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The Best Wedding Day Fragrances For Him – A Men’s Aftershave Guide

The Best Wedding Day Fragrances For Him - A Men's Aftershave Guide

It’s that big day, it’s the wedding day! You’ve probably got your suit and other clothing all ready to go for the big event, but what about you’re scent?

Picking out a good wedding day fragrance is important for every man. Whether you’re the groom, best man, groomsman or guest, it’s important that you smell good.

There’s some aftershaves that will work better than others, so I’m going to break down the best wedding fragrances for him that you can wear on the big day.

These are the best wedding fragrances for him that smell great, day or night.

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Big Mood On Channel 4 – Here’s Why You Need To Watch The New Hit Series

Big Mood is a brilliant new comedy show on channel 4

Image: Big Mood – Channel 4

If you’re looking for a brand new series for 2024 to watch and you love a bit of comedy, Big Mood on Channel 4 has you covered.

I’ve already watched the first two episodes which were on last week (28th March), and it was a really good watch.

Here’s what it’s all about.

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The Best Rainy Day Fragrances For Men That Smell Incredible

The Best Fragrances To Wear On A Rainy Day For Men

Who’s just loves rain and the rainy season? Nope, me neither. But some people actually do like rain.

The fresh crisp air and that rain smell is good, but getting wet is not. In England we have plenty of rain, so that got me thinking:

What are the best men’s rainy day fragrances?

I’ve taken a look at some of the scents I have, and picked out ten which are perfect for the rain when the weather is humid or still warm.

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Best Fragrances For Men In Their 30’s – Masculine Scents That Smell Good

Best Fragrances For Men In Their 30s

If you’re in your 30s you’ll want to smell good most of the time. Whether that’s going to work, a night out or even just day to day, getting your smell right is as important as your clothes.

The right smell actually adds to your style. You need to get it right.

You’re between the youthful 20s and mature 40s. This can be challenging, but also fun. It means you can still use the younger and youthful scents, while also using the more mature fragrances when the time comes.

These are the best fragrances for men in their 30s, and when to wear them.

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Cheap Monday Returning Summer 2024

Cheap Monday Returning Summer 2024

image via Cheap Monday

I was browsing around the online fashion places and low and behold I happened to come across some good news: Cheap Monday is returning this summer!

This is some good news, I always liked Cheap Monday so I am glad it’s making a return. If you missed out the first time it was around then you’ll be able to get your hands on some Cheap Monday stuff soon.

Here’s what happened and what’s coming down the line.

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The Best Fragrances For An 18 Year Old Guy – 14 Top Scents Leaving You Smelling Great

The Best Smelling Fragrances For 18 Year Old Boys

18 Years old, I remember that. I remember wearing the fragrances, but times have changed since back then, and so have the scents.

What are the best fragrances for an 18 year old guy?

These days there’s so many fragrances. Lads, when it comes to smelling good, you are living in a golden age.

These are the top fragrances that smell great for 18 year olds, and they’ll definitely get you compliments!

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A Dress Code Guide For Men: What To Wear From Formal To Casual

Men's Dress Codes Explained

You’ve been invited to a party, but you don’t know what to wear. You’re getting dressed for work, but don’t know what’s appropriate attire?

If that sounds familiar, don’t worry! If you’ve heard of dress codes it may sound daunting at first, but once you understand what they are, it can be pretty easy.

I’m going to talk about every dress code you’ll ever run into, and showcase outfits for each dress code, with ideas on the clothing you need to wear.

Here’s every men’s dress code debunked.

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Adidas Release Euro 2024 Football Shirts – My Top Picks

The best Adidas Euro 2024 kits released

Euro 2024 is right around the corner, and Adidas have unveiled and released the new football shirts for their teams ready for Euro 2024.

There are some brilliant kits that have been released, from the clean cut to some striking colours and designs.

These are my top picks.

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Spain Home And Away Shirts For 2024-25 Released By Adidas

Adidas Spain Release Euro 2024 Shirts

You know we’re getting closer and closer to Euro 2024 when the national teams release their new kits, and today Adidas and Spain unveiled the home and away kits for 2024-25.

The home shirt is red, and the away shirt for the upcoming campaign is yellow.

The goalkeeper shirt was also unveiled, and more on all three of these shirts below.

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The 16 Best Spring Fragrances For Men That Smell Great In 2024

Best Men's Fragrances For Spring - Michael 84

Spring is here! It’s about time to get out your favourite fragrance suitable for Spring, or if you don’t have one or fancy a change, buy yourself a new scent.

What is the best men’s fragrance for Spring?

These are the best men’s fragrances you can wear this Spring before we head off into Summer.

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