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Pam & Tommy On Disney+ – Here’s What I Thought On This Series (So Far)

Thursday, 3rd February, 2022

Pam And Tommy On Disney+ Review

I heard about this series a while back, and now finally it’s available to watch. Pam and Tommy is on Disney+, the series about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee which of course surrounds that sex tape.

It premiered on Tuesday 2nd February, and this is what you need to know.

First of all I have to say if you don’t have Disney+ and fancy getting it to binge watching the whole series in a week or two you’re out of luck.

For whatever reason, Disney are showing one episode per week. You can watch Pam and Tommy on Wednesdays, which is the date Disney puts them on.

For the launch, there’s three episodes to get your teeth into. I’ve seen the first two, and here’s what it’s all about.

As if you didn’t know, it centres around the infamous sex tape. If you have no idea what this is, it was one of the first (maybe the first) celebrity sex tapes to hit the internet in the mid 90s. Way before Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were ever thought of.

The first few episodes go into how Pam & Tommy met each other, plenty of partying, how they lived and of course how the sex tape came around. We also learn how it gets stolen and exactly why too.

Oh, and there’s sex scenes and frontal nudity. But is it real? Nope! Prosthetics are used, so you do see Tommy Lee in all his glory, who has a conversation with his penis as well as seeing Pamela topless.

Both Lily James who plays Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan who plays Tommy Lee look the part. They play the characters well too, or at least how you’d expect a rockstar and Baywatch actress to be.

The locations and settings look really cool too. You don’t have to remember that it’s the mid 90s, it’s pretty apparent. There’s corded and cordless phones rather than mobiles, and it does that that 90’s feel to it.

I have to mention the clothing and wardrobe too which I think is incredible. There’s a scene with Pamela in a club where she meets Tommy and she’s wearing this chrome silver dress which is unbelievable.

Seth Rogan is in there too, playing a big role as one of the contractors who’s working at Tommy Lee’s house. He’s kind of unrecognisable apart from his distinctive voice, but plays a crucial role (I’ll not give spoilers).

For now that is pretty much all. I believe there’s going to be 8 episodes, with the final episode being set for 9th March.

We’ll have to wait for next Wednesday and the coming weeks to see it unfold. Until then there’s plenty series to binge watch and catch up on while we’re waiting for next week.

Overall so far I think it’s a really good watch, and worth watching if you were around in the 90s or if you’re just intrigued by it all.

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