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The Grand Tour Sand Job Review – Is It Worth Watching? Here’s Why It Is!

Saturday, 17th February, 2024

The Grand Tour Sand Job Review

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

It seems like it has just suck up upon us but I am glad that it did, The Grand Tour Sand Job was released on Amazon Prime Video yesterday (16th February) and I’ve watched it.

Obviously you’re wondering what it was all about how was it, if it’s worth watching?

Well here’s what you need to know with some info from the show, and not too many spoilers!

This time round it sees Clarkson, Hammond and May start in Mauritania, embarking on a journey to Dakar in the spirit of the Dakar rally right across the Sahara desert.

But instead of rally cars, they take on the challenge in sports cars that they have themselves modified in true Grand Tour style.

Jeremy Clarkson has a Jaguar F Type (Jaaag), James May has Maserati Grancabrio and Richard Hammond has an Aston Martin DB9 Volante.

The first scene of the show is pretty spectacular, with the cars getting to Mauritania in their own special way, by train. But it’s no ordinary train, this thing is massive, and the biggest train in the world.

It’s really epic to see that in the middle of the desert there’s some train tracks and what seems to be nothing, and then appearing from the distance there’s a seemingly never-ending train which has the cars on the back.

There is some peril too, as there is in most of the shows. In one part they have to get down what seems to be quite a steep cliff, which looks pretty terrifying as it’s unfolding.

There is of course a lot of laughs too, as there always is.

There’s something about this show that feels different to the previous few though. It feels like going back to a Top Gear-esque style, maybe because of the previous African special as well as driving through deserts before.

There’s the desert driving, attempting to take their cars over a river with home made boats, driving down a dark tunnel not knowing what comes at the end, and of course there’s an explosion.

It differs from the previous Eurocrash which I thought was hilarious, although James May was almost always apart from Clarkson & May.

In this one, all three are together most of the time, when one of them isn’t breaking down. There’s even the return of The A-Team music.

The stories are that this is the penultimate of the entire Grand Tour series, which is sad. The last show is said to be filmed in Zimbabwe and coming later this year according to Amazon.

Get yourself a drink and your favourite snacks while watching this, because it’s a long one. It’s on for over 2 hours, timed roughly at 2 hours 20 minutes.

It is a good watch, I’ll no doubt be watching it again, so if you like The Grand Tour previously, there’s no doubt you’ll like this one too.

It’s worth watching, and you can watch it now on Amazon Prime Video.

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