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Sunday, 15th October, 2017

Film Night: We Are Your Friends

We Are Your Friends Film Review

So this week for my film night I watched We Are Your Friends. I had not even heard of this film, I seen it on Amazon Video and then read what it was all about, watched a few clips and thought it would be something I might like, but I wasn’t convinced. I’ve had it on my watch list for a few weeks, and since I couldn’t find anything else to watch, I decided I would finally give this a watch.

It stars Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski, and is about an up and coming DJ who wants to be a superstar DJ, Cole Carter (Zac Efron) who’s living with one of his friends, Mason. Along with their group of friends, they all work the club scene, from promoting to DJ and selling drugs. Their one big night doesn’t work out, and eventually start working in a call centre doing dodgy real estate for one of their friends. But at the event Cole bumps into a big name DJ, James Reed, who invites him to a party which they both go to. Cole wakes up the next day in James’s house and discovers a girl he talked to from the club is in the house, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski), who he also discovers is James’s PA and girlfriend. James takes Cole under his wing and mentors him.

It is actually a pretty good film! With the backdrop of EDM music and Djing and a coming of age style, the story is quite good with likeable characters. It’s worth a watch if you get the chance.

Wednesday, 4th October, 2017

Red Oaks TV Show On Amazon

Red Oaks Review

I have found a new favourite TV show!

So I got Amazon video a while back and was having a hunt for things to watch, and came across this show called Red Oaks. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it sounded like something I would enjoy, so I watched an episode and I loved it straight away!

It’s actually been around since 2014, but obviously new to me. They’ve finished season 2 and season 3 is just about to begin, and sadly it will be the last season, but I’ll save my sadness for when that time comes and just enjoy it for now ๐Ÿ˜€

I have watched the first season and I loved it. It is set in the 80s and centres around one boy called David who works at a posh country club in the Summer, and is a college student at NYU. He’s your average student who isn’t rich, still lives with his parents and doesn’t have a car. He’s a tennis coach at the country club, along with tennis pro and senior coach Nash.

Red Oaks - Best Show Of 2017

It’s all about the characters though. His girlfriend also works at the club, as does one of his friends who also deals drugs on the side, and has a storyline with Misty, the lifeguard at the club. Although David has a girlfriend he’s been developing a relationship with another girl who hangs around the club, who just so happens to be the rich president of the country club, while his girlfriend has been developing a relationship with Barry, a creepy photographer.

If you have Amazon Video you have to give this a watch! It’s so good with enjoyable storylines and characters. If you like coming of age stuff or TV set around 80s pop culture, this is it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday, 30th September, 2017

SNES Classic Mini Unboxing & First Impressions Review

Finally Got A SNES Mini Classic

I got a SNES Mini! ๐Ÿ˜€

I am so happy that I was able to get one, just like the NES Mini Classic which was released last year, Nintendo announced the Super Nintendo Classic Mini back in June, and I pre-ordered one, with the hopes of getting it, but as you know with things like this, something can go wrong.

If you got one then you already know how fun it is, but if you haven’t here’s everything you need to know about it, including the unboxing.

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Wednesday, 27th September, 2017

Freddy Shepherd – Thanks For The Memories

RIP Freddy Shepherd - Passed Away

It was sadly announced yesterday that Freddy Shepherd, ex Newcastle chairman had passed away. If you don’t like football or are under 25, you probably don’t remember Newcastle United the way I do and so many Geordies do, because when I was growing up Newcastle were big title challengers for many years; Thanks to Sir John Hall and Freddy Shepherd.

In the early 90’s along with Sir John Hall, he brought us Kevin Keegan as manager, and that was really the start of the era when Newcastle were known as The Entertainers. In the 92-93 season Newcastle were promoted from Division 1 to the Premier League as champions, and in their first season went on to finish 3rd, something only equalled in the Premier League era by Nottingham Forrest who did the same the following year. The first season in the Premier League Andy Cole was the top goalscorer, who was later sold part way through the next season.

Then players who are now thought of as legends started to come. Phillipe Albert, “Sir” Les Ferdinand and David Ginola are still highly regarded in Newcastle and are heroes of the city. Then came the big one…

Alan Shearer Signs World Record Transfer for Newcastle

Newcastle United broke the World Record Transfer Fee! Yes, WORLD RECORD! Alan Shearer came home from Blackburn for ยฃ15M!

