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Air Max2 Light Is Back From 2019

Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

Every Air Max2 Light In 2019 including the OG

I do love my Nike Air Max trainers, and over the past several years, have bought a couple of pair. From the Air Max 95 to the 1, 2017 and of course the 90’s. Nike have been re-releasing some old classics from the 1990’s, we’ve seen the 93 and the 97 make successful comebacks, and it seems that 2019 will be the year of the Nike Air Max2 Light. And I love it!

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How To Dress Like A Rich Man Without Spending A Fortune

Monday, 18th February, 2019

How To Dress Like A Rich Man Without Spending Money

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about rich man’s style, but don’t worry, it’s not about spending millions on a custom fitted suit with 24 karat gold threads. It’s about how you can pull off looking like you’ve got a bit of money, even when you haven’t.

Dressing like a rich man doesn’t have to cost the earth, in fact you don’t have to spend too much money at all to pull off the look. Sure, the super wealthy millionaires and even billionaires have endless cash to splash on clothing, but how can you pull it off on a budget, without spending a fortune?

Yes, it is possible, and surprisingly not hard to look like you’ve got money without spending it on your clothing. If you read on I’ll share some tips on how to dress rich without having money.

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Film Night: Loving Pablo Review

Sunday, 17th February, 2019

Loving Pablo For Film Night

Hey guys!

So it was time for another film night, and I saw that Loving Pablo had been added to Amazon Video, so I decided to give it a watch.

It’s a film about the story of Pablo Escobar, told mostly in the point of view from Virginia Vallejo, a girlfriend of Pablo and famous journalist in Colombia. I have seen Narcos, the Netflix documentary series about the same story, which obviously had more detail since it’s spread over seasons and many shows, rather than this which is a 2 hour film.

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Valentines 2019

Friday, 15th February, 2019

Valentines 2019

Happy Valentines Day for yesterday!

My Valentines has been a bit of a tradition in the blog years, literally changing the name to Michael Day :mrgreen: It was a bit of a joke years ago, and it’s kind of stuck. The day and night is filled with food and drink, music and film, which was Valentines Day, on Valentines Day…

Something which I got a few years ago were the Sea Salt caramel Charbonnel et Walker truffles…WOW! They are so good, nothing like anything else. I used to get a couple of boxes of the other ones, but when I discovered these, It’s been a tradition to get them every year. £5 for 3, and I only buy 1 box a year.

I also have a ridiculously large box of Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles…These have got to be my second favourite’s behind the other truffles. They’re so nice! And then what do you have to wash all this down? Bottega Gold of course!

For the meal I decided to have spaghetti bolognese with some red wine. I’ve had so many different meals over the years on Michael Day, from a full on turkey dinner to crazy gyros, and my spaghetti bolognese so many times.

I sometimes call this “Fat Week“, because it’s close to one of my other favourite days of the year…Pancake day. But that is really late this year, around 3 weeks away, in March.

I am far too healthy for my own good these days…When I was eating some of this I had to stop, I couldn’t take all the sugar! 😀 If you said to be when I was a little kid that one day you’ll stop eating chocolate not because you’re full but because you can’t take the sugar, I would have never believed you.

I hope you had a good one, and if it’s a day of the year you hate today must be your favourite, because it’s the longest time until it comes around again next year!

p.s. I still have 80% of the Lindt truffles left, I have no idea how long it will take me to eat those, I’d share them if I could 😉

What To Wear To A Christening – A Men’s Style Guide

Tuesday, 12th February, 2019

What To Wear To A Christening - Men's Style Guide

If you’re heading to a Christening or naming ceremony, you might be wondering what you should wear. If you’ve never been to one, or are just unsure on the best way to dress, here are some tips which will help you what to pick out.

Whether you’re going as a guest or godparent, here’s some ideas for what you should be wearing to a Christening.

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How Long Does Aftershave Last Before It Goes Off?

Sunday, 10th February, 2019

How Long Does Aftershave Last Before Going Off?

If you have fragrances such as aftershave, EDT, EDP and cologne, you’ve probably thought at some point, how long does it last in the bottled once opened, and does it go off? It’s not an uncommon question, and it’s one which usually gets a few different answers.

If you believe what the manufacturers tell you, the lifespan of cologne bottles is 24 – 36 months, depending on the brand. It will tell you on the base of your bottle, there’s usually a sticker. The symbol you want to look out for is a bottle outline which is opened, and it will usually state 24m or 36m, signifying 24 or 36 months.

But is this the case? What happens after 2 or 3 years?

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What To Wear Running In The Cold

Monday, 4th February, 2019

What To Wear Running In The Cold

If you want to run in the freezing cold it could be for a couple of reasons; You’ve ate too much over the Christmas and want to do some cardio to work it off, you’re it’s part of a New Year’s resolution, or you’re just into fitness in general. Whatever the reason, running in the cold, especially the Winter is a tough thing to do, but there’s steps you can take so you don’t freeze.

Staying active and keeping fit it definitely important, and I do run in the Winter, but I have to admit, it’s hard to get motivated. It’s so cold, the days are shorter, and the weather is generally not good to run in. But that shouldn’t stop you, and I think of it as a warm up to the rest of the year, running a couple of times a week, building up perfectly for when the Spring eventually comes.

Picking out the right clothing can be a task. You need to stay warm, but also you’ll be running, so you’ll heat up in no time.

Here’s what I usually wear for when I go on a run in the Winter.

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Overcoat & Layers – Winter Style This Friday!

Friday, 1st February, 2019

Outfit of the week - Overcoat, Jumper, shirt and jeans

Happy Friday and start of a new month guys!

Can you believe it’s February already? I certainly can’t. It seemed like only the other day we were celebrating Christmas, then New Year, and the start of 2019, and now we’re already one month down. Pretty crazy stuff. If you’ve put the weather on TV you’ll know we’re definitely in the Winter right now, with record lows in the USA, and the cold and snowy weather has been making it’s presence felt here in Newcastle and the rest of the UK too.

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