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Sunday, 16th July, 2017

Diadora x Roberto Baggio Collection – World Cup 94

Diadora x Roberto Baggio WC94 Collection

How incredible is this!

If you are a fan of football and grew up watching it in the early to mid 90’s you’ll know how good Italian football was, and all the legendary players they had. Serie A was the league to play in back then, and the Italian national team had some superstars including Roberto Baggio. Italia ’90 was a great World Cup which West Germany won, but four years later at USA 94 Italy got to the final where they were beaten by Brazil on penalties. One of the most memorable players of the tournament was Roberto Baggio, who sadly missed the crucial penalty kick for Italy.

Diadora has teamed up with Roberto Baggio and released this tiny capsule collection, the Diadora x Roberto Baggio collection which includes these three pieces, all of which I really like. There’s a blue T-shirt which is similar to that of what Italy were wearing during the World Cup as their home shirt. There’s a crew neck sweatshirt in navy blue with the Italia pattern on, but my favourite piece from the collection is the jacket.

Roberto Baggio x Diadora Jacket, T-Shirt and Sweatshirt

The track jacket is primarily white with navy blue detailing on the arms, and the front has the iconic 90’s style pattern with blue, green and red. These are the same design of jackets which Italy wore at the World Cup before the games, part of the presentation tracksuit. These are slightly modified, with a slightly different badge, and the Roberto Baggio signature printed on the back in gold.

This is a Made In Italy collection, is strictly limited and you’ll be lucky to find any right now. The collection went on sale on Saturday 15th July, only sold in selected shops and has sold out in most places. The T-shirt comes in at £59, sweatshirt £89 and infamous jacket £115.

As for as iconic clothing turned into street wear I think this has been very well done, and it’s just a shame that it’s in such limited quantities. What do you think of these pieces?

Wednesday, 12th July, 2017

Air Max 1 Jewel Premium – University Blue & Crown Jewel

Air Max 1 University Blue

Tomorrow sees the launch of a couple of pairs of Air Max 1 Premium trainers from Nike, and they look pretty good!

When I was going for my white pair of trainers I actually ordered the Jewel in black diamond, then changed my mind and cancelled, and ended up getting the Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 in triple white. Nike are continuing to release the jewel trainers, this time round with two colourways, one being called the Crown Jewel, and the other, which has caught my eye in particular, in University Blue.

It is the Summer so perfect time to get yourself a pair of white trainers, and now Nike have given us all two more options when it comes to getting some clean cut kicks to wear for this season. Both are white as a base, but the University Blue just looks epic. The light blue colour is set off just right, and will work well if you want some white sneakers but don’t want the striking bright vibes you can get from an all white pair. They come with the trademark jewel swoosh to the side, and the splashes of blue really make these trainers stand out.

As with all the jewel range, these have premium leather uppers, and come with a translucent outsole, keeping the whole look nice and clean, and the standard large Nike swoosh logo on the bottom of the sole which is quite eye catching.

Air Max 1 Crown Jewel

The other trainer is what they’re calling the Crown Jewel. This comes in the same premium white upper, but the light blue is replaced with black, which does look really nice. I do like this colourway too, but I think the blue edges it as it’s more creative and original, even though I love monochrome black and white aesthetics, I do like a splash of colour to add to it.

You’ll be able to pick both of these up from tomorrow at 07:59 at priced at £104.95. I would imagine these will go pretty fast, trainers seem to go quickly on the Nike site. Check them out here.

What do you think of these new colourways from Nike?

Saturday, 10th June, 2017

Adidas Originals Campus Shoe For Summer 2017

Adidas Originals Campus Trainers Summer 2017

Adidas Originals have announced the upcoming release of the iconic Campus silhouette for Summer 2017, which sees the shoe that went from Sport to Street in the downtown New York scene. Originals collaborates with Blondey McCoy, Na-Kel Smith, Tavia Bonetti and Tiffany Lighty to celebrate the brave, bold attitude of the Campus shoe in the No Time to Think campaign.

Introduced in 1978, you’ll be able to get the Campus in a few styles and colours, including a textured suede. This comes with a ‘hairy suede’ upper, in either bold aqua or semi solar pink in colour. They have a leather lining with the iconic three stripes also in leather at the middle of the trainer. They have a reinforced toe cap and a rubber outsole, with the Adidas trefoil logo on the heel. These come in at £79.95. Check them out here.

Another option is the same Campus with a pigskin nubuck upper, which is available in dark blue, grey or black, and has a synthetic leather lining. These also come with a rubber outsole, the three stripes in the middle and trefoil logo on the heel. They come in at £69.95. Check them out here.

Overall I really like both of these options, and with the rise and rise of street wear and iconic re-releases and updates, these will be popular by many. Adidas Originals have already brought back the Stan Smith and Superstar silhouettes to name only two, both with success and a huge fan base, and the Campus could go that way too.

The Adidas Original Campus trainers will be available from 15th June 2017 from Adidas here. More pictures below

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Thursday, 25th May, 2017

1960’s Jeans From Levi’s For Summer 2017

Levi's 1960's inspired jeans for Summer

Hey guys!

So Summer is here right now, and if you are looking for something a bit different in your jeans which are perfect for the warmer weather, these are definitely worth a look. They’re a few new pairs of denim from Levi’s.

I saw these a few weeks ago and think they’re brilliant. Levi’s have created four pair of unisex jeans which they’re calling the Crazy Leg 1960’s jeans. They are limited edition and inspired by the 1967 Goldie Horn character on The Laugh In, a popular comedy sketch show in the 1960s.

