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Long Sleeve Merino Polo Shirt – Today’s Smart Casual Style

Friday, 12th November, 2021

Long Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Shirt - Smart Casual Outfit For Today

I have been looking at these shirts for so long, but resisted on getting one. I am of course talking about a long sleeve polo shirt.

But not just any old long sleeve top. I wanted a merino wool long sleeve polo. I got myself this one in grey, and really like it a lot.

This is why I love them, and why I’ve been looking at getting one for a while.

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The Best Men’s Trainers 2021 – The Coolest New Releases From Nike & Adidas [November UPDATE]

Monday, 8th November, 2021

The Best New Trainers This Month - November 2021

It’s a brand new month, which means more trainer talk!

As of now there isn’t too many hot releases, but there’ll be some coming in the weeks ahead. Nike, Adidas & others have plenty on offer for Christmas, and there’s not many weeks to go.

But something even bigger happened that I want to talk about. A trademark was filed by Nike, and it looks like they may have plans to enter the metaverse.

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Cricket Jumper Outfit – Trending Style For Autumn

Friday, 5th November, 2021

Cricket Jumper Outfit - My Style Of The Day

Hey guys!

Since the weather is getting colder and colder it’s just about time for the traditional knitwear. But before I get into all of that, I’ve decided to wear my cricket jumper once again.

It’s been in some sort of hibernation for quite a while, but I think it’s a trending style for this autumn.

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Bang Bang! By Marc Jacobs For Men Fragrance Review

Wednesday, 3rd November, 2021

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang Fragrance Review

For this week’s fragrance review I am going back a few years to one I’ve not seen much of. It didn’t shape up to be a classic, but it’s still a nice modern style of scent.

It is Marc Jacobs Bang Bang, and this is everything you need to know about this one.

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Varsity Jackets Are Fashionable Again This Autumn

Monday, 1st November, 2021

Varsity Jackets are fashionable this autumn season

Varsity jackets, I haven’t said how much I love them lately. I have loved this style for so long, and wore one for many years.

They’ve always been around, but over the years they’ve kind of went in and out of fashion in terms of popularity.

It’s Autumn and they are fashionable once again, so I thought I’d wear one of mine that I’ve had for ages.

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Blue Cardigan, White T-Shirt & Joggers – Casual Stylish Outfit For Autumn

Friday, 29th October, 2021

Outfit - Blue Cardigan, Joggers And T Shirt - Michael 84


I recently got a few pieces of clothing which I’ve been looking at for a while. These are a new cardigan and pair of joggers.

Both pieces make a good outfit combination, so I decided on wearing them together.

Here’s everything you need to know.

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Sampling 6 Fragrances That Are New In 2021 – Elixir, Scandal, Defy & More

Wednesday, 27th October, 2021

Sampling 6 fragrances new for 2021 - Buyers Guide For Men's Aftershave

Is it just me, or has there been so many brand new fragrances been released in 2021?

Maybe it’s because I pay more attention since I write my fragrance blog, but still, it seems like there has been a lot.

I’ve sampled 6 of the biggest named fragrances which have dropped in 2021. From the new Dior Sauvage Elixir to Hermes H24, Calvin Klein Defy, Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal and more.

Some of them are nice and I’m considering buying, others not so much.

Here’s what you need to know about these 6 new fragrances which were released this year. (I share 2 tips to get these fragrances cheaper too!)

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How To Dress In Your 30’s – A Man’s Style Guide On What To Wear In Your 30s

Monday, 25th October, 2021

How To Dress In Your 30s - A Men's Style Guide

If dressing in your 20’s is all about discovering your own personality and style, your 30’s is about refining that. You should now know what works for you, and what you want your clothes to say about you.

It can be an odd time. You should have more income than ever before to spend on clothing, but then there’s real life expenses such as rent, mortgages, kids and other general expenses which tend to mount up.

The good news is that you should already have a pretty stacked wardrobe, and even if you don’t, you should be buying less, as you’ll be done with experimenting. More on that later.

You’re now no longer that young 20-something lad any more, but you’re far from your 40s and still feel quite youthful, so what do you wear?

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Calvin Klein Red Hoodie Outfit: A Great Addition To My Autumn Wardrobe

Friday, 22nd October, 2021

Calvin Klein Red Hoodie - How I Style This Outfit

Hey guys!

I hope you are well and of course, happy Friday! It has got really cold lately, we’re definitely into Autumn and the colder weather. It’s been time to wear warmer clothing for a while, and I have been.

I thought I needed a new addition to my wardrobe, and I picked up this Calvin Klein hoodie in red which I really like.

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How To Apply Cologne – Here’s Where To Spray Aftershave For Maximum Effect

Wednesday, 20th October, 2021

Where should you spray fragrance - Here's where you should apply cologne

Whether you’re a veteran of wearing fragrance or your a newbie in the world of aftershave, you might be thinking:

Where’s the best places to spray your cologne?

This is how you should be applying your scent, and the areas you should be hitting.

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What To Wear To A Club – Men’s Clubbing Outfits For A Night Out In Style

Friday, 15th October, 2021

What To Wear To A Club - How To Dress To Impress Going Clubbing

Is there anything better than going out with your mates to a club?

Whether it’s every week, every month or just now and then, a good night out over the weekend is always something to look forward to.

But in the days or even weeks beforehand, you’ll may be thinking about what to wear to the club.

Not to worry, I’m going to talk about how to dress when you’re going clubbing with the lads, from ideas on what you can wear to impress, to blending in with the crowd.

Let’s get into it.

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How To Dress In Your 20’s – A Men’s Style Guide & Outfit Ideas To Look Good In Your Twenties

Monday, 11th October, 2021

How To Dress In Your 20's - A Men's Style Guide

When it comes to picking out what to wear in your 20s, it can be tricky.

The good part is that being in your 20s is so much fun. Whether it’s the younger end where you’ll probably be at Uni or just leaving or starting your first job or moving up in the world. Your twenties is definitely one of the biggest transitional phases in your life.

With that said, how do you dress in your 20s, and what do you wear?

Fortunately, there’s plenty on offer when it comes to young men’s fashion.

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