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Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Shower Gel Review

Wednesday, 16th October, 2019

Molton Brown Recharge Black Pepper Shower Gel

It’s a bath and shower gel which I’ve had for a while, in fact I’ve had a couple of bottles of this before. Today I’m talking about Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper.

It’s one of the most popular from the range, so what’s it like?

Here’s my thoughts.

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Sustainable Fashion: 9 Ways To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

Monday, 14th October, 2019

How To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable - 9 Tips

I have far too many clothes, and if you’re anything like me, you probably do too.

This comes from a variety of different reasons, to not throwing something away, not recycling or buying more than I need. It’s quite a big problem we all face, but I think it’s something we can all overcome, and there’s a lot of benefits of doing this.

If you’re like me and are you want a more clutter free, sustainable way of living when it comes to your fashion and clothing, I’ve got a couple of tips for you on how you might be able to get there. You’re probably thinking, it will cost more money, but it actually doesn’t have to be that way, and you could actually end up saving a lot of money.

Here are my tips on how you can be more sustainable and ethical while still looking stylish.

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What I’ve Been Listening To Lately: September Playlist

Sunday, 13th October, 2019

The Michael 84 Playlist

Summer has been and gone, and I haven’t been listening to much music, or at least, much new music. For over the summer I made some playlists which included summer bangers from the past, the 90’s, 00’s and 10’s, but now the summer is over, it’s time (belatedly) for the September playlist.

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H&M Autumn 2019 Collection: Michael 84 Edit

Friday, 11th October, 2019

H&M Autumn Collection 2019 - Michael 84 Edit

We’re well into the Autumn right now, and all of the brands and shops have their collections ready for you to check out. H&M’s Autumn collection for 2019 is online, and there’s several pieces which I really like from it.

From knits to smart blazers, coats and even PJs, there’s basically everything you need for this season.

So here’s my favourite few pieces from what H&M has to offer this Autumn.

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Hugo Boss Element Aftershave Review

Wednesday, 9th October, 2019

Hugo Boss Element Aftershave Review

A perfect scent for this time of year, I’m going back in time with this fragrance review, one of my old favourites, Hugo Element from Hugo Boss which was released in 2009.

Have you ever wanted to smell good but not like you’ve just rolled out of the nightclub? There’s a few good scents which can do this, and Boss Element is one of them.

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How To Wear Chinos – A Men’s Style Guide

Monday, 7th October, 2019

How To Style Chinos - A Guide For Men

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to wear something different from your favourite pair of denim, but don’t know where to turn? Traditional trousers are too formal, and sweats are too sloppy. Where do you turn?

You need a pair of chinos. These trousers are incredibly versatile, and can be dressed up as well as dressed down, and will work with virtually anything.

If you’re looking for a smart casual outfit, to add some colour to your usual look or want an alternative to jeans, a good modern pair of chinos is possibly the best option you have.

You can definitely make these a wardrobe essential, and build so many of your outfits around a good pair of chinos.

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Microsoft Surface Neo And Duo Announced

Sunday, 6th October, 2019

Surface Neo Announced - First thoughts from Michael 84
First look at the Microsoft Surface Neo

A couple of days ago Microsoft had an event, and showed the world what’s coming in the very near future: Their latest devices, the Surface Neo and Surface Duo, both coming around Christmas 2020.
They look brilliant!

Just to get into the bare bones of what these devices are – The Surface Neo is a tablet, and the Duo is a smartphone. But not just any tablet or phone.

Their party piece is that they’ve got dual screens. This is not just a novelty party piece, I think it will be loved by many.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Neo and Duo.

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Massimo Dutti Navy Overcoat: Autumn Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Friday, 4th October, 2019

Massimo Dutti Overcoat In Navy

We’re now well into Autumn, and I wanted to get myself a new smart coat. I wanted something which was a little bit more versatile, something I could wear through the day, on a night out, and generally wear at any time.

I was looking for a navy overcoat, and I settled for this Massimo Dutti navy overcoat, and I really like it. This is definitely one of those Autumn wardrobe essentials which I can see myself wearing for years to come.

I was so excited to share this straight away, so I haven’t even removed the tack stitching yet!

Here’s everything you need to know about this overcoat.

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Dolce & Gabbana K Fragrance Sample Preview

Wednesday, 2nd October, 2019

Dolce And Gabbana K Aftershave Sample Preview

It’s getting closer to Christmas, that means new fragrances are being released. Dolce and Gabbana have their new scent, K, which has been advertised in recent weeks.

I got a sample of the eau de toilette, so I thought I would share my view in a preview, and here’s what I think.

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Autumn Outfits For Men: Wardrobe Essentials For The Autumn Season

Monday, 30th September, 2019

What To Wear In Autumn - Men's Wardrobe Essentials For Autumn

We’re into Autumn now, so that means changing up your wardrobe for this season.

Out goes the summer t shirts and shorts, and light pastel colours.

In comes the cosy jumpers, smart knitwear, layering and sweatshirts for your daily outfits.

When it comes to seasons, Autumn is one of the best for fashion. There is so much clothing you can wear, and in some cases, wearing a lot of clothing together, when you consider layering.

As the temperatures drop, you need to be considering what you’re wearing. Not just to look good, but for function too.

Autumn in the UK is kind of odd, and can be split up into parts: The mild and the cold. With it being the season right in the middle of Summer and Winter, you have to have quite a versatile wardrobe. One moment you may need a light knit, and the next you may need to layer up to keep warm.

If you’re thinking of a wardrobe refresh or want to know the key pieces this season, here’s a guide on what to wear this Autumn.

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