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Tuesday, 5th September, 2017

The Edge Of Seventeen – Film Night

The Edge Of Seventeen For Film Night

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you’re doing well. So for my last film night I watched Supersonic which was the story about Oasis, and this week I’ve watched The Edge Of Seventeen. I love coming of age films, and I was having a look around for something to watch and people were talking about this being a good film, so I bought it on DVD quite a while back, and I finally got the chance to sit down and watch it.

It stars Hailee Stensfeld as a teenager who’s unhappy with life as a teenager, her dad died when she was 13 and her best and only friend starts dating her popular brother which she hates, and decides she can’t be friends with her anymore. She regularly goes to her history teacher for support and to vent her anger, who’s played by Woody Harrelson who is quite dismissive of her. She has a classmate called Erwin who’s a bit geeky and shy and likes her, and she starts spending time with him, and the film goes from there.

I think that the film is a decent watch, but it’s not as good as what I was hoping for. Woody Harrelson is possibly the best thing about this film, his character is good and he plays it really well. It’s worth a watch, but I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would.

Monday, 4th September, 2017

Balenciaga Luxe Street Wear For Autumn 2017

Balenciaga Autumn 2017 Collection

Balenciaga is back making waves in the street wear fashion scene, and have some pretty nice pieces for this season which have been getting people talking, and not only talking, but snapping up the high priced, high end fashion label. They had their IKEA bag which was a bit of a gimmick, but for Autumn 2017 there’s some pieces which are seriously hot.

Premium high end fashion houses and labels have a bit of a strange relationship with the masses and the mainstream. They need to appeal to the runway and haute couture set, but at times want to be cool and have that must have item which everyone not only desires, but goes out and buys. This is usually from the ready to wear line, and even though this may be considered less expensive than some of the other lines, it’s hardly cheap. The title for “must have high end fashion label” gets passed around and shared over the years, with all the heavy hitters having their shot at mass popularity while remaining exclusive.

I remember around 8 years ago I bought a pair of Balenciaga jeans, which are really nice. They’re a good fit, and all this time later the quality still remains, and since I bought a timeless colour which is dark indigo, I can continue to wear these. I have found some really nice Balenciaga pieces for Autumn 2017, these pieces have been getting the love from streetwear aficionados and people who like to wear high end fashion, while keeping their look simple with standard men’s clothing.

Balenciaga Logo T Shirts

Balenciaga Logo T Shirts 2017

The most simple form of clothing for a man must be a T-shirt, so if you want to show off your luxury side, the Balenciaga logo T Shirt for 2017 is going to do that. It’s an oversized fit, and comes with the Balenciaga tri logo printed to the front breast printed small, with a larger version of the logo to the back. This comes in at £195 and is available in royal blue or black here.

Balenciaga Race Runner

Balenciaga Race Runner

Trainers are a big thing in street wear, and Balenciaga have came out with this shoe which really looks the part. The design is very sleek and minimal, the Race Runner comes in a variety of colours but I like the simplicity and minimalist look of the white. Made in Italy from Mesh, calfskin, leather, suede and neoprene it slips on with a black strap and costs £445 here.

Balenciaga Speed Trainers

Balenciaga Speed Trainer

Perhaps the most popular of it’s trainers from the collection this year, the Speed trainer is already sold out in most places, and uses a knit sock effect similar to what other trainer manufacturers are using at the moment. It’s got some technical features such as using memory sole, and has a white textured sole which looks good against the black upper of the shoe. Made in Italy, if you can find these they’ll set you back £445.

Saturday, 2nd September, 2017

This Week’s Outfit Grids – 2nd September

Outfit Grids This Week - 2nd September 2017

Happy September!

I hope you’ve all had a great week! It’s been a shorter one since we’ve had the Bank Holiday on Monday, but that was the last one of the year, so no more holidays until Christmas 🙁 Something which I do on my Instagram are my outfit posts, you can follow me on Instagram and see these, I usually post a few of these a week. Here’s a couple of them if you’ve missed out.

Tuesday Style

Outfit Grid For Tuesday

Back to work and we still have a bit of warmth and sun, even though it’s September. I wore a pair of Nudie Jeans which are one of my favourite brands of denim, and kept the look simple with a blue tee which is from Jaeger. There’s nothing to this outfit, it’s simple and is just a few pieces which are really easy to wear. I finished off the outfit with my suede shoes from Ted Baker. I really like the colour and they’re something completely different to anything else I own in terms of footwear.

