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Welcome to the Newcastle Bar Reviews. Here you will find the league table of some of the best bars in town with reviews by Michael 84. Newcastle is an amazing vibrant and diverse city well know for it’s nightlife, with hundreds of bars which all offer their own brand of what makes a good night out. Here you’ll find the top bars which are located around the centre of the toon. Unfortunately not every bar or nightclub make the list, but they may get included in the future.

What is the best bar in Newcastle?

Latest Update: July 2018

PosChBar NamePointsTypeMusicAreaCostValueCrowdDrinksStyleStaffX
No ChangeRevolution85BarHouse/ChartDiamond Strip£££16171719161
No ChangeAlvinos82BarHouse/ChartCity Centre£££16161617181
No ChangeTiger Hornsby73BarAllQuayside££££14141416151
No ChangeTown Wall72BarNoneCentral Station££15151414141
No ChangeThe Quayside Bar72BarQuayside£16141415131
No ChangeTiger Tiger71BarRnB/House/ChartThe Gate££££15141315141
No ChangeTokyo70BarHouse/ChartCentral Station££££14141415131
No ChangePopolo70BarHouse/ChartQuayside£££13141514141
No ChangeSoho69BarNoneHaymarket££££13131315151
No ChangeMilecastle68BarPop/Chart/OldiesCentral Station£15141412131
No ChangePleased To Meet You PTMY68Bar/RestaurantN/ABigg Market£££££13131514131
No ChangeBrowns68Bar/RestaurantNoneGrey Street££££14131314141
No ChangeWaiting Rooms67BarRnB/House/ChartCentral Station£££13131413141
No ChangeBarluga67BarNoneGrey Street£££13131414131
No ChangeBonbar67Bar/ClubRnB/House/ChartCentral Station££££14131314131
No ChangeJalou66BarHouse/Chart/RnBCentral Station£££££13141313131
No ChangeHarry's Bar66BarPop/ChartCity Centre££££12141414121
No ChangePacific House65BarHaymarket£££13121314131
No ChangeEmber Lounge64BarDanceBigg Market£££££12121214141
No ChangePerdu64BarHouse/ChartDiamond Strip££££12121314131
No ChangeBacchus63BarNoneCity Centre£££13111512121
No ChangeLola Jeans63BarBackground MusicCity Centre£££13121312131
No ChangeFilthy's63BarPop/LiveBigg Market£££13121212141
No ChangeBar B62BarChartThe Gate££12121213131
No ChangeMushroom61BarRnB/House/ChartCity Centre££13111312121
No ChangeMetropolis61BarPop/Chart/HouseCentral Station££12131013131
No ChangeMimo61BarHouse/Chart/RnBCentral Station££13131111131
No ChangeLabel60BarRnB/Pop/ChartCity Centre£££11121013141
No ChangeScience60BarRandomCentral Station£££12111113131
No ChangeTup Tup Palace58.5ClubRnB/House/ChartDiamond Strip££££11131414130.9
No ChangeThe Hop & Cleaver58.5BarNAQuayside£££13121313140.9
No ChangeHead Of Steam58BarIndie/NoneCentral Station£12101113121
No ChangeFloritas58BarHouse/ChartDiamond Strip£££££9121113131
No ChangeHouse Of Smith57.6BarHouse/ChartDiamond Strip££££12131314120.9
No ChangeQuilted Camel57BarRnB/House/ChartQuayside£££12111111121
No ChangeCosey Joes57BarPop/Chart/OldiesBigg Market££12111110131
No ChangeMSA56.7BarHip Hop/SoulCity Centre££££12141213120.9
No ChangeBeyond Bar56BarHouse/ChartThe Gate££££11111112111
No ChangeCenturion56BarNoneCentral Station££££9111112131
No ChangeKeel Row55.8BarRnB/Pop/ChartThe Gate£169149140.9
No ChangeBijoux55.8BarPop/ChartDiamond Strip£££12131212130.9
No ChangeThe Living Room55.8BarRnB/House/ChartGrey Street££££11121412130.9
No ChangeLady Grey's55.8BarNoneCity Centre£££12121312130.9
No ChangeBier Keller55BarPop/ThemedBigg Market£££1211128121
No ChangePitcher & Piano54.9BarQuayside££££12121213120.9
No ChangeOpera Bar54.9BarThe Gate£££12131311120.9
No ChangeMadame Koo54ClubHouse/ChartDiamond Strip£££12121211130.9
No ChangeSinners54BarRnB/House/ChartThe Gate££1391010121
No ChangeEmpress54BarHouse/ChartQuayside££13111212120.9
No ChangeSoho Rooms53.1Bar/ClubHouse/ChartDiamond Strip£££12121210130.9
No ChangeSlug And Lettuce52.2BarQuayside£££12121111120.9
No ChangeAveika52Bar/RestaurantRnB/House/ChartQuayside£££££1111121261
No ChangeThe Telegraph50.4BarNACentral Station££11111112110.9
No ChangeMono50.4BarRnB/House/ChartCity Centre£££7121213120.9
No ChangeLivello50BarHouseQuayside££££119121261
No ChangeHoochie Coochie48.6BarSoul/RnBCity Centre£££1110141360.9
Going DownPlayers37BarRnB/House/ChartThe Gate££1099621
Going DownThe Botanist23Bar/RestaurantLIVEMonument£££££0501611
The Alchemist0Bar/RestaurantCity Centre£££££
No ChangeThe Laundrette0RestaurantMusicWestgate Road££££
The Lodge-1BarPop/ChartCollingwood St.£££1
Offshore 44-1BarRnB/House/ChartQuayside££1
City Vaults-1BarRnB/Pop/ChartBigg Market££000000
Indigo-1BarRnb/House/ChartThe Gate££1
No ChangeUnion Rooms-1BarNoneCentral Station£16131312131
Nectar-1BarHouse/ChillCity Centre£££0
No ChangeSam Jacks-1BarRnB/House/ChartThe Gate££
No ChangeCanteen And Cocktails-1Bar/RestaurantHouseQuayside£££14151516161

