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Cheap Monday Returning Summer 2024

Monday, 25th March, 2024

Cheap Monday Returning Summer 2024

image via Cheap Monday

I was browsing around the online fashion places and low and behold I happened to come across some good news: Cheap Monday is returning this summer!

This is some good news, I always liked Cheap Monday so I am glad it’s making a return. If you missed out the first time it was around then you’ll be able to get your hands on some Cheap Monday stuff soon.

Here’s what happened and what’s coming down the line.

I first discovered Cheap Monday in the first few years of this blog, and had a few bits of pieces of clothing from them from around 2011 onwards.

This includes everything from T-shirts to denim jackets, and of course their infamous skinny fit jeans.

Fast forward a few years and they were bought by H&M. Fast forward another few years and the H&M Group decided that they’ll cease the label, and Cheap Monday would be no more.

This was official in 2018, with the brand officially shutting down on 31st December 2018.

I got the last ever pair of Cheap Monday jeans when I heard about this, and a few pairs of boxers too. The £49 a pair jeans were £15 online, but if you were able to get to the store in London, you could pick up a pair for £1, or 12 pairs for £10!

And that was that for Cheap Monday, until now.

The H&M Group have announced that they are bringing back the label, which will be sold at the Weekday stores as well as weekday.com.

Their official note said:

Cheap Monday is about the fearless spirit of the youth culture, about empowering the young generation to discover their own path, to explore their creativity, and to express themselves freely.

Cheap Monday will offer a core collection of Jeans and will be sold via weekday.com and in selected Weekday stores and retailers starting Summer 2024.

This was actually announced in January, but I hadn’t heard anything about this until now.

No other information is out at the moment, but they still have their Instagram account which is currently blank other than their bio which states Cheap Monday, no bullshit, coming soon. So it looks like it’s the same edgy style which is good.

Nevertheless it’s good news if you’re looking for an edgy Scandi fashion brand at high street prices.

I am looking forward to seeing what’s on offer, and I will have to see about getting some of my Cheap Monday t-shirts out to wear this summer, I’ll class these as vintage 😀

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