There were of course a few bad moments and bad times, but I think that my generation of Newcastle fans will remember the good far, far more than the bad.

Beating Barcelona 3-2 at home, with Tino Asprilla scoring a hattrick

That 5 – 0 win against Man Utd.

Two FA Cup finals

Two second place finishes in the Premier League, with genuine aspirations of playing well and doing well

Being excited to watch Newcastle

The expectations of winning every match, with losing and even drawing seeming terrible

Bobby Robson

And so much more!

Being a kid growing up watching Newcastle in those times were so good, largely down to Shepherd and Hall at the helm. Michael Owen was later brought in with Shepherd at the helm for a club record fee of ยฃ16M in 2005, a record which still stands. That kind of underlines how Newcastle United has never kicked on since then.

So thanks for the memories! It was a brilliant time to be a kid and watch Newcastle United!

R.I.P Freddy Shepherd

Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

I Ran Over My Camera Lens With Car! ๐Ÿ˜ญ

I Ran Over My Lens!

How stupid of me!!!

I was out shooting photos a few days ago for the blog, and I decided that “for safe keeping” I would keep one of my lenses next to my car, but behind the wheel. I was taking portrait type of shots, so I don’t know why I even bothered taking this lens, but I did. It was my expensive lens, one of my favourites which I’ve used for years and originally bought for Iceland, my Tokina 11-16mm lens.

So I was using my 24mm and 50mm lens, since they’re small I can keep one in my pocket while I am shooting with the other, and vice-versa. Everything was going well, I got all the pictures I wanted, and I was happy. I got back in my car and started to drive off, when I heard a noise, and instantly knew what it was….

I ran over my lens!

I can’t believe I forgot it was there! I jumped out the car and found the lens with pieces smashed off, the lens hood smashed and it being in a general battered condition. Amazingly, the glass was still in tact, however the surround and lens end was a little warped, and pieces was smashed off or cracked.

I got it home and it has these really tiny screws, most of which were lost, probably at the road, and the rest of them were like tiny bits of scrap metal, only 2 of the screws were in any kind of reasonable condition.

I have tried to put it back together, and to my amazement, it still works! You can hear the motor struggling a little bit when it comes to focusing, and it’s now really hard to move between manually focusing and automatic (The Tokina has a mechanism where you pull or push part of the casing of the lens), but it’s still working and takes photos.

When I bought the lens I remember reading reviews about it and people saying that “It’s built like a tank”, and I guess they’re right! I can confirm it can (almost) take being run over by a car! Although I wouldn’t recommend it. I think if it had of been a cheaper plastic lens I would definitely have a smashed lens.

When I am taking photos out and about and take more than one lens, my biggest fear is always putting one down and forgetting about it, then leaving it wherever I am. I almost did exactly that, so now I guess I should be happy that I actually ran over it, because if I didn’t I would definitely have forgotten it and someone will have probably stole it.

Lesson learned – I must be more careful!

Sunday, 24th September, 2017

The Take aka Bastille Day For Film Night

The Take Bastille Day Film Night

Hey guys!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far. Last time I watched Now You See Me 2, and this weekend I watched The Take, aka Bastille Day which stars Idris Elba.

So I was browsing around Amazon Video and I’ve seen this film pop up a couple of times, and wanted to watch an action film since I haven’t seen one in such a long time. I saw it was Idris Elba but had not heard of the film, “The Take”. Then I realised that this was originally called Bastille Day, and I had seen some previews of that and it looked like a good film, so I watched it. Something I don’t like about action films is that some can seem far fetched, or just predictable, but I guess that you have to just go with it, afterall it’s not real, it’s just a film! ๐Ÿ˜€

The film starts on the eve of Bastille Day, an American called Michael Mason who’s lost most of his purpose in life is living in Paris, and is a pick pocket. He sees an opportunity to steal a women’s handbag, and does, then goes through it. There’s nothing much in there apart from a phone and a teddy bear, so he takes the phone and tosses the bag. Unknown to him there’s a bomb inside the teddy, which was supposed to be placed in an office for the French Nationalist party, but the women changed her mind when she saw people in the building and was told it would be empty. After he’s thrown the bag it goes off, killing people, and so it appears he’s a terrorist and killed those people. He’s now a wanted man by the police and RAPID, French special forces. He’s captured by CIA agent Briar, who’s played by Idris Elba, who questions Mason and tells Briar what happened and that he’s not a terrorist, Briar has reservations and believes him as the story unfolds of corruption and dodgy dealings happen play out; The film goes from there.

