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James May – Our Man In India Review – Is It Worth Watching On Amazon Prime Video?

Tuesday, 9th January, 2024

James May Our Man In India Review

What better way to start of 2024 than with a brand new series, and a couple of days ago (5th January to be exact) James May Our Man In India was released on Amazon Prime Video.

I watched the first episode last night and it was really good.

Here’s what it’s all about and if it’s worth watching.

Our Man In India is the 3rd series following on from Our Man In Italy and Our Man In Japan brand new for 2024.

If you’ve seen the previous series then you’ll know what to expect, but if you haven’t it’s quite simple. James May is travelling across India, 3,000 miles coast to coast starting off at the Arabian sea and finishing off at the Bengal coast.

As always it’s done in typical James May style. He has a guest expert helping him along the way, and of course the crew get involved every now and then.

So far I am only 1 episode in (if you’re wondering there are 3 episodes of Our Man In India) and so far it’s been pretty good.

I love the behind the scenes look at the backstreet industry of India in the first episode, it’s really something to see. Also the sheer lack of health and safety in comparison to here in the UK, everyone just gets on and works, no risk assessments here!

James May at Holi in Our Man In India

James May in the middle of Holi celebrations

The first episode centres of Holi, which is something that looks amazing. I first found out about this when watching Four More Shots (Also on Amazon) and it’s such a fantastic celebration of colour that involves throwing paint, dancing and general partying.

There is of course a true meaning to it, if you want to know that, watch the show (actually it commemorates the victory of Vishnu as Narasimha over Hiranyakashipu).

There is more joining in with the locals, food, drinks, culture, getting things right and of course getting them horribly wrong.

So 1 episode down and 2 to go, I’m going to look forward to watching the rest. It’s one of the brand new Amazon Prime Video series 2024 and since we’re barely a week into the new year, I’m looking forward to seeing what else is coming.


Only 3 episodes long

So now I have watched all 3 episodes. They are only 49 – 53 minutes long, so pretty easy to get through. I have enjoyed watching all 3, but it does feel like there’s lots of stuff missing.

In the following episodes you do see probably the most famous site in India, the Taj Mahal, however they aren’t allowed to film inside or even near, so you only see it from a distance.

Even though it does feel a little lacking, there’s lots of the stuff you’d expect to see. Trains, cricket, the river Ganges, Bollywood and Tollywood, tea and music.

Both the Italy and Japan series were 6 episodes long, which I thought was a good length. I could have watched the Japan one for a lot more, this was my favourite.

James May Our Man In India: It’s worth watching if you enjoyed the previous series or you like travel shows in general. Lots of info along with fun and laughs.

At only 3 episodes it is short, and I am sure there’s tons more stuff they could have packed in. But for a whistle-stop tour of taking in some of the sights and culture of India, it’s worth watching.

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