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The Most Stylish Football Pundits & Commentators On TV

Monday, 16th August, 2021

The Most Stylish Football Pundits On TV

Football and fashion doesn’t usually go hand in hand. It used to be when you put on the TV to watch football, you were greeted by guys in very bad or loud suits. Those days are behind us, and good personal style has taken over.

Whether it’s Match Of The Day, Super Sunday, Monday Night Football or even Football Focus, the lads are always looking sharp. These are the most stylish football pundits and commentators that are on TV at the moment.

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Most Stylish Football Managers In The Premier League 2021-22

Friday, 13th August, 2021

The Best Dressed Football Managers 2021-22 - Premier League Most Stylish Football Coaches

Who is the best dressed manager in football?

From tracksuit managers to the suited and booted, there’s a lot of style and fashion in the dugout and on the touchline these days.

With the money in football, there’s no reason why the managers shouldn’t be looking their best and dressing the part.

The Premier League 2021-22 season is finally here, with a later than usual start in September. All of the top managers remain in their jobs as of now, looking as stylish as ever.

There’s also the three promoted teams, Watford, Norwich and Premier League newcomers Brentford are entering the most stylish managers contest.

So in no particular order, here’s the best dressed managers in the Premier League, and what I love about their style.

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Creed Aventus vs Bleu De Chanel: Which Is Best? – Fragrance Battle

Wednesday, 11th August, 2021

Creed Aventus vs Bleu De Chanel Which Is Better

It’s time for another fragrance battle! For this battle I’m going to take a look at answering the question which is the best, Creed Aventus or Bleu De Chanel?

There’s so many things to consider, including when and where to wear each scent, the versatility of each cologne and finally which you should buy if you’re only getting one.

Here’s a break down of Creed Aventus and Bleu de Chanel, and which is best.

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Clarkson’s Farm Review (Series 1) – A Brilliant Show That’s More Than Farming

Tuesday, 10th August, 2021

Clarkson's Farm Review - Amazon Prime Video

A farm show? A program about farming, that doesn’t sound like a good watch to me. But if you have a personality like Jeremy Clarkson fronting it, you know it’s going to be entertaining.

I’ve finally had the chance to catch up on some box sets which I need to watch. First up was Clarkson’s Farm which was released on Amazon Prime Video on 11th June 2021.

This is everything you need to know.

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The Best Men’s Trainers Releases In August 2021 From Nike & Adidas

Monday, 9th August, 2021

The Best Trainers And Latest Releases For August 2021

It’s the final month for summer, so if you’re looking to get some fresh trainers for the season, there’s still a little bit of time left.

There’s plenty of new releases for August from the top trainer brands Adidas and Nike, and some cool upcoming releases too.

Here’s the best trainers for August you should keep an eye on.

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Lacoste Burgundy T Shirt – Outfit Of The Day

Friday, 6th August, 2021

Outfit Of The Day: Lacoste Burgundy Marl T Shirt

Happy Friday!

The best thing about the summer is the amount of T Shirts which I can wear. Today’s is this, another new one from Lacoste. It’s a burgundy T Shirt, and it’s my outfit of the day.

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The Best Wedding Day Fragrances For Him – A Men’s Aftershave Guide

Wednesday, 4th August, 2021

The Best Wedding Day Fragrances For Him - A Men's Aftershave Guide

It’s that big day, it’s the wedding day! You’ve probably got your suit and other clothing all ready to go for the big event, but what about you’re scent?

Picking out a good wedding day fragrance is important for every man. Whether you’re the groom, best man, groomsman or guest, it’s important that you smell good.

There’s some aftershaves that will work better than others, so I’m going to break down the best wedding fragrances for him that you can wear on the big day.

These are the best wedding fragrances for him that smell great, day or night.

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The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown Special Review – Not The Best, But Still Entertaining

Tuesday, 3rd August, 2021

The Grand Tour Presents Lochdown - Building Bridges In Scotland

A new Grand Tour Special is available on Amazon Prime now! It’s The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown. The joke in the title is obvious, but if you didn’t get it, it’s filmed in the lockdown, and comes from Scotland.

I finally got a chance to sit down and watch it, and here’s everything you need to know. (There could be some spoilers if you haven’t seen it).

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How To Wear White Jeans – Men’s White Jeans Outfits & Style Guide

Monday, 2nd August, 2021

How To Wear White Jeans - Men's White Jeans Outfits & Style Guide

There’s one item of clothing I really love to wear, but don’t do it so often. It’s a pair of white jeans.

I know a lot of guys would love to wear them too, but I hear the same question all the time:

What do you wear with white jeans?

So I’m going to show you some outfits which I have worn, and give some tips on the best clothing combinations for white jeans.

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The Best New Football Kits For The 2021-22 Season

Saturday, 31st July, 2021

The Best New Football Kits For 2021-22 Season

It’s that time of the year again, it’s time for new football kits!

The new football season is only a couple of weeks away, and I’ve seen some great new football shirts ready to go for the upcoming 2021-22 season.

It seems we have to wait later and later as the years go on. Some have been released for some time, while other teams have teased theirs out over the past few weeks. There’s also plenty of shirts that still haven’t been officially released, but leaked.

Here’s the best new football kits for 2021-22 that have officially been released from the clubs and kit suppliers.

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Hugo Boss Logo T-Shirt – Outfit Of The Day

Friday, 30th July, 2021

Outfit Of The Day - Hugo Boss Logo T Shirt

I have to showcase yet another new T Shirt which I have recently got. It’s this one from Hugo Boss, and it’s a large logo print T-shirt.

Nice for a casual outfit, this is what I like about it.

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Bespoke London Oriental Woods And Amber EDP Fragrance Review – Here’s What It Smells Like

Wednesday, 28th July, 2021

Bespoke London Oriental Woods And Amber EDP Fragrance Review

In my latest fragrance review, I have Bespoke London Oriental Woods And Amber EDP. This is from their affordable fragrance collection, and I’ve reviewed other scents from this range.

The first thing I will mention is that it’s a very masculine scent, and it’s very nice.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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