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What Coat Does Erik Ten Hag Wear? Here’s The Brand You Need To Know

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Thursday, 11th January, 2024

Here's what jacket Erik Ten Hag wears (It's UBR from Norway)

If you like watching football then there’s no doubt this winter you’ll have seen Erik Ten Hag’s coat and thought it looked warm.

But what is it?

The coat Erik Ten Hag wears is from a Norwegian brand called UBR. 

In particular Ten Hag is often seen wearing the UBR Regulator Parka, here’s what you want to know about it.

First of all what the brand has to say about it:

Our best selling parka. Perfect for city use and business travels in autumn and winter. Full storm protection, breathable and light with high performance insulation. Full stretch gives comfort and looks great. Inside waist regulation for perfect fit.

There’s little doubt that every time I see it I instantly think of what a great winter coat this is. There’s plenty of things I like about this jacket.

I love the minimalist look of the jacket. It’s typically Scandinavian design, all about minimalism and basic but high quality design.

But mostly it looks warm, really warm. When it comes to a good winter coat, this is paramount, and it appears to be a good choice for the cold weather.

The fit is a tailored fit, meaning it’s hugging to the body. It’s a big coat, but has a more fitted silhouette rather than looking bulky.

Who Are UBR?

UBR is a brand from Norway, which specialise in high end, high quality outerwear. Since the Nordics are cold they’re perfectly positioned to offer luxury coats and jackets for the cold, wet weather that is typical in winters.

High end outerwear usually means expensive, and there’s no difference here. I’m no stranger to expensive fashion, and I believe a good winter coat is an investment and well worth getting.

The UBR Regulator Parka costs £700, so is a very expensive jacket. As mentioned it should be looked on as an investment piece, so if you’re looking for a good jacket to last for years to come, it could be considered.

You can check it out on their site here.

Another from the brand I like is the TITAN Parka. This comes in at £850, so even more expensive, but is far far more of a substantial coat with exceptional warmth and comfort. This would be my pick from the brand.

So there you have it, now you know that Erik Tan Hag wears a UBR coat. What do you think of it?

You can check out more of the Premier League Managers style guide and see what they wear. The UBR jacket is certainly one of the most stylish being worn right now in the Premier League in my opinion.

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