Michael 84 Newcastle Bar ReviewsThe Newcastle Bar Index ranking is based on several factors, with points awarded for certain criteria. There is a new feature, a multiplier (labelled X) which will increase (or decrease) the points scored for an establishment, which is based on how recent the points were given. Just like the stock market or any league table, the positions can change. Everything is taken into account, from the friendliness of the staff and door, selection and price or drinks, music, décor, speed of service, the types and number of people in the establishment or even the toilets! All aspects of a night out are taken into consideration to give the most comprehensive database of night spots in the Toon.

Find out more about each place by clicking on the name, where there may be reviews, pictures and all the information you could need for the places including dress code, address and closing times.

Keep coming back, because like any table, things change! 😉 Bars are awarded points based on criteria, which includes Cost, Value, Crowd, Drinks, Style And Staff, with a 20 points maximum in each category for a grand total of 100 points. The points are awarded by myself, friends and readers of this blog, and are genuine thoughts about the establishments. Who will be top this week? 😉

If you want to find where the bars are in Newcastle, check out the Newcastle bar map here.

Newcastle Nightlife Advice

Top 10 Bars In Newcastle

The Diamond Strip

Diamond Strip Bar Crawl

What To Wear On A Night Out

The Newcastle Bar Index – The Best Bars And Nightclubs Ranked In Newcastle

Categories explained

Bar Name – Name of the bar
Type – What kind of place? Bar/Restaurant/Club (note some bars are open later i.e. late bars, and some bars will turn into night clubs later on i.e. charge to get in). The vast majority of the bars on this list will not close earlier than 1AM on the weekend.
Music – The type of music that is typically played at the weekend (note: some bars will play different music on different nights, especially through the week if they have a specific event/night)
Area – The area which the bar is in. You can split Newcastle up into several different areas and there are bars within that area.

Cost – Rated out of 5 (£) with 1 being cheap and 5 pound signs being expensive. It’s not only a scale of price, but price in the particular area the bar is in.
Value – Is it cheap and cheerful? It is expensive but worth the money? Or is it cheap and nasty or an expensive waste of money?
Crowd – Lots of people or an empty bar? What are the people like? friendly, posh, rude, nice, welcoming, fun, boring, charvas, etc What are the girls like? And men?
Drinks – A big range of drinks? Good drinks within the range? Any offers/deals? Price could be a factor
Style – What does the place look like? Flooring/Toilets/Furniture? What is the music like? How stylish is the place?
Staff – Are the bar staff friendly? Are they quick to serve? Door staff?
X – X is a multiplier. The value of all the previous criteria is times by the multiplier to get the total. The multiplier value is based on the frequency of visits within a given time, as well as how recently the score was given. The typical values are 0.9 (not visited for a long period) and 1 (recently visited).

Newcastle Bar Map

Find your favourite bar on the Michael84 Newcastle Bar map. All the best bars around the city are featured, simply click the icon to reveal the name of the bar. The map is dynamic! You can zoom in and out of the map by double clicking or using the + and – signs on the left. Move around the map holding down your mouse and dragging 🙂


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