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Friday, 16th February, 2018

Recent Trip To London

Michael 84 In London

Hey guys!

Several weeks ago I was in London when I was showcasing Life splicing for Virgin Trains, and although it was a super quick stop off in London, it was great to have a small look around to stretch my legs and check out the big city.

I love London but don’t go as much as I’d like. Since I was down there anyway I decided to check out the usual tourist spots and just have a look around the city. It was a gloomy January as you can see from the photos, and it’s kind of a different place to when I’ve been either on the weekend or in the Summer.

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Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

Happy Pancake Day!

Happy Pancake Day 2018

Happy Pancake Day everyone!

Today is one of my favourite days of the year, it’s pancake day! You can obviously eat them any day of the year, but today’s the day, and I only ever eat them on this day, and since I love them, that makes it pretty special.

It’s what I call fat week, because tomorrow is Valentines Michael Day which is a tradition of eating lots of terrible food and drinks, usually chocolate, champagne truffles and champagne. Both days are usually close together, but I seem to recall that last year shrove Tuesday was near the end of February, and this year it’s pretty early.

This was round 1 of pancakes, which I had for lunch. I always make my own from scratch for lunch, then come supper time (soon!) I will use a premix and eat those too. I can hardly wait for them! They did not come out too great, I’ve definitely made better looking ones, but they tasted so good 😀

As for the topping if you’re a regular reader then you’ll know there’s only one… H.P. Sauce! I know so many people who have their pancakes sweet, I don’t know how people can. Ever since I was a kid I have ate my savoury, and always had H.P. brown sauce with them.

What’s your go to topping?

Have a great pancake night 🙂


My supper pancakes were so good! They also turned out a lot better, so here’s a pic 😛

Pancake Supper 2018

Sunday, 11th February, 2018

Office Christmas Party Film

Office Christmas Party Film Review

For this week’s film review I watched Office Christmas Party on Amazon Video. It’s a film which I’ve wanted to watch for a while, the trailers looked good and since it came on Amazon I decided that I had to give it a watch.

The story surrounds a tech company called Zenotek which has several offices, the head of the Chicago office is Clay Vanstone (TJ Miller) and his right hand man is Josh Parker (Jason Bateman) who is Chief of Technical Advancement. The company was founded by his father who has passed away, with Clay’s sister, Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston) being the head of the New York brand. Clay and the Chicago branch has been losing money, and Carol says she’s going to close it down, but Josh has a meeting with the head of a big company, Walter Davis, who he’s hoping to impress to gain business.

The meeting does not go well, but Clay and Josh convince Walter  to attend their Christmas party, which he reluctantly agrees to. They try to throw the best office Christmas party to get Walter on board, and save everyone’s job, but it does not go as planned.

The film wasn’t as good as I expected, I thought it was going to be funnier with a different story. It has a lot of characters which are good, and there are plenty of funny parts in the film, but I think the overall story line wasn’t the best. It was still a decent watch, so if you’re looking to watch this I can recommend it.

Tuesday, 6th February, 2018

Valentine’s Dates – Ideas And Things To Do

Prosecco For Valentine's Day

If you’re a stereotypical lad then you’ve probably not got a thing sorted for Valentines Day. You should have your outfit sorted after reading the What To Wear On A Valentines Date, now the clothing is sorted you need something to do. If you have a date then what do you do? Where do you take her? Should you go for something traditional, cheap, extravagant, adventurous, cute? It could be anything, depending on the type of guy you are and the type of girl she is, and what you’ve already done, like and dislike.

Some of these ideas will depend on where you live and if they’re available in your local area, but well worth exploring to see if you’re able to do these.

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Sunday, 4th February, 2018

Superbowl Sunday 2018

Michael 84 on Superbowl Sunday

Happy Sunday 🙂

It’s almost time for the Superbowl!

Today has been a big sport day; We’ve had the proper football, Newcastle vs Crystal Palace and Liverpool vs Tottenham, and in a couple of hours time it will be America’s version of a World Cup final, the Superbowl.

