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Adidas Release Euro 2024 Football Shirts – My Top Picks

Friday, 15th March, 2024

The best Adidas Euro 2024 kits released

Euro 2024 is right around the corner, and Adidas have unveiled and released the new football shirts for their teams ready for Euro 2024.

There are some brilliant kits that have been released, from the clean cut to some striking colours and designs.

These are my top picks.

I’ve already written about the Euro 2024 Spain kits, so I will miss all of those out, and focus on the other nations.

Germany Home 2024-25 Shirt

Germany Home Shirt 2024-25

I love the Germany home shirt for this year. It combines the clean cut white shirt with some black flashes, on the shoulders and on the sides of the shirt.

The sleeves also come with a gradient red to yellow, the colours of the German flag.

Germany Away 2024-25 Shirt

Germany Away Shirt 2024-25

The Germany away shirt looks incredible, and is really bold. The purple to pink colour is in a fade or gradient style that really stands out and looks good. The diamond style patterns which are tonal on the front of the shirt really make it stand out.

The badges are bright white, and look the part on this shirt

Germany Goalkeeper Shirt 2024-25

Germany Goalkeeper Shirt 2024-25

When it comes to the Germany goalkeeper shirt, it’s once again a stand out shirt. It has multiple patterns, including clean lines and a dotted pattern with the base colour being black and grey, and accent colours being coral and yellow.

Belgium Away 2024-25 Shirt

Belgium Away Shirt 2024-25

For a clean cut look, the Belgium away shirt is a one to take a look at. Belgium have a history of having really good looking shirts, and Adidas didn’t disappoint this year either.

The Belgium away kit is based around famous Belgian cartoon Tintin, who is depicted wearing a blue shirt with brown shorts and a white collared undershirt.

The light blue looks really clean, and it comes with a tonal geometric pattern in the shirt. The accents on the side are white, with the Belgium badge in full colour and Adidas badge on the opposite side being gold.

This is also the only Adidas Euro 2024 shirt so far which comes with a collar and one-button placket.

Sweden Away Shirt 2024-25

Sweden Away Shirt 2024-25

Sweden has often used a blue shirt for their away kit, and it’s a familiar story when it comes to this year. The navy blue shirt comes with a swirling circular tonal pattern, and neon pink accents to the sides.

The badges to the front are yellow, with the Adidas 3 stripes on the sleeves being the same neon pink colour.

Italy Goalkeeper Shirt 2024-25

Italy Goalkeeper Shirt 2024-25

One of my favourite goalkeeper shirts has to be that of Italy. It uses the same Tiro 24 template shirt as Germany and Spain, but the colours on this one are beautiful.

If I said bright red, pink, orange and blue it would sound like a complete mis-match, but they have worked these colours so well.

All the colours work so well, and the line and dotted patterns in the navy blue really set off the design making it look like a goalkeeper shirt fit for the 90’s.

Those are my top 6 picks of the Euro 2024 kits. All are available now at Adidas here, with the exception of the Italy GK shirt which will follow in June.

Will you be picking any of these up?

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