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Sunday, 22nd April, 2018

A Sunny April Weekend

A Sunny April Day - My Style

The Summer feels like it’s here!

I hope you have enjoyed the weekend, it’s been a good one, and we’ve had 4 or 5 days of really good weather – It’s gone from snow to sun in no time, sadly it won’t last, but it’s been fun while it has.

Yesterday it was fight night, the return of Amir Khan in the boxing ring, so I was looking forward to that. I bought a case of 20 Budweiser bottles for Saturday night for the fight. I was expecting it to last for a while and perhaps Amir Khan would lose or make it look like hard work. That didn’t happen, he won, and it only took 40 seconds. Thankfully the fight was on regular Sky Sports and not Pay Pay View. Imagine if you’d paid ยฃ20 to watch that!

Now the warmer weather is here, or at least shows signs of coming, I’ve got my Summer wardrobe out. I got these super skinny jeans from ASOS a good while ago not realising how much of a skinny fit they were, but there you are. I got them because I love the distressed patterns in the denim which is kind of like a patchworks style. They have stretch in them and are soft so really comfortable to wear, despite them being such a tight fit. I love the colour too, a cream/ecru colour, I have no other jeans or chinos in this colour yet, I may have to get a pair.

As you know I love stripes, navy and blue is such a good combination, I probably have too many stripes in blue and white in different variations, I definitely don’t need to invest in more of these. This one is also from ASOS.

The trainers I wore were my Stan Smith’s. White trainers with ecru jeans, does it work?

How about black socks? I read another style blog which criticised people who wear black or alternative colour socks and white/light denim or chinos, and vice-versa. I think as long as the colours go well together, it creates a nice contrast. What do you think? Should they match?

I will leave those questions with you. Enjoy your Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday, 20th April, 2018

T Shirt Weather – It’s T-Shirt Time!

T Shirt Time! Wardrobe changeover for Summer 2018

Finally we’re getting some Spring/Summer kinds of weather! That means one thing for me, time to change up the wardrobe.

Since I have far too many clothes I have to swap my wardrobe around in the Winter and Summer; I have my jumpers, knits and other things I need for the Winter and cold weather in the main parts of my wardrobe, and the Summer stuff which mainly consists of my favourite T Shirts which I have to keep in drawers. But when the good weather comes around I have to change things around, since I have no need for chunky knits or jumpers in the Summer.

It’s always a good time of year, it means Summer is right around the corner which I love. It also usually means I end up spending money, buying new tees. But Since I’ve got myself a couple of new tees already, and I have plenty which I love already. I don’t really need to add much to my wardrobe this season.

There’s the favourite logo tees from Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Comme Des Garcons and Levi’s, a few logo tees as well as some smarter plain tops, and how can I forget stripes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It also means another thing…I have to iron all of these! I used to hate ironing, but it’s actually quite a tranquil thing to do, just put on the TV or music and get started, it’s actually not too bad; Even when there’s piles like these!

Have you been enjoying the weather, are you looking forward to more T-shirt weather?

I’ll have to go and iron all of these now.

Sunday, 15th April, 2018

Film Night – Moonlight

Moonlight Film Review

I saw that it was on Amazon Video so I decided that I’d watch it so I could tell people that I’d finally seen it. Yes, I am talking about the film Moonlight. I knew nothing about this film, other than everyone was talking about it, and all that controversy when it won the OCSAR for best picture when it beat La La Land.

So going into the film, I knew nothing about it at all, the plot, the characters or anything. In short, it’s a coming of age film split in 3 parts which is about a boy’s journey through his life, and his struggles. It’s about his sexuality, abuse he gets in his younger years, and dealing with his mother’s drug habit.

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Monday, 9th April, 2018

Ssense Buy Polyvore And Shut It Down! (OPT OUT)

Ssense Buy Polyvore - Ruin the community and Polyfam

I am not a huge Polyvore power user, but I do use it, and I like it. It’s been a fashion focused app and site for over 11 years, and I’ve probably been on there for 3 or 4 years. I usually log on a couple of times a week, so not as much as the traditional social networks, but I’ve always liked it. If you’ve never used it, think of it kind of like a fashion-only Pinterest app/site.

When I went on today I was greeted with something very disturbing…It’s gone! Ssense, a luxury fashion website has bought it. Not only has it been bought, but they’ve shut down Polyvore on day 1 of it being announced! (Last week, on 5th April)Continue Reading

Saturday, 7th April, 2018

What’s New In My Wardrobe – Easter Treats

Easter treats - a few T-shirts

Happy Saturday guys!

I can’t tell you how happy I am it’s the weekend! It’s been such a busy week for me, so sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. Easter is always a great time since I get time off, but the few days before and few days after are usually really busy for me, and this year has been no exception.

It seems like all I’ve done lately is share which new clothes I’ve added to my wardrobe, and this post is the same! In the fashion world when the seasons change it means two things; New clothing and styles from brands and shops, and sales. So I’ve got a couple of things, yes more things. You’ve already seen my Levi’s ringers, and now I have a couple more, but some of these were treats for Easter.

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Monday, 26th March, 2018

Back To Blogging About What I Love

Old pic from Summer…It’ll be here once again before we know it!

Hello there!

So blogging has became slightly weird in the past year or so, it kind of feels like my blog has changed, kind of for the better, but sort of not. Let me explain…

A few years ago I decided to write mega long content…Huge posts about fashion, and more or less only fashion; Typically advice, buyers guides, tips and so on. You know, you’ll have read them. This was always my intention, and it’s something I do like to do. But there’s been a couple of problems with that, and I think the blog may have suffered.

The big feature posts (I’ll call them “Long Reads”) take a lot of time to do, sometimes days or even weeks…But that’s not the main problem. These posts can be anywhere from 1000 to over 2000 words in length (My last one, the men’s shoe guide, is over 2,000 words). I think that the big problem is asking the question, How do you follow it up?

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Sunday, 25th March, 2018

Film Night: 24 Hour Party People

24 Hour Party People For Film Night

It’s been a little while since I wrote about the films I’ve been watching, mostly because I haven’t been watching too many. It’s usually a Sunday thing, but since Top Gear has came back, I’ve slowed down my film watching. But I did watch a really good film the other night, 24 Hour Party People.

It’s a film I’ve kind of seen before. I caught around 30 minutes of this years and years ago, loved it and wanted to watch it again, but never knew what the film was called. I then found out, and so was finally able to give this film a watch for it’s entirety, and it’s a good one!

I have watched so much stuff around the 80’s and 90’s and popular culture, music, general life and everything in between, and of course living in the 90’s was epic, watching films and TV set around this decade will always mean something to me. 24 Hour Party People is exactly that, a comedy-drama film set in the mid 70’s to the early 90’s about the music scene in Manchester.

It’s all about the bands through these decades, from Joy Division to New Order and the Happy Mondays. It centres around Tony Wilson, a news reporter for Granada Television played by Steve Coogan. He goes from creating a series on TV about the punk rock shows in Manchester to eventually founding a record company, Factory Records, and then the infamous Hacienda nightclub.

The film is a dramatisation based on real events as well as rumours, and catalogues the highs and the lows of the life in the music scene around the time, with a lot of memorable and infamous faces playing roles, including Peter Kay, Ralf Little, John Simm and Rob Brydon all featuring.

The film was a brilliant watch, if you like music or life from this era then you’ll love it, although you’ve probably seen the film before, since it was released in 2002!