Wednesday Outfit – Casual Shirt

Outfit Grid For Wednesday

Next up is this where I wore one of my favourite check shirts with indigo denim and a pair of shoes. The shirt is from Mango Man, and I really love the colours of the checks. These shirts are great to wear casually, but still have a bit of a smarter edge to just a plain T-shirt. The denim is from PRPS and is Selvedge, and I really love the colour and the premium feel of the denim. For the footwear I went for my brown brogues from Kurt Geiger.

Ending The Week With Nautical Stripes

Outfit Grid For Friday

Nautical stripes are just for Summer right? Well I don’t want to get rid of mine just yet, so I wore my striped tee which is from ASOS. For the jeans, I went for my 511 Levi’s which are Selvedge denim, and a great fit. This pair of jeans has fast become one of my favourite pairs I own. The colour is good, they have a smart element since they’re just plain, and the quality is of course on point. Once again I wore my brogues which are so versatile.

Let me know what you think of the grids.

Later tonight there’s a big football game…It’s Spain vs Italy in a World Cup Qualifier so I will be watching that.

Have a great Saturday night whatever you get up to! 😉

Thursday, 31st August, 2017

Music: August Playlist 2017

The Michael 84 Playlist

August is over, which means the Summer is over! 🙁 I can’t complain about the music, I love a good Summer anthem, and this year’s has to be Despacito from Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, which as you will know ruled the Summer. No matter where you were, you will have heard it. So this will be my last playlist of the Summer, which is kind of the same as last month with a few new tracks added it. 4:44 from Jay Z is a track which I’ve been listening to a lot, and I have to include Rita Ora Your Song, because it must be my song, it’s all I’ve heard for the past few weeks! :mrgreen:

Here’s the playlist for August in full. You can check out all of the previous ones on the playlist page.

  • Jay Z – 4:44
  • Kesha – Praying
  • Katy Perrt F/ Nicki Minaj – Swish Swish
  • Rita Ora – Your Song
  • Kendrick Lamar F/ Rihanna – Lolalty
  • Miley Cyrus – Younger Now
  • Stefflon Don F/ French Montana – Hurtin Me
  • Shakira – Me Enamoré
  • Jennifer Lopez F/ Gente de Zona – Ni Tú Ni Yo
  • Little Mix F/ Stormzy – Power
  • Sigrid Bernson – This Summer
  • Dizzee Rascal – Space
  • Ofenbach – Be Mine
  • Rudimental F/ James Arthur – Sun Comes Up
  • DJ Khaled F/ Rihanna & Bryson Tiller – Wild Thoughts
  • Luis Fonsi F/ Daddy Yankee – Despacito
  • Axwell /\ Ingrosso – More Than You Know
Wednesday, 30th August, 2017

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 In Shanghai

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Shanghai 2017

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 has been confirmed, and the location has been announced, the show will come live from…Shanghai China!

Previous shows have came from the USA and it’s usual home of New York City, and it was recently held in London, last time around it went to Paris, and for this year it’s on it’s travels again, heading to Shanghai.

There’ll be plenty of music going on, although nobody has been confirmed to be playing as of yet; Last year saw The Weeknd, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, so this year’s performers have a lot to live up to. Taylor Swift has a brand new album and has done two previous fashion shows, as well as having angels as friends, so will she perform once again? We’ll have to wait and see.

If you’ve never seen the VS Fashion Show and think it’s not going to be your cup of tea you’d probably be wrong; It’s about the music and the girls as much as the outfits, which are spectacular garments mainly consisting of lingerie (It’s Victoria’s Secret after-all). Models and Victoria Secret Angels such as Stella Maxwell and Devon Windsor should be walking, as well as Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel, both of which are set to return after missing last year. There’ll be new faces too, with Roosmarijn de Kok and Estelle Chen being unveiled as walking in the show.

If you’re in the USA you can watch it on CBS on Tuesday 28th November. UK air date and time is unconfirmed, with 4Music broadcasting the previous two, it’s possible it could be the home to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show again.

