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Camden Town Lager Top vs Fosters Proper Shandy – Here’s How They Taste!

Saturday, 29th June, 2024

Camden Town Lager Top vs Fosters Proper Shandy

Summer is here, which means one thing, summer beer! Is there anything better than having a nice cold lager in the summer sun?

I decided I would try out some lighter lagers and beers, they seem to be all the rage now. I got myself some cans of Fosters Proper Shandy, and I also wanted to check out Camden Town Lager Top too.

Here’s how they both taste, and a comparison of the two.

If you’re looking for a lighter lager this summer, here’s how these two fair up.

Camden Town Lager Top

Camden Town Lager Top Review

First off I really enjoy Camden Town Lager. My two favourites are Camden Pale Ale and Off Menu, both are really good to drink. So it was only natural that I would give their Lager Top a try.

First off I’ll start with the can, and I really like the design. It’s a proper Camden Town brewery design, the same as the rest which I like. The same bold colour design, this one in a light blue, so it really stands out.

The strength of the lager is 3.4%, so it really is very light.

What Does Camden Town Lager Top Taste Like?

They call this a lemon lager, and I can see why. When it comes to the taste, Camden Town Lager Top tastes very much light a standard lager, with a small hint of citrus.

It’s not a huge hit of lemon, but it’s enough to just about make out.

I’ve had a couple of lighter lagers, Bud Light being one, and I would say that this is better.


The downfall of this has to be the price. Camden Town brewery isn’t cheap by any standards, but when it comes to the Off Menu IPA you’re paying for a stronger lager. This is only 3.4% but comes in at £18 for only a 6-pack of 440ml.

£3 per can feels really expensive.

This is the price direct from Camden Brewery. But I was able to find smaller cans from the supermarket which is what I bought.

These came in at £5 for 4, or you can currently get 12 for £14 which I think is a much better deal.

Fosters Proper Shandy

Fosters Proper Shandy Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have seen the always funny Fosters ads on TV. This summer they’re promoting their new Fosters Proper Shandy, so I gave it a try.

It comes in the standard 440ml cans, and is only 3%, so really light.

What Does Fosters Proper Shandy Taste Like

As soon as you taste it you’re hit with lemon. The citrus lemon is really strong as soon as you drink it, and it’s really refreshing.

You do get that beer taste, but the zesty lemon-lemonade style of flavour that really shines through.

I enjoyed drinking it, but I found that after a can it was enough. There was something about the lemon and taste that just didn’t sit right in a sickly kind of way.


Fosters is well known for being an affordable drink, and the Proper Shandy is no different. You can get a 4x pack of 440ml for under £4, so less than £1 per can.

This is far cheaper than the Camden Town offering.

Lager Top vs Proper Shandy – Which Is Best?

It’s probably worth noting that the Camden Town offering is billed as a lager and the Fosters billed as a shandy, so they are different. However they are both lighter lagers, so they do have that in common.

The Lager Top is much more of a traditional beer taste with only a small hint of citrus, while the Proper Shandy has a large burst of lemon while still being lager.

I think the Proper Shandy is good when you want one, and only one. Sitting in the garden, watching the football or just looking for a nice refreshing drink.

It’s super affordable, easy to drink and It’s a great pick for summer.

The Lager Top is for when you want a session lager. You want something that tastes like a good beer without it being strong or over-powering.

So, both are good options for drinking a lighter lager, but for me, I’d pick the Camden Lager Top, but I’d go for the 330ml cans over the 440ml, as they are better value.

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