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Fashion Tips: The Best Christmas Jumpers Guide For 2014

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Tuesday, 18th November, 2014

Me In My Cheesy Christmas Jumper Lighting Up

O Come All Ye Faithful, Fashionable And Triumphant! It’s that time of year again, Christmas time! A time for presents, a time for mince pies, stuffing your face with Turkey, and all the trimmings that come with one amazing Christmas. One thing you can’t forget is your Christmas Jumper. In recent years the Christmas jumper has been reborn; Long gone are the days when they’re thought of as that ugly, itchy knitted jumper you’d get for Christmas…They are trendy and in style, and these days there are so many different fun and novelty styles to choose from, you can’t just get one, you need a couple! So for the festive Christmas fashion tips, I have found some of the best Christmas jumpers out there to buy.

I do love a good Christmas knit, it’s one of those things where you can really go to town and be over the top, much like the festive period itself. Whether you’re planning on wearing it once on Christmas Day while eating your lunch watching Top Of The Pops, or getting a couple for the Xmas nights out and office parties.

I have a couple, and my favourite is the one pictured above. It’s a Christmas tree, but it has it’s own party trick…Lights! 😀 It has LEDs which light up, so it looks amazing in the dark or a darkish room. It instantly grabs your attention, and is so cheesy, the ideal Christmas jumper. The LEDs work at the flick of a switch, which is concealed within the jumper, but easily accessible so you can change the batteries.

If you want to be in fashion for the festive period then now is the time to get yourself one of these for Christmas. It’s became so popular there is even an official day, this year it’s Friday 12th December 2014 is Christmas Jumper Day, where you’re encouraged to don your favourite knit in aid of Save The Children.

If you need a guide and tips on what’s out there at the moment, and want to sort your fair isle from your funny graphics, acrylics to your wools then here are a couple of my favourites I’ve found, as well as a couple which I own.

The Best Christmas Jumpers 2014

Funky Christmas Jumpers

I Know What You Did Last Christmas Jumper

Funky Christmas Jumpers Designs

Funky Christmas Jumpers do this I Know What You Did Last Christmas, a play on the film I Know What You Did Last Summer. I really like this design, and I have it 😀 You can get it here. Others are:

  • Ice Blue Penguin Design – £39.99
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Christ – £39.99
  • Santa & Rudolph Jumper – £39.99

Tipsy Elves

Santa Claws Christmas Jumper

Tipsy Elves Christmas Jumpers

I got this Santa Claws Jumper from Tipsy Elves which I think is really funny and such a novelty for the festive period. You can get it here. They do a lot of other great designs too, my favourites are:

  • Reindeer Menage A Trois Jumper – £38
  • Santa Yellow Snow Merry Christmas – £38
  • Jesus Birthday Boy Jumper – £38


TOPMAN Christmas Jumpers

  • Topman Merry Christmas jumper in cream – £28
  • Christmas Lights jumper in black – £30
  • Leaping Reindeer design in cream – £30


ASOS Christmas Jumpers

  • ASOS Mickey Mouse Oversized Sweatshirt – £26
  • ASOS Reindeer design with squeaky nose function – £32
  • ASOS Santa Elf design jumper – £28


Christmas Jumpers by Next

  • Santa Suit Hoodie design – £28
  • Christmas flying reindeer graphic – £26
  • Green Santa sidecar design – £26

River Island

River Island Christmas Jumpers

  • River Island Pull My Cracker – £21
  • Elf Christmas Jumper – £25
  • Skiing Robin Jumper – £35

George @ ASDA

George At ASDA Christmas Knits

  • Christmas Snowman Jumper – £12
  • Digital Dudz Fireplace Christmas Jumper – £14
  • Eat Drink And Be Very Merry – £10


Boohoo Christmas Jumpers

  • Hashtag Elfie Jumper – £20
  • Christmas Reindeer Design With Pom Pom nose – £20
  • Ugly Christmas Jumper – £20

Marks And Spencer

Marks And Spencer Festive Jumpers

  • Christmas Crew Neck Jumper – £29.50
  • Christmas Festive Jumper – £25
  • Christmas Candy Canes Jumper – £25


Debenhams Christmas Jumpers

  • Bah Humbug Jumper – £20
  • Flashing Lights Christmas Tree – £30
  • Cool Penguin Skating – £28


Burton Christmas Jumpers

  • Hanging Stocking Jumper – £20
  • Singing Elf Costume Jumper – £20
  • Singing Cool Penguin Jumper – £20

That’s your lot! I hope you’ve found the best Christmas  Jumpers for 2014 in this guide, with a huge number of designs, patterns and styles available this year there is something for all this festive time of year.


Check out the best men’s Christmas jumpers this year for some novelty festive knitwear this season.

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