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The Best TV Series To Binge Watch Right Now (2021) – Box Sets You’ll Not Want To Stop Watching

Friday, 2nd April, 2021

The Best TV Series To Binge Watch Right Now (2021)

Still stuck in the house or just love to watch TV? Either way, now the the perfect time to binge watch some of the best box sets!

There’s plenty of TV to binge watch while we are all in another lockdown. Some shows may not have returned for a new series because of the global situation, but there’s plenty of must watch TV series to watch or catch up on.

There’s drama and thrillers, as well as the lighter side such as comedy and romance. I have also watched a ton of sports programmes which are epic, and I’ll feature those too.

Some of these shows are still on going, some have just finished or started their current seasons, and some are now finished.

These days we have so many ways to watch box sets: SKY, Amazon, Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+ and free box sets  from the likes of ITV and Channel 4.

Here’s the best TV series to binge watch this year (so far!), they are so addictive to watch!

Get yourself some food and drinks, sit back, you’re going to be entertained for hours.

The Best Box Sets & Series On Sky TV

There’s so many great shows on SKY, many of which you can catch up on if you’ve missed them first time round.

Channels including Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy and Sky Documentaries are the home to some of the biggest shows from the UK, US and abroad. If you’ve heard of some great shows on HBO and Showtime in the U.S.A, you’ll find them on Sky.

Your Honor TV Series

Your Honor

A dramatic thriller, Your Honor is a gripping TV show on Sky Atlantic which is a fantastic watch. The show opens with a teenage driver accidentally killing another teenager who’s riding a motorbike.

It’s then discovered that the driver of the car is the son of a top judge, and the kid who he killed just happens to be the son of one of the biggest crime bosses in New Orleans.

I won’t put in any more spoilers, but it’s been a brilliant watch and definitely binge-worthy. The only bad thing is the spelling of “Honour” which is spelled Honor (since it’s an American show).

Channel: SKY Atlantic
Episode Length: 1 Hour
Number Of Seasons: 1
Number Of Episodes: 10

Gangs Of London - A TV Show Worth Watching

Gangs Of London

If you’re into a crime drama, Gangs Of London is definitely the one to watch this year. It premiered on SKY Atlantic in April 2020, and is a great watch.

It centres around the Wallace family who have a focus on crime, as well as their partners and rival gangs. There is twists and turns in the story, and it keeps you gripped.

It’s incredibly violent and bloody, so if you aren’t into that, you might want to give this one a miss. If a gangster thriller sounds like it’s up your street, it’s worth watching.

I highly recommend this.

Channel: SKY Atlantic
Episode Length: 1 Hour
Number Of Seasons: 1
Number Of Episodes: 9

Ballers Season 4 On Sky Atlantic


Ballers made it’s final ever season last year, it will be missed. But the good news is that there’s a massive 5 seasons to re-watch, that’s 47 episodes.

It’s a comedy drama type of series, which has the backdrop of American Football.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand or even like American Football to enjoy this show. It’s all about the life of people inside the game, from agents to managers and players, similar to Entourage was for the film industry.

Channel: SKY Comedy / SKY Atlantic
Episode Length: 30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 5
Number Of Episodes: 47

Chernobyl TV Show


One of the best shows in recent years was Chernobyl. I’ve always been fascinated with the terrible disaster that has been known as Chernobyl, but never knew much about it.

This is a drama show which is done really, really well, and tells the story. It’s captivating and it will keep you hooked.

The good thing is that now all the shows have aired, you can binge watch this one, so it comes down to how much time you want to spend on watching the show in a day.

Channel: SKY Atlantic
Episode Length: 1 Hour
Number Of Seasons: 1
Total Number Of Episodes: 6

Billions TV Show


Billions is a brilliant TV show which is now into it’s 5th season on SKY Atlantic (Showtime in the USA).  The season started but is unfinished because of the pandemic, so now is the perfect time to binge watch the whole thing.

It’s a brilliant drama which is based around Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhodes: The hedge fund manager vs the Attorney, in a dramatic good vs evil show.

