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Clarkson’s Farm Series 3 – Clarkson, Kaleb & Co Are Back To Their Brilliance!

Saturday, 4th May, 2024

Clarkson's Farm Series 3 Review - Brilliant, Funny And Interesting

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One of my favourite shows on Amazon is back for 2024, it’s Clarkson’s Farm series 3.

It feels like such a long time ago since the first series, but here we are, now into the 3rd instalment of the series. It was released on Friday 3rd May where 4 episodes have been dropped on Amazon Prime Video, with 4 more coming next Friday, 10th May.

If you like the show you’ll know what to expect, but here’s some info from episode 1 of series 3 with no big spoilers. As Amazon say, It’s The Pig One.

All the gang are back in the show again. There’s Jeremy & Lisa, Kaleb, Gerald and of course cheerful Charlie all back on the farm.

But now there’s a difference, the farm is in turmoil. It’s begins filming in August 2022, and it comes on the back of the council shutting down Diddly Squat restaurant. The weather is not great for farming either, set in the summer of 2022, it was when we had that massive heatwave of a summer most of us loved. Not too great for farming as Jeremy discovers.

With no restaurant and being banned from selling any hot food from the grounds, to the weather creating chaos for farming, Jeremy has to find a new source of income.

His plan? To farm the unfarmed land, and unfarming is born.

Farming vs Unfarming

He promotes Kaleb from tractor driver to manager of the whole farm, while Jeremy looks after all the unfarmed land. This of course sets up a competition, who can make the most profit, Kaleb on the farm, vs Jeremy using the unfarmed land.

The first show sees Jeremy try his hand at picking blackberries…Who knew you could actually pick berries off with a hoover! (You have to see this! And it was actually a Henry vacuum cleaner). But of course this is Diddly Squat farm and Jeremy Clarkson, so things did not go as planned.

Kaleb has to contend with the weather, skyrocketing prices and planning on the farming with the help of cheerful Charlie to make the farm profitable while beating Jeremy in their competition.

Episode 1 ends on a genuine devastating bombshell for one, with some sad news.

I am looking forward to watching the other episodes which are available now, with 4 more coming next week.

When it comes to new series for 2024 on Amazon Prime, this is one to watch.

Image via Amazon MGM Studios

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