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Vinnie Jones In The Country – A New Series To Binge Watch (Review)

Thursday, 14th December, 2023

Vinnie Jones In The Country Discovery+ Review

Image: Discovery+

One of the good things about getting Discovery+ to watch the football is there was a couple of TV series which I wanted to watch. One of the newest streaming series for 2023 has been Vinnie Jones In The Country.

I’ve been watching it since it’s been released, and so far I’m 5 episodes in.

Here’s what it’s all about and if it’s worth watching.

I love shows like this. The premise is quite simple: It’s Vinnie Jones living his life on his 2,000 acre countryside land and his farmyard which he is doing up in West Sussex.

If you’ve seen Clarkson’s Farm it is a very similar show, with less farm animals to look after (in fact none), a lot more swearing and has more of a focus on building and generally living in the countryside.

There’s plenty of wild animals, wildlife and nature though. What seems to be everyone’s favourite enemy the badger, with Vinnie looking to save hedgehogs and preserve other wildlife. There’s a lot of what it’s like to live life in the countryside, and you see a side of Vinnie Jones that you’d never have imagined.

See him clay pigeon shooting and shooting from the hip, as well as his fascination for nature, making bird calling noises. You also find out he’s into cars, and has his Land Rover done up with a BMW engine among other things.

There’s a cameo appearance from Gazza, the two go fishing and reminisce about the good old days. It was a good moment in the show and nice to see if you’ve grown up watching the pair playing football.

There’s a few other characters too, like his P.A Emma aka Blondie who you can’t help but feel sorry for sometimes and someone you can’t help but love, Paul Worby, aka Wobbly who is his right hand man.

The show is good and it’s worth a watch. It’s on Discovery+ right now with 5 episodes to stream and new releases every Monday.

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