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The Best Christmas Jumpers This Year

Friday, 7th December, 2018

The Best Christmas Jumpers This Year

It’s that time of the year again, it’s time for Christmas Jumpers!

Whether you love them or hate them, you’ll have an opinion on Christmas Jumpers. I’ve loved them over the past few years, and they’ve really taken off and increased in popularity among most people.

Whether you’re looking to just have one annual Christmas jumper, or you’re building up a collection, there’s plenty of different styles you can get this year. From the traditional patterns to novelty and hilarious festive graphics, as well as the repeat patterns, there will be one which suits you best.

Within the guide there’s jumpers from all price points; From the cheap to high street and expensive. They’re usually made from either wool, acrylic or a mix of fibres, but cotton style sweatshirts are also available too.

You can check out my older guides from Christmas past in the 20172016, 2015 and 2014 guide, but this is all about 2017, and so here’s my guide and tips for this year!

Here’s the best 2018 has to offer for Christmas jumpers.


This year ASDA has a great selection of cheap Christmas jumpers, once again offering a nice range of different designs. From novelty outfit styles of jumpers to characters, there’s also some traditional fairisle jumpers which will keep you festive but toned down.

Grey Fairisle Jumper £14 – Here

Santa Repeat Pattern Jumper – £14 – here

Rudolph Knitted Jumper – £16 – here

ASDA Christmas Jumpers 2018

Funky Christmas Jumpers

Funky Christmas Jumpers have done it again! They’ve got some brand new designs, such as the DJ Jesus jumper which I’m wearing, as well as a couple of other new designs too. Not only that, but they’re classic which they’ve been doing for years are back, and they’re brilliant. Here’s a couple of my favourites which you’ll love.

All jumpers are great quality and priced at £39.99, and if you prefer a T-shirt rather than a knitted sweater, there’s a few of those available too.

Funky Christmas Jumpers 1
Funky Christmas Jumpers 2

DJ Jesus Christ – here

Jesus, Mary & Joseph Selfie – here

Santa Unicorn – here

Naked Santa – here

Happy Birthday Jesus – here

Elf Costume Jumper – here

DJ Jesus Christmas Jumper From Funky Christmas Jumpers

Marks And Spencer Christmas Jumpers 2018

Marks And Spencer

Marks and Spencer jumpers are slightly more expensive, and have some very tasteful designs, as well as some cheesy graphics for Xmas. First up is a fairisle design which also has LED lights built into the jumper, along with a Santa and sleigh design. Next is the traditional Christmas pattern around the neckline, and finally the design is all about sprouts and a Christmas party, which comes with some LED lights built in.

Reindeer Sleigh Jumper – £29.50 – here

Traditional Jumper – £35 – here

Brussels Sprouts Jumper – £29.50 – here

Topman Christmas Jumpers 2018


This year Topman has a smaller collection than usual when it comes to Christmas jumpers, but there’s still a few good ones. At the moment they’re on sale, so it’s the perfect time to get one. First up is a Santa and present repeat pattern top in green and white. Next is a roll neck style jumper in a festive fairisle pattern knit, and lastly there’s a graphic jumper with Christmas crackers and the you’ve pulled slogan.

Christmas Santa Jumper – £15 – here

Blue reindeer roll neck – £15 – here

Pull My Cracker Jumper – £15 – here

River Island Christmas Jumpers 2018

River Island

This year River Island only has a couple of offerings when it comes to Christmas Jumpers. I’ve selected three which are the best on offer, and can be bought on sale at the moment.

Jingle Bells Jumper In Green – £20 – here

Red Reindeer Jumper – £20 – here

Ecru Fairisle Jumper – £20 – here

Next Christmas Jumpers 2018


This season Next have a really nice range of Christmas jumpers for the whole family, including plenty in the men’s clothing section. It was really easy to pick up some distinctive designs from them. First up is an elf snowball fight scene jumper which is pretty original. Second is a brilliant and familiar Holidays Are Coming design complete with the Coca Cola van. Last Up I chose a reindeer thumbs up design jumper.

Elf snowball Fight Jumper – £35 – here

Coca Cola Holidays Are Coming Jumper  – £36 – here

Red Reindeer Jumper – £35 – here

Burton Christmas Jumpers 2018


Burton have a few traditional style Christmas jumpers this season, as well as some novelty ones. First up is a traditional scene in a pattern which has reindeer across the upper chest. The second is another repeat pattern, with white and red offset on a royal blue jumper which lights up. The last one is a special Prostate Cancer design, which has the trademark prostate cancer man logo within the design. £5 goes to charity if you buy this jumper.

Navy Reindeer Jumper – £20 – here

Blue Light Up Jumper – £30 – here

Prostate Cancer Christmas Jumper – £25 – here

What Day Is Christmas Jumper Day?

Christmas Jumper Day is Friday 14th December 2018, where you can not only wear a cheesy novelty jumper, but also you can donate to Save The Children if you want to show your support to the charity.

There’s plenty to choose from, here are my favourites from different brands and shops; From cheap budget to high street,  there’s one for everyone 🙂

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  2. Michael Said,

    Yeah, there’s a good bunch this year! 🙂

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