Who is good and who is evil? It all depends on which side of the fence you sit on.

Channel: SKY Atlantic
Episode Length: 1 Hour
Number Of Seasons: 5
Number Of Episodes: 55

Black Monday TV Show

Black Monday

I love shows which are based on real life with a hint of comedy and drama, and that’s what Black Monday is all about. It’s about the Wall Street crash of the 80’s, which has been called Black Monday.

The show sets out to show what happened on Black Monday in 1987, and stars Don Cheadle as the owner of the Wall Street firm The Jammer Group, taking you back a year right up to the day of the crash.

Season 2 aired in 2020 which picks up from the previous one. Since it’s just under 30 minutes it’s really easy to sit back and watch several shows in one sitting.

Channel: SKY Atlantic
Episode Length: ~30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 2
Number Of Episodes: 16

Euphoria - Must Watch TV Show To Catch Up On


I love Euphoria, but it is a bit of a slow burner. You really need to give this 2 or 3 episodes, and then you’ll enjoy it.

The show is a coming of age kind of series, set around high school kids discovering themselves. It’s very hard hitting and edgy, and is all about drugs, sexuality, sex and the other dramas which circulate around old teens in the modern day.

Season 2 was set to be here in 2020, but for obvious reasons it didn’t happen. There are 2 specials to bridge the gap between the first season and upcoming 2nd season hopefully in 2021.

Channel: SKY Atlantic
Length: 1 Hour (1 Hour 10 mins including ad breaks)
Number Of Seasons: 1 (plus 2 specials)
Number Of Episodes: 8

Silicone Valley - 9PM Wednesdays on Sky Atlantic

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is based around a tech start up in, you guessed it, Silicon Valley. It’s a comedy drama kind of show, mostly about 5 guys who are friends and programmers. It goes from a new start up Pied Piper, and over 6 seasons the show has evolved from there.

Channel: SKY Comedy / SKY Atlantic
Episode Length: ~30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 6
Number Of Episodes: 53


Guilty pleasure or just a great TV show. Girls is of a comedy drama mostly about 4 girls, all friends but all have different personalities.

It’s kind of like a modern day Sex in the City mashed up with Friends. One for millennials that love a good coming of age show.

It ran from 2012 – 2017 but can still be seen on SKY or on DVD.

Channel: SKY Atlantic / DVD
Episode Length: ~30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 6
Number Of Episodes: 62

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

Winter Is Coming? I wouldn’t know. Am I the only one who didn’t watch Game Of Thrones?

I could now, and if you want to, now’s the best time to start a binge watch. It’s all over with now, but there’s plenty of episodes to binge on, and it will take you some time to get through them all.

Channel: SKY Atlantic
Length: 50-82 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 8
Number Of Episodes: 73

Entourage binge watch TV Show


Entourage was my favourite TV show years ago, and I think it could be the best tv show to binge watch ever! Each episode is only around 30 minutes long, and it’s got 96 episodes split over 8 seasons.

It follows the story of Vinny Chase who is the movie star, and is in Hollywood with his friends which include Turtle, Eric and his half brother Johnny “Drama” Chase. One of the best characters in the show is his agent, Ari Gold, who is always funny.

There’s tons of other supporting characters throughout the series, including cameo appearances from lots of celebrities. It’s so easy to binge watch an entire season in no time at all.

Channel: SKY Atlantic/SKY Comedy/DVD
Length: 30~ Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 8
Number Of Episodes: 96

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

I couldn’t finish the list without some nostalgia, and it’s the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. It’s now showing on SKY Comedy and BBC iPlayer, and you can binge watch everything!

I used to really like Fresh Prince back in the 90’s, it was brilliant. You can now re-watch all over again, or watch for the first time if you missed it first time round.

Channel: SKY Comedy/BBC iPlayer
Length: 25~ Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 6
Number Of Episodes: 148

Best Series On Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has some of the best shows and box sets when it comes to streaming. There’s Amazon Originals as well as shows it’s brought to the platform from other channels.

