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H&M x Eytys Collab: Capsule Collection – 8 Pieces You Need

Thursday, 24th January, 2019

Eytys x H&M Capsule Collection AW19

H&M are back with a new collaboration for 2019, working together with Swedish cult brand Eytys. A brand all about it’s chunky shoes and unisex silhouettes, there’s some really nice pieces within the collection which will be adored by fashionistas and general clothing lovers alike.

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AIK Black Edition Shirt 1891 By Nike

Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019

Nike AIK Black Edition Shirt Is Released

A lot of the time football and fashion does not mix well, but when a lot of people start talking about it, you know that it’s going to be good. Nike released a brand new AIK Black edition shirt, with an all black design. The shirt comes black on black, with the Nike swoosh, badge and special 1891 logo to the front of the shirt, all done in a tonal black look.

What do you think of this shirt?

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Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman Back From The Dead!

Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019

Dolce And Gabbana The One Gentleman Back In 2019

I have found some stock of Dolce and Gabbana The One Gentleman, it’s back from the dead!

So as you’ll know, Gucci Envy for men is discontinued, and has been for some time, and it’s my favourite all time men’s fragrance. I needed a replacement, and bought a bottle of Floris Santal which I also love, and it does smell very similar. Another similar scent is D&G The One Gentleman, which I owned, but was running low, so bought a large bottle of it.

After getting that bottle, D&G then decided to discontinue that scent too! So, I decided that I wouldn’t open it, since I’d never be able to replace it, and I loved my Floris Santal which I use quite regularly.

But I was browsing around the other day, and I found a shop which for some reason unknown to me, managed to get hold of some stock. They were selling 100ml bottles for only £25, a real bargain for any nice scent, so I got a couple of bottles before it went out of stock and is gone forever.

It’s not too unusual for shops to get stock of discontinued bottles, it has happened before with other scents, but it’s kind of rare. Since it was from a reputable fragrance shop I knew that it would be genuine, and someone, somewhere probably had a lot of fragrances they couldn’t get rid of, maybe even the company themselves, so sold them off.

Whatever the reason, I am happy that I was able to get a bottle, and it does smell really nice. It’s not as good as Gucci Envy for Men or Floris Santal, but it’s the same style and vibe as those two fragrances, and if you’ve smelled it you’ll definitely notice the similarities of the three.

Now that I have 300ml of D&G The One Gentleman (3x 100ml) I can open one of them up! This is a ridiculous and crazy volume of cologne and I’ll probably never run out for the rest of my life, so I am not worried about that any more.

You can see my full review of D&G The One Gentleman here.

Playlist: What I’ve Been Listening To In January 2019

Monday, 21st January, 2019

The Michael 84 Playlist

It’s January, it’s 2019 and so it’s time for some new music! There has been a couple of new songs which I have added to my playlist, but January is usually seen as the month where nothing much happens in terms of new music, and we used to see lots of odd songs make it to number 1 back in the day.

A new month means a new release for Ariana Grande, with her new track called 7 Rings. I have given it a listen I’m not much of a fan, it could be a grower. It samples ‘my favourite things’, and I am still not too sure what to make of it.

I have also heard “Sweet But Psycho” played far too much, everywhere I go I hear it, so I have to include it in the list. It’s a song which is growing on me I have to admit.

Since watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last month I’ve been listening to the tracks from the performers quite a bit; Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora and Halsey being three of the artists who performed.

It’s also nice to hear Theophilus London & Tame Impala – Only You getting played more. I heard this a few months ago and it seems it’s being played more and more, a great track which has retro roots.

Here’s my playlist in full

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Watching Midnight Sun For Film Night

Sunday, 20th January, 2019

Midnight Sun for film night (review)

I was having a browse around for a film to watch, and came across this film called Midnight Sun which I had never heard of before. I’ve been into coming of age/teen films lately, last week I watched Paper Towns, so I thought I would give this one a watch and see what it was all about.

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The Grand Tour Season 3

Saturday, 19th January, 2019

The Grand Tour Season 3

The Grand Tour, or should we call it Amazon’s Hit Car Show (or Amazon Shit Car Show) is back for season 3, and it already caused a hilarious stir on the Twitter with it’s catchy hashtag, #Amazonshitcarshow. Of course it’s 2019, a time where ironic sarcastic humour is lost on most people on the Internet, many of which didn’t get the joke at all.

The first of 13 shows aired yesterday, 18th January 2019, and I watched it last night, and it was great! More of the same good old stuff from Clarkson, Hammond and May, with the same show doing the same things which we all love.

The first episode centred around Detroit and the car scene of which it was once the king of when it earned the name motor city, but in recent years has been in decline, filing for bankruptcy one it’s lowest points, with a lot of citizens moving away.

The boys were driving American muscle cars, with Hammond driving a Dodge Challenger Demon, May driving a Hennessey Exorcist and Clarkson driving a Ford Mustang. Clarkson and May have a city street drag race which Hammond has to watch as he can’t drag race on the streets at the request of Dodge. May wins almost all the drag races. They then go to a Theatre to do a noise test of their cars, with May wining again.

May and Hammond finally have a drag race on a airfield strip, where Hammond changes parts of his car to get it drag race ready, and beats May. There’s also a review of a super car, with the McLaren Senna being put through it’s paces by Clarkson at Thruxton.

As already mentioned the first show was great, and I am looking forward to next week’s show already.

Bvlgari MAN Wood Essence EDP For Men Review

Friday, 18th January, 2019

Bvlgari Man Wood Essence EDP Review

For my latest fragrance review It’s another I got at Christmas 2018 and another I’ve been waiting for, Bvlgari MAN Wood Essence EDP. I am a fan of Bvlgari scents and have owned many, including my favourite, the original Bvlgari MAN, but how does this one stack up?

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My Last Ever Cheap Monday Jeans

Wednesday, 16th January, 2019

My Last Ever Pair Of Cheap Monday Jeans as the brand goes

It’s such a sad time, I’ve got my last ever Cheap Monday jeans.

As you might have read here the other week, Cheap Monday is no more. The brand is being discontinued, so when the upcoming season is finished, there’ll be no more. This is sad for me because I love the brand, they make some great jeans and other clothing, and it’s generally a good high street fashion brand.

It’s one of those clothing labels which I’ve written about since almost the start of this blog, and continued to do so over the years…It feels like just yesterday, however it’s all came to an end. I had to get myself one last pair of denim before I was unable to, so I got my favourite wash in my favourite fit.

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