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H&M Blank Staples Drop 2 Has Arrived – Perfect Wardrobe Essentials

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Monday, 8th February, 2021

H&M have released drop 2 of their Blank Staples Collection, and it’s something to be excited about.

Once again the collection features some premium basics which are looking great, with a few new additions in terms of pieces and colours.

This is what you can look out for in Drop 2.

I already got a Blank Staples Hoodie from H&M in the last drop, which is an off-white colour. I really like it, and can honestly say that the quality is brilliant. The classic colours have been restocked, along with two new additions for the upcoming season.

The new colours are dark grey, which looks like a blue-grey type of colour, and light purple. Each item of clothing comes in 5 colours which you can match up or wear as separates.

New additions to the line up includes socks, shorts and even baseball cap hats.

Heavyweight hoodies made from 460gm cotton. Relaxed fit and great to wear when the temperatures go down. Perfect to wear when you’re relaxing.

These come in at £29.99.

If you like sweats but don’t like a hood, classic sweatshirts are available too. Once again made from 460g cotton, they’re heavy and super comfy to wear.

These are priced at £24.99.

Get some co-ords style by matching up your sweat top with the joggers. If matching up isn’t your style, you can chose to wear a different colour to mix things up.

The joggers are cuffed at the bottom, and once again come made from heavy 460gsm cotton. These cost £24.99.

We’re a bit away from T-Shirt weather, but when it arrives you can wear one of these. A generous cut gives you some oversized style. You can wear these as a layer, or on their own once it gets warmer.

The T-Shirts are £12.99 and come made from heavy 240gsm cotton.

The perfect in-between from a sweatshirt and a short sleeve tee is the long sleeve T-shirt. They’re made from the same 240gsm material as the short sleeve. These long sleeve tees will give you something lighter than a sweat, great for transitioning into the new season.

These come in at £12.99.

Sweat shorts have been added to the Blank Staples line. My favourite pair of shorts for lounging around the house are sweat shorts.

They’re so easy and comfortable to wear, and are a must have for when it gets warmer.

These are £17.99.

A new addition to the Basic Staples line are these baseball caps. With spring in mind, these could be something to consider. The twill caps are made from cotton and are perfectly clean to match the rest of the collection.

They come in at £6.99

Last up is another new addition in the way of socks. I love socks, and these can really complete the co-ords matching style if that’s the look you’re going for. Even if you’re not, they’ll make a good piece on their own.

Just like the rest of the collection they come in 5 colours, and only cost £2.99 per pair.

Overall I really like the collection and I am glad that drop 2 has launched.

I think the Blank Staples collection has been a success. It’s definitely good quality, and I did write that they should continue refresh this collection for Spring, and they did!

For me the best colour is the light purple. This pastel shade of purple is a colour I’ve been looking at for a while. I really like pastel hues for Spring, so might grab another hoodie or this time may opt for a classic sweatshirt.

Either way they’re really nice pieces. We’re still stuck in the house at the moment, and these are comfortable clothes to wear at home, so have came at a perfect time.

I did wish for more colours, a mint green and pastel red/coral would have been great. The purple is still a good colour, as too the new dark grey and the other staple colours.

As far as wardrobe essentials go, these are among them if you like casual clothing.

If you like premium basics which are affordable, these have to be considered. All are available right now at H&M online here.

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