I’ve watched the Superbowl for the past 4 or 5 years, it’s now became a tradition for me to stay up late and watch it. I got this New England Patriots tee years ago, and I have to say that I’ve really got my use out of it, the Patriots won it last year, they’re in it this year against the Philadelphia Eagles and have been at the Superbowl a good few times over the past several years, so it’s definitely paid for itself.

I’m definitely not a huge NFL fan, but it’s always a good watch, and it’s not as hard to follow as you may think if you’ve never watched American football at all. For most people like me, this is the one game a year that they’ll see. But it’s not all about the game, if you’re in America then you get the ads which companies pay huge sums of money for and come up with the best and iconic adverts, there’s the national anthem, and then there’s also the half time show.

This year the national anthem is being sung by Pink, and the half time show is by Justin Timberlake. He’s done it before, that memorable occasion with Janet Jackson and that wardrobe malfunction which springs to mind. He’s been asked what’s in store for this year, it’s all a bit of a secret, some speculated that he’d reunited *NSYNC, but when he was asked about it, he denied it.

So I am ready for the Superbowl, lots of food and drinks, it will be a late one! I want the Patriots to win of course, but since I know little about the NFL I wouldn’t take that to the bank 😀

Will you be watching and who do you want to win?

Monday, 29th January, 2018

New Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Selvage For 2018

New Selvage Nudie Jeans For 2018 - michael84 Blog

Nudie Jeans Denim | GANT Knit | Kurt Geiger Brogues

Hey guys!

I hope you are well. If you follow me on social media you may have already seen that I’ve got a brilliant brand new pair of jeans for 2018, they are a pair of these Selvage Grim Tim’s from Nudie Jeans. The sale was on, but typically the pair I wanted were not in the sale! 😂

This isn’t my first pair of Nudie Jeans, I’ve had quite a few pair, but it’s only my 2nd pair of Selvage from Nudie Jeans the other being the black selvage I got a while back, which are also Grim Tim. If you don’t know anything about the brand, they are a premium and ethical denim brand from Sweden, using organic cotton and are a dream for those who love denim.

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Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018

Getting Stuff Done With Virgin Trains

Life-Splicing With Virgin Trains

Life is so busy these days! We have our personal life, work life and then there’s the online world and social media which can take up so much of your time it’s crazy. At times it can feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to do everything we need to, and everything we want to.

Getting stuff done on the move is becoming increasingly important and increasingly popular for us to do, and I have partnered with Virgin Trains on the East Coast in their get stuff done challenge on a journey from Newcastle to London.

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Sunday, 21st January, 2018

Sommeren ’92 – Film About Denmark’s Glory In Euro 92

Somerren 92 - The Story Of Euro 92 and Denmark's triumph!

I heard about a film called Sommeren ’92 which translates from Danish to English to Summer of ’92. If you’re not a football fan or not Danish, you may not remember the Summer of 92, but Denmark definitely does.

I am a huge football fan, and the 90’s was an epic decade for football, and I was also a kid. Being English and living in England (but as you know I support Spain) there’s a couple of things which English people remember and talk about when thinking or talking about football back then – Italia 90, specifically that game against Germany which England lost on penalties, and Gazza’s tears, and then when football came home, Euro 96.

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Sunday, 14th January, 2018

Film Night: The Founder

The Founder McDonalds Film Review

It’s another film night! 😀

So this week I watched a film which I hadn’t even heard of called The Founder. I saw it on Amazon Prime and decided that I would watch the trailer to see what it was all about, and I loved it so much I had to watch the film.

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Wednesday, 10th January, 2018

Dry January Is A Pointless Waste Of Time

Picture from when I was in York a while ago

We’ve now left the first weekend of January behind, did you drink alcohol, or are you participating in Dry January?

A new year means a couple of things; We’re recovering from over indulging in food and drink from Christmas and New Year, so are feeling guilty about it. It’s also a time where people use the expressions such as “New Year, New Me”, or “2018 is going to be my year”, which is usually followed up by a gym membership, diet and the fad which has been going for several years now, Dry January.

But I’ve always thought that it was pointless. Why do you need to stop drinking for a month? And even if you do, what happens next? Therefore I think Dry January is pointless, and here’s some more reasons to convince you why.

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