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What Coat Does Rob Edwards Wear? Here’s The Jacket The Luton Town Manager Wears

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Friday, 12th January, 2024

What Jacket Does Rob Edwards Wear? It's From Sandbanks Clothing

I got a DM a few days ago asking to see if I could identify a jacket. What coat does Luton Town manager Rob Edwards wear?

I get asked this kind of stuff all the time, and sometimes it can be quite difficult. This one was easy as I’ve seen this brand a lot.

Luton Town boss Rob Edwards wears a Sandbanks jacket. Specifically, I believe he wears the cashmere blend Sandbanks puffer jacket.

Here’s everything you need to know about it. Warning, it’s not cheap!

So if you want the same jacket worn by Rob Edwards you’ll find the cashmere blend Sandbanks jacket comes in at £1150.

Is it worth it?

It’s made in Europe and has recycled natural down, but the finer details on exactly what luxury comes with the jacket is lacking. There’s no information on the power fill, and the exterior is described at being crafted with a refined Italian soft cashmere and wool blend for superior warmth.

You can read more and check out this jacket for yourself on the site here.

The Sandbanks Clothing Brand

If you like football then the Sandbanks brand will probably look familiar. You can recognise the brand easily with their monogram logo usually embroidered on the sleeve.

It’s a brand aimed at the premium market, with T-shirts coming in at around £85, and hoodies costing just over £200 each.

But where does the brand come from, and why is it synonymous with football?

Jamie Redknapp is a director of the Sandbanks clothing brand. If you watch Sky Sports, you’ll have seen him wearing the Sandbanks brand, along with other pundits such as Micah Richards, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.

So there’s little doubt if you like football then you’ll probably have already seen the brand on TV, or wondered what it was.

Now you know, the winter jacket that Rob Edwards is often seen wearing is from Sandbanks.

If you like this maybe you are wondering what jacket Erik Tan Hag wears? This is another high end brand that a Premier League football manager wears and has gained a lot of interest.

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