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is about cars, sort of. It’s Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson doing what they do best: Arsing about. This show is much about travel as it is about cars.

If you like a bit of a laugh, comedy, men, cars and travel, you’ll like this. It’s not really a car show, so you don’t need to worry about having a huge interest in cars, although you may enjoy it more.

Series 4 contains only 2 episodes which are specials. The first being “The Grand Tour: Seamen” and the latest being released almost a year later, “A Massive Hunt” which was set in Réunion and Madagascar.

Channel: Amazon Prime Video
Episode Length: 1~ Hour
Number Of Seasons: 4
Number Of Episodes: 40

James May Our Man In Japan Review

Our Man In Japan With James May

If you’ve ever been fascinated in Japan and travel, this is for you. I enjoy most of the shows James May does, and Our Man In Japan is another good one.

It’s as entertaining as it is informative, and has that binge-worthy factor of wanting to start the next episode immediately after watching the previous one.

Channel: Amazon Prime Video
Episode Length: 47 – 53 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 1
Number Of Episodes: 6

Red Oaks Review

Red Oaks

One of my favourite shows I’ve watched in recent times, Red Oaks is epic.

A comedy drama coming of age series set in the 80s about a few friends who work at a rich country club is the best way to describe this. Every character is so likeable, there’s plenty of jokes and quotes running throughout the show, it’s brilliant.

It’s a really light, easy to watch show, perfect for right now.

Channel: Amazon Prime Video
Episode Length: ~30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 3
Total Number Of Episodes: 36

The Bold Type

The Bold Type

Another show about friendships, this is The Bold Type. Set in New York City, three best friends work for a magazine in different departments, it’s your typical TV show about friends, relationships, work and life.

Think of something like Girls but less raw and more laid back and easier to watch.

Channel: Amazon Prime Video
Episode Length: ~30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 4
Number Of Episodes: 40

Four More Shots, Please! Amazon Show

Four More Shots, Please!

Have you ever wanted to watch a show set in India about 4 Indian women at different stages of their lives/careers? Probably not, but Four More Shots, Please! is all about that, and it works.

If you like shows which are based around friendships and have a kind of buddy feel to them, this is one of a flurry that I’ve been watching this year. It’s in English/Hindi, and you’ll need subtitles to watch it, but it’s a good watch.

Four More Shots Please Season 2 was released in 2020 on Amazon.

Channel: Amazon Prime
Episode Length: ~30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 2
Number Of Episodes: 20

The Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy Amazon Show

The Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy

I have such a big interest in the economy and finance, so when I saw this TV show called The Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy, I had to give it a watch.

It’s a documentary style series starring Kal Penn, who looks at different aspects of the economy in each episode.

It’s a really interesting but also has a fun element to keep you engaged which is needed, with episode titles such as “Are rich people dicks or do dicks get rich”.

Channel: Amazon Prime Video
Episode Length: 1 Hour
Number Of Seasons: 1
Number Of Episodes: 8

Best Series On Channel 4 And All 4

Channel 4 has had some epic shows and box sets over the years, and you can catch up on them all with their All 4 platform. Whether you like something which is currently shown on Channel 4 or E4, or you want some nostalgia, you can binge watch so much.

Derry Girls TV Show

Derry Girls

Derry Girls could be the best British comedy show we’ve had on TV for a long time.

I watched the first series absolutely loved it, so watching the second series was a necessity. The show centres around 4 girls from Derry, one of their cousins from England and the family of Erin, the main character.

It’s set in the 90’s around the time of the troubles in Northern Ireland in the early/mid 90’s.

The story lines are brilliant, and I have to mention the music, it’s epic. It takes you back to the 90’s, and is featured quite a bit in the show which gives it the ultimate nostalgic feel.

Episodes are only around 30 minutes long, and with a 3rd series hopefully due this year there’s no excuse not to binge watch Derry Girls.

Derry Girls Season 3 looks like it will be coming, but there’s no dates on when as of yet.