Monday, 28th August, 2017

F1 2017 For Xbox One – First Thoughts – Review

F1 2017 Game Review For Xbox One

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

I hope you’re having a good one. F1 2017 the game was released on Friday, and I got it. It’s the first F1 game I’ve got since around 2012, this is the first one I’ve bought for this generation of consoles, with the last one being F1 2012 on the XBOX 360. I was looking forward to seeing the great graphics, but more importantly, good gameplay.

For racing games I like a mix of great simulation and realism, but with a bit of easy-arcade type of action. I remember playing the older 2012 and 2011 F1 games and thought they were pretty hard to play; They seemed really quick, and were just quite difficult to control the cars. I have to say I don’t play racing games all too often, so that probably comes into account, and I’m sure I’d be better if I gave them more time, like I did when I was a teen. So for this game I was looking at it to be something you could dive into and play, and not be too difficult.

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Saturday, 26th August, 2017

This Week In Fashion And Lifestyle: 26th August

Air Max Jewel In Dusty Pink

Hey guys!

I hope you’ve had a really good week and are having a good weekend so far. There’s been a few things which have caught my eye over the past week or so in fashion and men’s lifestyle, so here’s a run down of my top five things which I’ve noticed over the past seven days. This includes new releases from Nike, news from Microsoft about the new Xbox, yet another Apple rumour/leak/talk, and of course that big fight which is happening tonight…

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Thursday, 24th August, 2017

Style Question: Can I Wear A Shirt And Tie Without A Jacket?

Should you wear a jacket with a shirt and tie?

This week’s question: Can I Wear A Shirt And Tie Without A Jacket?

There may be occasions where you need to wear a tie, which also means pairing it with a shirt. When you do this, do you need to add a smart jacket, suit jacket or blazer to your outfit? That’s what I am discussing today.

TLDR Answer: Mostly likely no, but it depends on the occasion. Want to find out more? Read below…

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Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017

Men’s Style Advice For Going To A Summer BBQ

BBQ Style Ideas For Guys

What Should You Wear To A BBQ Party?

The Summer is here which means that it’s barbecue season! If you go out on a Summer’s day, then you’ve probably experienced the smell in the air, it’s something I love and you can always identify it with the Summer. Even though we don’t get much Sun here in England, and especially in Newcastle, there’s still plenty of times to either invite your mates round and host a BBQ, or you’ll be invited to go to one. But what should you wear, what is the BBQ dress code? Just like any function or party, you really want to look the part, so here’s some tips on what to wear wear so you look as good as the food (hopefully) tastes.

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Monday, 21st August, 2017

Adidas Originals EQT – Autumn/Winter 2017

Adidas Originals continue their revival of the EQT line this Autumn with some more pieces reminding all of us of 90’s style. For me, the EQT line is all about that green colour, and once again that trademark hue is at the forefront of the line up, along with the athletic and equipment Adidas logo. Growing up in the 90’s we seen the equipment logo a lot, and some of these designs are reminiscent to the Liverpool kits of the early 90’s.

Adidas Originals EQT Trainers For AW17

For footwear the EQT line has been expanded and features a range which has retro styling mixed up with brand new technology and fashion. The prime knit material is present in various models of the shoes, including the EQT Support RF which is priced at £129. It’s a technical trainer with the primeknit upper and a modern feel and design. As far as the footwear goes, the turquoise colours have been getting most of the love from fans, despite these actually being a women’s shoe. A lighter colour to the traditional EQT green, they also come in a Primeknit format, great for sport and running.

Adidas EQT AW17 T Shirts And Hoodie

For the clothing, the range has a few new tops and jackets, and really do fit the line well. The tees come with a huge oversized EQT logo to the front, available in white with the green graphic or go for that green tee with black graphic. These come in at £32.95 a piece. When it gets a bit cooler, there’s a hoodie available in black, it has a mesh design within the logo front and back in green, and comes in at £69.95.

Adidas EQT AW17 Jackets

A full zip up track jacket in sub green with the logo in black back and front really looks the part, and will set you back £79.95. Track bottoms come in black and have the logo on the back in a large format, and come in at £62.95. Rounding off the collection is a rain jacket, minimal styling to the front keeps it looking clean, with the large logo on the back at the base, it’s a really nice piece and will keep you dry with it’s polyester construction and hood. Available in black or white, it comes in at £139.95.

The clothing is available now, with the trainers being released on Saturday 26th August 2017 at Adidas online here and in selected shops.

What do you think of the EQT line up for AW17? Let me know.