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Big Mood On Channel 4 – Here’s Why You Need To Watch The New Hit Series

Thursday, 4th April, 2024

Big Mood is a brilliant new comedy show on channel 4

Image: Big Mood – Channel 4

If you’re looking for a brand new series for 2024 to watch and you love a bit of comedy, Big Mood on Channel 4 has you covered.

I’ve already watched the first two episodes which were on last week (28th March), and it was a really good watch.

Here’s what it’s all about.

So as mentioned I am only 2 episodes in and already I love it. Big Mood stars Nicola Coughlan as Maggie and Lydia West as Eddie who have been best friends for a decade and are negotiating their way through life.

After going through thick and thin in their 20’s, it’s all about how they go through this stage of their life in their 30’s. Eddie is running her struggling pub with Maggie going through her mental health issues.

I won’t post any real spoilers, but so far in the first two episodes here’s what’s happened.

In the first episode Maggie goes back to her old school to talk about her career as a playwriter, dressed inappropriately and runs into her old school teachers. One she used to fancy, and the other who she absolutely did not.

Is Mr Wilson still hot?

She ends up giving the school kids a hilarious talk, not something the teachers wanted, and ends up in her old favourite teacher’s room.

In the second episode Eddie is determined to throw Maggie a 30th birthday party at the pub which she definitely does not want.

The party is a Love Actually themed party, with all the guests dressing up as characters from the film, and Maggie dressed as the octopus.

There’s also a rat problem at the pub which Eddie is trying to sort out. You can probably guess how that turns out (but watch it instead).

The series runs for 6 episodes, and if you’re looking for box sets to binge watch right now, this is a good one. Each episode is 25 – 30 minutes long, so can easily be binge watched in no time at all.

For me, I’ll be watching these “live”, so I can watch this over the next few weeks. The first two episodes were on last week, with episode 3 and 4 on tonight and the next on Thursdays at 10PM on channel 4.

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