I thought that this was a really good action film with a good plot and plenty of action which you obviously expect to see. If you’re looking for an action film then I can recommend giving this one a watch.

Friday, 22nd September, 2017

Men’s Essentials: My Everyday Carry [EDC]

Just The Essentials

I’ve seen a few people talk about their EDC, which (apparently) is an acronym for Every Day Carry, i.e. the essentials that men walk around with in their daily life. What do you usually carry around? What can’t you leave the house without? I’ve done a few posts like this before, but I’ll have a bit of a refresh and show you what I carry, and it’s not really a lot! ๐Ÿ˜€

For some people they use this as a photo opportunity to show off all the crap they have, and try to wedge it into the photo so it looks good. For the usual lifestyle stuff, I don’t think you really need to carry a lot, not in Newcastle at least. I’ve seen a few people who talk about penknives and other things, I guess they’re American or live out in the country, because there’s no chance you need something like that in your actual every day life.

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Sunday, 17th September, 2017

Film Night: Napoleon Dynamite Is Overrated

A few years ago I heard about the film Napoleon Dynamite but I had never got round to watching it. I recently discovered it was on Amazon Prime, so I decided it would be the perfect chance to watch it, so I did. WOW, it’s such a terrible film!

Have you seen those “Vote for Pedro” T-shirts? I saw them years ago, but never knew where they came from or what they were about. Well it’s to do with this film, and it has a cult following so those T-shirts are popular with the fans of this film. What’s it about and why is it so bad?

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Thursday, 14th September, 2017

My Custom Leather Jacket From The Jacket Maker

The Jacket Maker x Michael 84

Hey guys!

I hope you are well, the weather is turning and we’re really starting to get into Autumn right about now. That means a bit of a change up in the wardrobe, wearing more knits and sweats, and less Summer clothing. It also means a change over of jackets, from my denim jackets to leather. I never used to be a fan of a leather jacket, but a couple of years ago I got my first one, and I’ve never looked back. They’re pretty timeless, so adding one to your wardrobe is something you should seriously consider.

I have a new addition to my leather jacket line up! The Jacket Maker got in touch and told me about their collection. Not only do they have a large collection of ready to wear pieces, they also do custom jackets tailored to you, and this is what I went for and I’m wearing here.

Want to see more?

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Sunday, 10th September, 2017

Now You See Me 2 – Film Night

Now You See Me 2

Hey guys!

I hope you’ve had a good weekend. Last week for my film night I watched The Edge Of Seventeen, and this time round I watched Now You See Me 2, the sequel to the film which I watched a few years back. The old gang are back together, the four horsemen, all except Henley who was played by Isla Fisher, who’s been replaced by Lula May who’s played by Lizzy Caplan. The film continues on from the previous one, with the remaining members of the Four Horsemen hiding out in New York City 18 months after getting past the FBI, with Dylan Rhodes who begins still an FBI agent and leader of the group.

They’re awaiting further instructions from The Eye, Dylan aka Shrike gives them a new mission to expose a corrupt businessman at the launch of a software company, but the plans go bad, their hijack is interrupted by a mystery person, Dylan is exposed as a Horseman and they try to escape through a tube, but then find themselves in Macau and are captured. Daniel Radcliffe plays Walter Mabry who is the bad guy character, and tells The Horsemen has had a job for them which they must do or he’ll kill them, which is to steal a device which can decrypt any system in the world; And the film goes from there.

I think that the film makes a really good sequel, and has plenty of twists and turns along the way, and is a good watch. Morgan Feeeman and Michael Caine also make appearances in the film too. ย You don’t necessarily need to have seen the first one to watch this, but you’d have a better understanding of the story and history. If you’ve seen the first one and liked it, you’ll probably like this.