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All Adidas World Cup 2022 Football Kits Released

Sunday, 18th September, 2022

Adidas have released all of their  football shirts for the nations competing in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in November this year.

The kit releases comes at an unusual time, to go with the unusual World Cup timing that is happening in the Winter for the first time ever.

Teams Adidas supply include Spain, Argentina, Germany, Japan, Belgium and Mexico.

Here’s the home and away shirts the teams will be wearing at the World Cup.

All of the Adidas shirts this year feature the Adidas Sportwear logo to the front of the shirt, without the Adidas wording. This is a new move which Adidas has made this year with branding of their football and lifestyle clothing which uses the performance logo.

Spain Home Shirt

The Spain home shirt is a traditional red colour with yellow badges. It has a navy blue trim, along with striping in the collar line in the national flag colours.

Spain Away Shirt

Spain go to a light blue colour palette for their away shirt. It has patterns on the front which are in an art deco style. The badges are centralised on the away shirt, with red and yellow striping on the sleeves.

Check out more information on the Spain Home & Away World Cup 2022 shirts here.

Germany Home Shirt

The Germany home shirt features a bold black stripe straight down the centre of the shirt, meaning it’s not a solid white colour which it has traditionally been.

I like this design, which is finished off with gold logos in the centre, and gold, red and black striping to the collar and sides.

Germany Away Shirt

Germany’s away shirt is a dark red and black shirt which is patterned with a cool line design. Gold badges to the front with gold three stripes down the sleeves of the shirt.

Argentina Home Shirt

Argentina’s home shirt sticks to the classics and does it well. Light blue and white stripes are the design of the shirt, finished off with a black trim. It looks clean and sleek and really well done.

Argentina Away Shirt

I absolutely love the Argentina away shirt. It’s a purple design with flame style patterns going up from the base which is done in a gradient tonal manner.

Mexico Home Shirt

Mexico stick to the traditional green for their home shirt, but a nice line pattern to the front gives it some contrast. The shirt comes with red detailing on the sides and on the three sleeve stripes.

Mexico Away Shirt

Adidas have given it’s craziest football shirt for the 2022 World Cup to the Mexico away shirt. This incredible pattern is based around the mythical Quetzalcoatl’s serpent body, and is done in a red graphic on the basis of an off-white shirt. I look forward to seeing this design at the World Cup.

Japan Home Shirt

Japan’s home shirt comes in blue and has a distinctive pattern on the front of their shirt. The geometric style comes in white and is inspired by the crow.

Japan Away Shirt

Japan’s away shirt is a clean cut white design throughout most of the shirt, with the sleeves giving it some colourful detail. The gradient style colours of red and blue are blended nicely, and overall looks nice.

Belgium Home Shirt

Belgium’s home shirt comes in mostly a bright red colour, with a black trim occupying most of the sleeves and side of the shirt. The sleeves come with a fiery pattern starting at the bottom, and look pretty cool.

Belgium Away Shirt

Belgium’s away shirt looks so clean, but it does come with subtle pattern design too. The clean white shirt looks crisp and white, but the Belgium crest and Adidas badge both come with a gradient colouring that really stands out. The same colourful patterns can be seen on the tips of the sleeves for a subtle but distinctive look.

And these are the Adidas football shirts for the 2022 World Cup. You can also check out the Nike 2022 World Cup shirts here, which ones do you think are the best?

Nike have a few more teams to showcase their designs, but we could see the big boys of Germany, Spain and Argentina for longer on our screens if they can progress further.

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