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Long Sleeve Henley T-Shirt From Mango Man

Sunday, 1st September, 2019

Mango Man Long Sleeve Henley Slub Top

Hey guys!

I have a new addition to my wardrobe, perfect going into the Autumn now the summer is cooling down, it’s a long sleeve Henley T Shirt from Mango Man.

I have a couple of Henley tops already, I got a few Henleys from H&M a while back. They were short sleeve, and when I saw this long sleeve top, I decided that I’d get it, so I’d have something for this season.

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Music Playlist August 2019 – Summer Bangers 2010 – 2019

Thursday, 29th August, 2019

The Michael 84 Playlist

The summer is almost over! 🙁

As with tradition for this summer, I thought I would create a playlist which is filled with summer bangers. I’ve already done a 90’s summer playlist, the 00’s summer playlist, and now it’s time to bring things up to date with the playlist from 2010 until now.

There hasn’t been too many massive summer bangers of late, I think we’ve definitely had less and less as the years have gone on…Or maybe I am not romanticising the music of today like I did of the previous years.

Either way, here’s my playlist of songs which I enjoyed in the summer, from 2010 until now. They may not have been released in the summer, but I was certainly listening to these back in the hot days of the years gone by.

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August Bank Holiday: Drinks & BBQ

Tuesday, 27th August, 2019

August Bank Holiday Weekend 2019

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Did you enjoy the Bank Holiday? It’s always a good one, but sad, since it basically marks the end of the Summer, and it’s the last Bank Holiday of the year (not counting Christmas obviously).

We actually had a really nice weekend in terms of the weather too…It was really hot! And it’s still going right now, although that is supposed to be coming to an end.

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The Best TV Series To Binge Watch Or Catch Up On In 2019

Friday, 23rd August, 2019

The Best TV Series To Binge Watch Or Catch Up On In 2019

So far 2019 has been a pretty good year for TV. I’ve watched quite a few programmes, most I have featured on the blog, and some I haven’t.

I thought it would be good to write a round up of the best TV series to binge watch or catch up on this year so far. So if you’ve not watched these, or fancy re-watching something, here’s some of the TV I’ve been watching this year.

p.s. there’ll be no mentions of dragons or anything like that, I don’t watch that show 😉

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My Most Meaningful Fragrances – The History & Story Of My Favourite Scents

Wednesday, 21st August, 2019

The Most Meaningful Men's Fragrances

Hey guys!

So I spend a lot of time writing about fragrances, reviewing them and taking a look at the best men’s fragrances, but what about the ones which are the most meaningful to me?

Some men’s colognes and aftershaves I can’t recommend enough, they’re incredible, and I love them. But there are others, some of which aren’t really loved by the masses, but are the most meaningful to me.

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The Complete Guide To Men’s Basic T Shirts

Monday, 19th August, 2019

The Best Basic T Shirts For Men - A Guide

The Basic T-shirt – An Essential Item

One item which is probably the most overlooked in your wardrobe is a classic white T-shirt. The main reason for this could be by it’s own definition, a simple, basic, white T-shirt, however getting it right can make an outfit, and getting it wrong can make you look sloppy. Despite it being known as a basic, it can get quite complex with a whole boatload of different brands, styles, fabric, neck shapes, fits, colours and price points.

This is the complete guide which will break things down, showcase some brands with real and genuine reviews from a buyers perspective. Want to explore the brands right away? Meet the brands below, or read on to learn about the fundamentals of choosing your basic T-shirt.

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Navy Shirt, White Jeans & Brown Shoes: A Summer Day’s Outfit

Tuesday, 13th August, 2019

Outfit Of The Day - Navy Shirt, White Jeans, Brown Shoes

Hey guys! I hope you are well and had a good weekend. I have had a nightmare with my computer, so haven’t been able to write very much on the blog.

A few weeks ago I was out in Corbridge and didn’t share the outfit, so here’s what I wore on the summer’s day: A navy shirt, white jeans and brown shoes.

There’s something about combining a navy or dark blue shirt with white jeans, I just love it. It’s quite a nautical kind of style, and it’s a colour scheme I really like. You’ll have seen this kind of look or a similar outfit previously, since I do like this combination so much.

The shirt is from Mango Man, and is a cotton shirt in slim fit with some stretch. I really like their shirts, they’re good quality and affordable, and I like how they fit. It can be worn as more of a smart shirt, but since it’s quite short in length, it’s OK to wear un-tucked, which is what I’ve done.

For the jeans, these are also slim fit, and from H&M. Another piece of menswear I love and I think and essential for summer are white jeans. They offer something different to the standard colours of denim, and will set anyone apart from the rest. Pairing the white with the navy works so well. They are of course a nightmare to keep clean, but that’s the small price to pay when wearing white denim.

The shoes I’ve gone all premium, and wore my Loake Aldwych shoes which are light brown. I adore these shoes, they’re my first premium luxury pair of shoes, made in England by Loake Shoemakers, one of the best shoe makers there is, and feel really great to wear. I love the style of the Oxfords, which come with a toe cap design, that really adds something to the front of the shoes, rather than being plain.

And finally on to the socks. What could set an outfit off more than a good pair of socks? I have so many pair of Happy Socks, and the patterns are always tasteful but distinctive. I went for the big dot socks which I have, also in a base colour of navy blue.

They add that little extra touch to an outfit, you can’t usually see the socks when standing as the jeans cover them, but while sitting you can, and it’s the small details of socks which really do add to the outfit.

What do you think? Let me know and have a great week 🙂

Check out more photos from the outfit below.

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Most Stylish Football Managers In The Premier League 2019-20

Friday, 9th August, 2019

Most Stylish Football Managers In The Premier League 2019-20

From tracksuit managers to the suited and booted, there’s a lot of style and fashion in the dugout and on the touchline these days. With the money in football, there’s no reason why the managers shouldn’t be looking their best and dressing the part.

The Premier League 2019-20 season is here, and there’s been some stylish management movements, with Frank Lampard being in charge of Chelsea, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer beginning his first full season as Man United boss. There’s also the three promoted teams, Norwich, Aston Villa and Sheffield United entering the most stylish managers contest.

So in no particular order, here’s the best dressed managers in the Premier League, and what I love about their style.

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