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Spain Home And Away Shirts For 2024-25 Released By Adidas

Thursday, 14th March, 2024

Adidas Spain Release Euro 2024 Shirts

You know we’re getting closer and closer to Euro 2024 when the national teams release their new kits, and today Adidas and Spain unveiled the home and away kits for 2024-25.

The home shirt is red, and the away shirt for the upcoming campaign is yellow.

The goalkeeper shirt was also unveiled, and more on all three of these shirts below.

Spain Home Shirt 2024-25

Adidas Spain Home Shirt 2024-25

As you would expect, the home shirt is red, no surprise there. It’s a similar colour to what you’d expect the home shirt to be, but there is a pattern within the shirt. The official name Adidas are calling this red is “better scarlet”.

The pattern is said to be ‘the rhythmical movement of ocean waves’, and is tonal in it’s nature. It’s present throughout the shirt, with it being on both the front and the back.

The Adidas logo is to the front right of the chest, with the new modern logo without the wording. The Spain crest is to the front left chest position, in a tonal style.

The sides of the shirt contain some yellow detailing, along with the carnation, Spain’s national flower being on the nape of the neck on the back of the shirt.

The full kit comes with blue shorts and red socks.

Spain Away Shirt 2024-25

Adidas Spain Away Shirt 2024-25

What can I say about the Spain away shirt…I don’t like it. I said this about the last away shirt, but this one is really taking a while to love.

The yellow colour used, it’s what Adidas are calling pulse yellow, and it’s been seen before, but not like this.

It looks really pale, and on my screen I don’t like the look of it at all. I think (hope) it will look better in person or on TV.

The sides and hem have a toned pattern which are in mint green, officially called halo mint.

The Spain crest and Adidas badge to the front are in red, and once again the carnation is on the back nape of the neck.

Spain Goalkeeper Shirt 2024-25

Spain Adidas 2024-25 Blue Goalkeeper Shirt

Now the goalkeeper shirt, wow! I love this shirt!

As soon as I saw it I knew it was a goalkeeper shirt and I knew I would love it. It’s a proper goalkeeper shirt, reminiscent of the great goalie shirts of the 90’s which I love.

The heart of the shirt is all blue, but there’s lots of colour to it. There’s dotted and line patterns on the front of the shirt, clean lines and a mix of white, purple and dark blue.

It looks incredible and is a fantastic change from the plain goalkeeper shirts we’ve seen Spain use in recent years.

This comes from the template Tiro 24, and is being used by Germany and Italy too (both having the same design but different colours which are fantastic too!).

There are matching Tiro 24 shorts to go with this shirt, but not official Spain ones which aren’t on sale.

The home and away shirt come in at £80 for the replicas and £120 for the authentic versions. The goalkeeper shirt comes in at £85, which is available from 6th April. Shop them at Adidas here.

What are your thoughts on these shirts? Only 3 months to go for the Euros, but we’ll likely see these shirts in action next week in the friendly matches against Colombia and Brazil.

You can check out the my top picks of the best Euro 2024 shirts by Adidas, which includes 6 more of these epic shirts we’ll be seeing in the summer.

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