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Adidas Bring Back Spain 1996 Shirt With Adidas Originals Re-Release

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Sunday, 3rd December, 2023

Spain 1996 Home Shirt Re-Released By Adidas

This is a blast from the past, and one of the best Spain football shirts that Adidas has ever released. Back in 1996 they came up with this beauty, and now Adidas have re-released the Spain 1996 home shirt and it still looks fantastic.

It’s available now at Adidas, and this is what I think of the shirt.

Back in 1996 I bought the original Spain 1996 home shirt. I remember buying this shirt well. I was on holiday, and we went to Barcelona to the Camp Nou on a day trip.

That included going to a shopping centre, and when I saw the Spain home shirt I had to get it there and then, rather than buy it from a sports shop back home.

I would have bought it like I always do, but getting a Spain shirt in Spain seemed pretty cool at the time.

Guess what? I still have that shirt.

When I got home I gone some printing done on it. I got the official Adidas printing done at the Newcastle shop (Who’s shirts were made by Adidas at the time) and decided on getting 15 and Caminero on the back. It was a close call between him and Luis Enrique, and I kind of wished I had of got Luis Enrique, but I decided on Caminero.

OK, so what about the shirt…

Spain 1996 Home Shirt Re-Release Details

Front of the Spain 1996 Shirt

From looking at the shirt, everything has been re-created perfectly.

The front is of course red, but there’s a wide navy blue band down the left hand side of the shirt which also contains the Spain crest.

The three stripes inside not only denote Adidas, but they are red, yellow and red, the colours of the Spain flag.

As with the original, there’s lots more going on too. The Spain flag is on the left arm sleeve, and there’s the patch on the bottom right of the shirt, showcasing logos from the Spanish Football Federation.

Close Up Of The Spain 1996 Home Shirt

The shirt is not solid colours, but has tonal patterns within the shirt. Look closely and you’ll see the shirt has 3 stripes throughout, and various Spain federation badges also designed within the shirt in a tonal manner.

When it comes to the collar, this is another stand out feature. Lots of Adidas football shirts of 1995-97 used a grandad collar, as did the Spain one. The re-release also contains this, with a three button placket.

This has been released alongside supporting products, including the matching navy blue shorts, and full tracksuit (jacket and bottoms).

The downside is that this does not come cheap.

The 1996 Spain home shirt comes in at £85, with the shorts being £60.

The Tracksuit is £85 and £80 for the jacket and bottoms respectively.

Check out the shirt at Adidas here.

Will I buy it? Time will tell. I hope to get this, but I already own the original and this is fairly pricy. I may get it in the near future, we’ll have to see.

One thing is for certain, this looks amazing and it’s so good that Adidas have officially brought this one back.

Images: Adidas Press/PR

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