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Camden Pale Ale & Off Menu IPA Review – Here’s What They Taste Like

Friday, 21st January, 2022

Camden Pale Ale And Off Menu IPA Review

Once again I have been searching for some new alcohol in the form of an ale. I recently got two from the same brand to try out.

These are Camden Pale Ale and Off Menu IPA.

This is everything you need to know about them, including what they taste like.

Previously I have reviewed Goose Island IPA and Midway, both drinks were nice. Camden Pale Ale and Off Menu are similar in that one is fairly light in alcohol, with the other being stronger.

This is how I found them.

Camden Pale Ale

Camden Pale Ale Review

Camden Pale Ale is the lighter of the beer, being 4%. It’s light, crisp and has a subtle citrus taste to it. Pouring into a glass was easy, there was a reasonable head on it without being too frothy.

At times I have found a few of the lighter ales quite weak tasting and not too pleasant, but this went down well. It’s a really easy to drink can.

A 4-pack of 330ml cans were £5.50, a pretty nice price for these cans.

Off Menu IPA

Camden Off Menu IPA Review

Off Menu IPA was one of those I was looking forward to trying. This is an IPA and is 5.9%, so is on the stronger side of a drink.

It was a hazy golden colour, nice head and once again very drinkable. Sometimes the stronger ales can taste too strong which is off-putting to me, but I am happy to say this was really easy to drink.

This was £6 for a pack of 4, working out at £1.50 per can. Not a bad deal for 4 cans of this strength and taste.


Both Camden Pale Ale and Off Menu are really nice drinks. Easy to drink, fresh and crisp. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to Brewdog or or just want to try these out, I can recommend them both.

Out of the two I prefer the Off Menu. This is stronger, so it’s a drink I’d only drink a few cans of. But these days I don’t have huge sessions, so that suits my drinking habits.

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