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Cruel Summer Season 2 Review – A Must Watch (Especially If You Liked Season 1)

Thursday, 24th August, 2023

Cruel Summer TV Series

Image: Freeform/Justine Yeung*

I have finished watching Cruel Summer season 2 and it was brilliant!

The second season finally got a release just a few weeks ago, so obviously I had to watch it and I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s what you need to know, without any spoilers. p.s If you liked the first season you should like this one.

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Fashion & Lifestyle Monthly Roundup: July 2023

Wednesday, 2nd August, 2023

We’re now into August which means one thing, it’s the last month of summer. The good thing is that there’s 4 weeks left of the summer, but the bad is that it feels like it’s almost over.
July was a good month, but particularly rainy in the UK and Newcastle.

Where has the summer gone?

Have we had all the sun and warmth we’re going to get this year?

Last month I had a few good blog posts, including a few fragrance reviews which were good scents for summer, some summer fashion tips and of course an outfit post.

Here’s the fashion and lifestyle roundup for July 2023.

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Spain Subbuteo T-Shirt – New In The Wardrobe

Saturday, 29th July, 2023

Wearing the Spain Subbuteo T-Shirt

Happy Saturday! I have got a brand new T-shirt with a bit of a retro feel to it, this is the Subbuteo Spain T Shirt.

This is my first wear of the shirt, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Fashion Lifestyle Monthly Roundup – June 2023

Monday, 3rd July, 2023

Where did June go?! It’s crazy that we’re into July already.

Since it’s another month down it’s time for another monthly roundup. If you’ve missed anything on the blog you’ll find it here in the Jun 2023 monthly roundup.

Here’s the highlights of what happened on Michael 84 in June.

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The Grand Tour: Eurocrash Review – Is It The Best Grand Tour So Far?

Tuesday, 20th June, 2023

The boys are back yet again for some summer fun with The Grand Tour: Eurocrash.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Clarkson, Hammond and May, but the latest episode of The Grand Tour has finally landed on Amazon.

Is it good? Yep! In fact you could ask the question is this the best Grand Tour Special yet? I think it could be, and here’s why.

Here’s my review of the show and what to expect, all without spoilers…I don’t want to spoil it for you.

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Fashion & Lifestyle Monthly Roundup – May 2023

Sunday, 4th June, 2023

We’re into June already! I can’t believe that 5 months of the year have gone by, they’ve flown.

It’s been a reasonably busy time on the blog too. I’ve posted some fashion guides along with showcasing a few new pieces of clothing I’ve bought too.

If you’ve missed anything you can see everything from the last month right here.

Here’s my fashion & lifestyle monthly roundup for May on the blog.

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Things That Make You Look Immature: 9 Things To Avoid When You Want To Be Taken Seriously

Friday, 26th May, 2023

Today I want to talk about maturity, or to put it better, immaturity.

It kind of makes me cringe when people talk about guys being immature. Why?

Whenever I hear the phrase I immediately think of teenagers. It’s the kind of thing people said back when we were growing up, but I don’t think the word has a place for fully grown adults.

Can men be immature?

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Fashion & Lifestyle Monthly Roundup – April 2023

Monday, 8th May, 2023

It’s been a pretty quiet month on Michael 84, April 2023 has possibly been one of the quietest since I have started this blog.

It’s been a while since I last posted, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty more to come. I’ve been planning out content for the blog going into the summer, so there should be a lot more frequent posting over the coming weeks.

If you’ve missed anything, here’s a roundup for what’s happened on the blog in April.

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Fashion & Lifestyle Monthly Roundup – March 2023

Tuesday, 11th April, 2023

Better late than never, it’s my monthly fashion and lifestyle blog update for March 2023!

OK so yes, it is pretty late, we’re into the 11th April right now. But this is a new feature and I have to say I did actually forget.

But now I have remembered it’s time to look back on what went on for the month of March 2023 right here on the blog.

If you missed anything, here’s a recap of the best of Michael 84 in the past month.

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EA Sports FC First Details & Logo Released After Leaving FIFA Behind

Friday, 7th April, 2023

Yesterday EA Sports released the first details and logo into their newest venture, leaving the FIFA brand behind to bring EA Sports FC.

This isn’t a surprise, as this was announced back in 2021 that FIFA 23 would be the last FIFA game made by EA, after FIFA were asking for $1 Billion for the license, as reported by the New York Times.

What will change? Here’s what we know so far from the announcement.

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