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Spain Icon Goalkeeper Shirt By Adidas – I Got One! Here’s What It’s Like

Saturday, 1st October, 2022

Spain Icon Goalkeeper Shirt Adidas 2022

A couple of weeks ago Adidas released a few goalkeeper icon shirts for selected national teams. This included Mexico, Germany, Argentina and Spain.

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to get the Spain shirt.

I’ve finally got it, and it’s brilliant!

Here’s what you need to know about the Adidas Spain icon goalkeeper shirt.

Adidas released a few football lifestyle shirts a couple of weeks back. They’re calling these icon shirts, and take design inspiration from goalkeeper shirts that were released in the 90s.

The Germany and Argentina versions are inspired from the shirts worn in 1990, with the Mexico shirt being inspired from the crazy kits Jorge Campos used to wear for the national team.

The Spain goalkeeper shirt takes the Adidas goalkeeper template design from the 95-96 season. This is the same design which was used by Newcastle and Liverpool, but they have changed up the colours.

The shirt is mostly light blue, with an overall print design in a darker shade of blue. Then there’s the three spike type of design which is in white, dark and light blue.

I have always loved this design, from 1995 to now.

Spain Icon Goalkeeper Shirt By Adidas Close Up

The biggest difference in this and the 95-96 jersey’s is that the whole design is printed in the shirt. Back in the olden days the design was mostly printed, with the spikes being in a flock material.

The badge to the front uses the tonal design, i.e. it’s only in 2 colours rather than the old style of a full colour badge.

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s the new 2022 Spain crest on the shirt rather than the old style one. The World Cup winning star is present too, in a silver colour along with the Adidas sportswear logo.

It’s made of recycled 100% polyester like the new football shirts Adidas produces, and feels of good quality.

The Fit

Spain Icon Goalkeeper Shirt Neckline Close Up

I have to talk about the fit. For some reason Adidas has listed this on their site as a slim fit along with saying it’s a relaxed fit. Talk about confusing!

This is very much an oversized fit football shirt. It even says loose fit inside the shirt.

I was going to buy a medium, instead I opted for a small and I am glad I did. I think this may even fit a large, albeit being a tighter fit.

This is good, because it keeps the aesthetic and spirit of the 90’s fit alive in the shirt. Not only were goalkeeper shirts baggy, but a lot of 90’s fashion was about baggy and oversized fits.

So I can say that it does fit as it should, an oversized shirt. The sleeve length is pretty nice, not too long. The length of the shirt is nice, if anything a tiny bit on the short side.

Back in the 90’s all goalkeeper shirts were long sleeved, and so is this one. It’s one of the only long sleeve football shirts I’ve ever owned (my other Spain goalkeeper shirts are short sleeves).


Spain Icon Goalkeeper Shirt Adidas Lying Flat

If you don’t know anything about the goalkeeper shirts of the 90’s, this design is in-keeping with them.

The crazy patterns of the 90’s, the colours, I loved them all then, and still do now. I can only hope that more are released, and I might have to take a look at those too.

The shirt is expensive at £90, but being an icon shirt and limited edition, I couldn’t let this one slip by.

The sad part is that this shirt is not going to be used in the World Cup, and not going to be used by Spain at all. At least that’s officially the plan.

Maybe we’ll see it in action in a friendly or something in the future.

I love this shirt. If you’re a shirt collector, Spain fan or like the goalkeeper shirts of the 90’s, you’ll appreciate this.

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