue

England squad debut 2017 away kit

Nike and England have unveiled the latest away kit for 2017, and will be debuted against Germany on Wednesday 22nd March. The colour of the kit is a navy with varying shades, and I think it could be the best looking away kit for a while.

As with everything Nike these days, it’s a plain sleek style, with the whole kit comprising of matching coloured shorts and socks, with a silver Nike swoosh and light blue star above the classic England three lions badge. The shirt will be available to buy from from 22nd March. The kit is being modelled by England players Raheem Sterling, Gary Cahill, Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford.

Nike have released the kit with a launch by Marcus Rashford and an essay for The Players Tribune, which provides an honest look at Marcus’ relationship with the England team and the shirt. You can read the full essay here at The Players Tribune. Rashford talks about his England debut, scoring his goal against Australia, Euro 2016 disappointment and the influence that Wayne Rooney has had throughout his footballing life.

What do you think of the new kit? Check out more pictures below.

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Friday, 17th March, 2017

Outfit Of The Week & Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Outfit Of The Week - All Black With A Touch Of Grey

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Yes…I know….I should be wearing some green somewhere for my outfit of the week and I’m not. This was my favourite outfit this week, and since today is St. Patrick’s Day I have not taken any photos yet, I may do later, I have a couple of green bits of fashion I could throw on 😉

I have spoken time and again about this outfit and style and I love it, so it’s not the first time you’ll have seen me in it, and it won’t be the last. It’s the all black style, apart from the jacket, which is very dark grey. I love the all black look, and what makes it stand out even more is the lighter shades of the jacket which brings everything back to black.

Since I prefer jeans to trousers I always opt for those, and there’s none better than my Nudie Jeans. The shirt is from Jaeger, I’ve featured it before in my black Jaeger shirt post, it’s a stretch cotton shirt which feels luxurious, and has a tiny bit of stretch to make the fit even better. The jacket is from Minimum, a brand which I really love, they’re from Denmark and do Scandi style really well. The footwear comes in the form of my derby shoes from Kurt Geiger which are my go to black pair of shoes and have really stood the test of time.

No product in my hair again! I recently dyed it darker (again) so I couldn’t put anything in just in-case it reacted with the dye or something like that.

For today I don’t think I will be celebrating Paddy’s Day too much…It’s never been something I’ve really got into, although any celebration which encourages drinking is fine by me, so I might do something later 😛

If you are doing something tonight have a good one!

You can check out more pics from this look below.

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Wednesday, 15th March, 2017

Everybody Wants Some For Film Night

Everybody Wants Some Blu Ray Review

Everybody Wants Some – What a great film!!

It’s a film I’ve wanted to see for ages, and finally I got it, sat down and watched it, and it was brilliant. The last film I wrote about which I watched Grimsby  which was OK, but not brilliant, so I thought the next one up I’d watch from my new little collection of blu rays would actually be one I’ve just got, Everybody Wants Some.

The film was billed as “the spiritual successor of Dazed And Confused” which is one of my favourite films of all time. They’re both indie type of films, written, directed and produced by Richard Linklater who has done other films I love like Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight and Boyhood. I went into watching this film with an open mind that it wouldn’t be as good as Dazed & Confused as I love that it’s hard to compare, and I wanted to watch it with fresh eyes and not compare it to something else.

The film is done in a similar style of Dazed & Confused, it’s a bit of a comedy-coming of age type of film, and is set in 1980 around a baseball team (don’t worry you don’t need to know about or like baseball). The main character is a freshman who’s just going to college through being good at baseball, and encounters his new teammates, some of which are in the same shoes as him, stars of their high school and now in the big leagues of college. He moves into an off-campus house which is for baseball players, he meets his older housemates who are on the team, and the story goes from there.

There’s lots of college life type of stuff, with the usual story of drinking, games and trying to get girls, and of course there is a love interest thrown in their too. The soundtrack is just brilliant! Everything from some dodgy country music to hip hop, soul and rock, it probably has a much better soundtrack than Dazed & Confused, the music is so relevant and instantly recognisable.

I love this film! I can’t say that it’s better than Dazed & Confused, but it’s such a good film, and I will be watching this one quite a few times.

Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

The Adidas Calabasas By Yeezy – Coming Soon?

Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Coming Soon

When you think of the latest in street wear and cities the first one you think of is the city of Calabasas right?

The rumoured soon-to-be latest drop from the world of Yeezy are these trainers; The Adidas Calabasas, or the Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase are being talked about by sneaker heads in the past couple of days, and could be the cheapest from the Adidas/Kanye West collaboration yet. The price is rumoured to be around $120, which could be <£100, that is of course if you can even get your hands on a pair.

The design comes from a tennis trainer, an all-white design with three stripes and some perforated design on the upper and toe. It has the Calabasas logo branding in gold, along with an Adidas logo on the upper.

I think that the trainers do look nice, but that’s because they remind me of one of my favourite trainers from back in the 90’s which have enjoyed a comeback recently…

Reebok Classic or Yeezy Adidas Calabasas?

The Reebok Classic! These look quite familiar, the way that Adidas have done the logo in an almost identical way does not really help them distinguish the trainers from each other.

What do you think of the Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase?

Top Image Source: Unknown
Monday, 13th March, 2017

What To Wear At The Races – Men’s Fashion Advice



And they’re off!

Having a day at the races is not just about putting a few bets on the horses anymore, well, has it ever been? There’s always been a lot of emphasis on what the girls are wearing, and who’ll have the best or most outlandish hat, but men’s style is just as important, so what you wear at the races should be something on par with your female counterpart. Let the ladies bring the glamour, and the gents bring the style.

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