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James May Our Man In Italy Amazon Prime Video Review

Wednesday, 31st August, 2022

James May has his second travel show on Amazon Prime Video right now which is James May Our Man In Italy.

After the previous one I had to check it out and I’ve binge watched it all.

If you didn’t see James May Our Man In Japan I can highly recommend that. You don’t need to have seen that to watch this, although there’s a couple of inside jokes if you have seen it (Bim, guess what).

If you did the previous series, this one is in the same style, albeit with a back drop of Italy rather than Japan.

I’ve been to Italy before, I went to Rome and loved it so I always like to watch travel shows about the country especially when they’re good.

Since I did enjoy the Japan trip I was expecting to like this show and I wasn’t disappointed.

James May goes around Italy, starting at the bottom (The island of Sicily to be exact) and ending up in Venice, with plenty of things in between.

With this being Italy, there’s a lot of food in there. While the last one was about exploring weird, quirky and cool Japan, the Italy trip is everything you can expect from Italy plus a lot more.

The food, the history, the people and some Italian language thrown in there too. He also has to take part in various traditional activities, including taking penalties at Juventus and showing Giorgio Chiellini how to make a proper cup of tea.

James doesn’t go around alone, and has a tour guide style co-presenter in each episode which take him through Italy, which compliment him well.

Of course the crew get involved in the shows too, usually off screen style arguments that are played out.

It wouldn’t be a show without a form of transport, and Italy is famed for them. You’re probably thinking of a Ferrari, but no, James May drives a Fiat Panda around the country.

Not to worry, because Ferrari does make an appearance which it definitely should.

Overall I enjoyed this show once again, and if you’re looking for a box set to watch and like travel shows, I can recommend this (and the first series) on Amazon Prime Video.

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