The first pair features eyelash printed to the front with lips printing as well as classic 60s slogans to the back of the leg. The next features check list slogan prints to the front, with a mock eye test to the back of the jeans. The third pair has Love Trip printed down the front legs in a true 60’s style, with a zipper style print to the back.

If you’ve read my jeans guide you’ll know that for a staple pair of denim you should get something which will last for years to come, and choose something such as Indigo or black which are my favourite colours when it comes to denim. However in the Summer you want something lighter, white jeans are always an option, and a good one at that, but you might want to add some fun and individuality to your look when the sun comes out. If you are looking to inject some retro Summer vibes into your wardrobe, and you are looking for something really unique this season, this is the denim to do that. Each pair come in a cream/off white base colour, with vibrant colourful printing from front to back.

The jeans are £160 each and you can check them out at Levi’s here. Let me know what you think of these 🙂

Monday, 22nd May, 2017

Tommy Hilfiger – Tommy Jeans 90’s Style For Summer 2017

Tommy Jeans Summer 2017 Collection

As you know I love the 90’s trends which have been going for a few years, and one of the biggest clothing brands which has really embraced the retro vibes has been Tommy Hilfiger. They’ve brought back the Tommy Jeans menswear for a reboot last year, not just once, but two mini collections. The Summer is here, and they’ve come back with some colours perfect for the Summer, and keep the classic 90’s style with a summer edge to it.

The four hues which are available in a few styles are called Lemon Meringue, Quartz Pink, Corydalis Blue, and Dusty Aqua. These are backed up with the staple colours white, navy and grey.

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Tuesday, 9th May, 2017

H&M Summer 2017 Menswear – Michael 84 Edit

H&M linen blazers for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and the menswear brands have been getting ready for some time, with a lot of brands and labels having their clothing ready to go for Summer! I’ve noticed a few really nice pieces from H&M this year, so here’s my edit from their Summer 2017 Collection part 1; No doubt they’ll be adding more and more as the season progresses.

First of all H&M do a lot of fast fashion, that means pieces are continually being added all the time. It also means that most things are quite inexpensive, so if you’re looking to add one or two pieces to your wardrobe it’s perfect.

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Monday, 10th April, 2017

Kappa x Urban Outfitters Spring 2017 Collection

Kappa x Urban Outfitters For Spring 2017

As you know from reading my blog, I love the 90’s and the 90’s trends in fashion are still going strong in 2017. One of the biggest brands back then which has made a successful comeback has been Kappa, and they have a new capsule collection release which is exclusive to Urban Outfitters. When I found out, I had to feature it on the blog, there’s a few really great pieces from it.

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Sunday, 26th March, 2017

Happy Air Max Day 2017

Air Max Day 2017

Happy Air Max Day 2017!

This year Nike have been teasing some really nice trainers for Air Max Day, with new colourways and designs, there’s 8 pair which you can get your hands on, some of which are only just available from today, and of course, some which will already be sold out.

I have far too many pairs of Air Max now…If there’s such a thing? Probably not! But for this year I did not buy a new pair of Air Max, but if you want to, here’s 8 of the editions which are making today Air Max Day.

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Saturday, 25th February, 2017

Timberland x Flyroam Footwear – Limited Edition Collection

Timberland Flyroam Limited Edition

When you think of Timberland you think of the iconic yellow coloured boots, but they have just released the brand new collection, the Flyroam trainers. This limited edition collection has been built with weight in mind, with an ultra lightweight build is combined with sleek styled silhouettes including a chukka boot, Chelsea boots and a four-eyelet Oxford. The chukka comes in an all black premium nubuck or beige full grain leather and fabric.

The design is inspired by a sports and contemporary look, and come with some innovative technology. The Aerocore energy system is brand new technology which puts a focus on weight reduction and flexibility. With performance in mind, they have comfortable high rebound cushioning with a durable midsole and rubber base.

You can get your hands on a pair of these right now for a limited time, with prices ranging from £105 – £125 at Timberland.

What do you think of these?

Tuesday, 21st February, 2017

Adidas NMD R1: All Black | All White | All Red Coming 24th February

Adidas NMD_R1 All Black, All White and All Red Restocked

The Adidas NMD juggernaut has been in full force, and it does not look like it’s slowing down anytime soon, with the re-release of the triple colour packs, or the all black, all white and all red Adidas NMD R1.

If you like the Boost technology which Adidas are now putting on a lot of their trainers, including the iconic Superstar’s with the Boost Superstar I covered two weeks ago, the NMD are one of the trainer styles which wear this well. As with the standard NMD design, they all come with the moulted EVA midsole plugs, and some stretch mesh upper and a rubber outsole. The three stripes and tongue tab are reflective which makes your kicks pop when it kicks in.

I really do like the all white and all black options in the NMD range, I do think they look good, if you missed the all black options which I featured on the blog back in September 2016 you will now have a second chance to bag yourself a pair. They will be retailing for £109.95.

They go on sale on Friday 24th February from 23:00 UK time from Adidas online, alternatively there’s some other shops which are getting them in, but as always, you’ll have to either be quick or enter one of their lotteries. Here’s the links for the different shoes from Adidas:

The all Black Adidas NMD_R1 – here

The all White Adidas NMD_R1 – here

The all Red Adidas NMD_R1 – here