Channel: Channel 4/ E4
Episode Length: ~30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 2
Number Of Episodes: 12

It's A Sin TV Series On Channel 4

It’s A Sin

2021 brought us a brilliant drama on Channel 4, It’s A Sin. The series is all about the aids crisis in the 80s, and follows the lives of young friends as they navigate life in London throughout the decade from 1981 to 1991.

Channel: Channel 4
Episode Length: ~60 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 1
Number Of Episodes: 5

Best Series On BBC And Box Sets On BBC iPlayer

BBC and the iPlayer has plenty of new series as well as old to binge watch. There’s a few exclusives from the U.S. which can’t be seen on any channel, and the iPlayer is free in the UK.

Mortimer And Whitehouse Gone Fishing

Mortimer And Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

You might be thinking why would you want to watch a tv series about fishing? It’s because it’s brilliant, and not much about fishing!

The backdrop is fishing, but it’s Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse going around the country to various rivers and fishing spots. They talk, have a laugh, it’s really really funny, and there’s some fishing too. You don’t have to know anything about fishing, or even like it to enjoy this show.

It’s kind of like The Grand Tour but fishing rather than cars.

If you liked them in the 90’s, then you should like this. Mortimer And Whitehouse: Gone Fishing has been around since 2018 but I just got into it in 2020. There’s been 3 series, and a Christmas Special just last December.

Channel: BBC iPlayer
Episode Length: 30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 3 + 1 Christmas Special
Total Number Of Episodes: 18

The Misadventures Of Romesh Ranganathan

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

I only saw one episode of the first series of The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, but when I saw there was a second series, I decided to give it a proper watch, and I’m glad I did.

Take comedy and humour, add in entertainment and mix it with travel and some interesting facts about cool places, and you get this show.

The Christmas Special of 2020 was set in the Hebrides. It was a really good watch, and you should go back and watch all of the episodes, including the specials.

Channel: BBC 2 /  DAVE
Episode Length: 1 Hour
Number Of Seasons: 2
Number Of Episodes: 9 + Christmas Specials

Shrill is a binge worth TV Show on BBC iPlayer


If you like shows such as Girls, The Bold Type or Derry Girls, you’re likely to love Shrill. It kind of reminds me of Girls the most. It a comedy which centres around a girl called Annie, who is a young woman making her way through life as an overweight girl.

There’s work life, boyfriends and just going through life in general. It’s a really easy to watch show, and you’ll find yourself sitting down and binging on several shows all at once, if not entire series.

There’s 2 series which are on BBC iPlayer in the UK (HULU in USA), and good news, there’s a 3rd series coming.

Channel: BBC iPlayer
Episode Length: ~30 Minutes
Number Of Seasons: 2
Number Of Episodes: 14

Best Apple TV Plus Shows & Box Sets

Apple TV+ has a growing collection of TV series to watch if you are a subscriber to the service, with a number of new shows being added all the time.

The Morning Show Apple TV+

The Morning Show

One of the marquee shows for Apple TV+, it’s The Morning Show. It’s a really good show with an all star cast including Steve Carrell, Reece Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, and centres on the breakfast show of an American TV channel.

It’s a really good drama to watch. and is a really good watch.

Channel: Apple TV+
Episode Length: 60 – 70 minutes
Number Of Seasons: 1
Number Of Episodes: 10

Best Series On Netflix

Netflix is one of the premier streaming services for TV series. There’s plenty of shows to binge watch, with Netflix Originals as well as content from other providers too.


The story of Pablo Escobar and the drug cartels of Colombia, that’s what Narcos is all about.

It’s a crime drama mostly in Spanish as well as being partly in English. It’s violent and brutal, but is a great dramatic show to watch which is based on the real life story.

One of the most watched shows on Netflix, highly recommended.

Channel: Netflix
Episode Length: 1 Hour
Number Of Seasons: 3
Total Number Of Episodes: 30


And there you have it, the best TV shows to binge watch right now. Whether it’s comedy, drama, documentaries or action thrillers, there’s something for you in this list.

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