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The Best Men’s Jumpers Guide You’ll Read – 21 Top Mens Sweaters & Knitwear

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Friday, 25th October, 2019

The Best Men's Jumpers And Knitwear This Season - A Style Guide

Are you looking to find the best mens jumper for wrapping up this season?

You’re in the right place.

Autumn and Winter are definitely here right now, so that can only mean layering and getting some knitwear and jumpers for the upcoming season. I love knitwear and sweaters, there is a huge variety of styles, colours, patterns and fabrics to buy.

You can create a great deal of different looks, depending on the style you would like to go for.

With so many different options available for you to wear, it can be a bit daunting if you don’t really know what you’re looking for.

From choosing the various materials to the neckline, and which brands do knitwear best.

Here’s some tips on what to look for when you’re shopping for your jumpers and knits this year, including some of the brands you can buy from, including budget, high street and luxury.

The Best Jumpers For Men


H&M Jumpers For This Season

  • H&M Merino Polo Neck Jumper – £34.99
  • H&M V-Neck Merino Wool Knit – £34.99
  • H&M Knitted Merino Jumper – £34.99

H&M have a large collection of knitwear, jumpers and sweaters at lots of price points. Their Premium Quality range is something you should look for, with 100% wool based knits for better quality.

There’s also options of cashmere if you’re looking for something extra premium this season. I’ve picked out three different styles, a Turtleneck, V-Neck and Crew neck jumper.


Uniqlo Jumpers For Autumn And Winter 2019

  • Uniqlo Off White Cashmere Sweater – £89.90
  • Uniqlo V-Neck Lambswool Jumper In Grey – £29.90
  • Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino Sweater In Navy – £29.90

Uniqlo has a range of sweaters available at different price points, including a 100% cashmere offering for only £89.90. I love the off white colour which adds some airy light colour to your look in this otherwise dark season.

For 100% wool, choose their extra fine merino knits which are available in an array of colours, including timeless grey as shown. Lambswool options are also available, in this cream colour as well as others.


Zara Knitwear 2019

  • Zara Grey Basic Wool Sweater – £45.99
  • Zara Textured Cable Knit Sweater – £49.99
  • Zara Striped Sweater – £59.99

This season Zara has a wide range of different jumpers and knits in various different styles. I have gone with a staple wool sweater in grey, along with a cable knit in bright white, and for something different a striped knit.

Mango MAN

Mango Man Knitwear And Jumpers For The Winter

  • Mango Man Merino Wool Sweater – £49.99
  • Mango MAN Recycled Cashmere Cable Knit Sweater – £99.99
  • Mango MAN Recycled Cashmere Turtleneck – £99.99

Mango Man have a large collection of sweaters for this season, at great high street price points. I have picked out a merino wool sweater which is priced well, along with a pair of recycled cashmere knits. These have sustainability in mind, so are a great purchase for this Winter and next.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Knitwear 2019

  • Tommy Jeans Lambswool V-Neck Jumper – £100
  • Tommy Jeans Lambswool Crew Neck Sweater – £100
  • Tommy Hilfiger Cable Knit Jumper – £100

If you want something which is a hot brand of the moment, Tommy Hilfiger is a good fashion label to go for. I’ve picked out three timeless peices. A grey V neck knit, navy sweater and a cable knit variant.


Gant Jumpers And Knitwear For AW19

  • Gant  Piqué crew neck jumper in evening blue – £100
  • Gant Super fine lambswool in raspberry red – £100
  • Gant Cotton Cable knit jumper in black – £100

One of my favourite premium high street brands to go for when looking at knitwear is Gant. They always have such a large selection of colours available in a range of different styles. I’ve picked out three different jumpers, all of which are available in a wide range of colours.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Knitwear For Winter 2019

  • Hugo Boss crew neck sweater in virgin wool – £119
  • HUGO Boss Yellow Virgin Wool Sweater – £139
  • HUGO turtle-neck in virgin wool – £139

When it comes to premium high street, I really love Hugo Boss. It has various sub-labels which have different styles and price points, and they have plenty of nice, clean designs.

I own a merino wool grey knit so can honestly recommend them, and they have an array of colours in each style, so you’ll find the one you’re looking for.

Fabrics – Wools, Blends And Cotton

When you think of knits and jumpers you probably think of wool, but not all are wool, at least not 100% wool. Some at the cheaper end are a blend of wool and other materials, including cotton, the mix of the fabrics can even be only 5% wool.

Typically, it’s a better option to go for wool, they are usually better quality and usually cost a little more, depending on the brand you go for. But there are different types of wool too.

The reason why there are different wools is because they are from different sheep (or other animals). Wool jumpers are not for everyone, but they’re a really good thing to have in your wardrobe. The other option for layering would be sweatshirts, which are usually 100% cotton, and you can find out more in my sweatshirt guide for this seasons best.

Is A Cashmere Sweater Worth The Price

Lambswool – It’s the wool from a lamb, typically any lamb, and is commonly the first shearing of the lamb. It’s fine and soft.

Merino Wool – Is always from a Merino Sheep, and is usually thinner and cooler than other wools. It’s usually better quality than lambswool, but since it can be more fine if you wear a shirt under your Marino knit it may show through.

Cashmere – From the cashmere goat, it’s probably the best wool which you’ll come across when buying. It’s really soft and high quality, and is usually expensive, especially if you’re buying from a high end brand. If you’d like to know more, check out my cashmere guide.

Cashmere Blends – A lot of fashion brands sell “cashmere blends” and other forms of blends. This means that it will contain some cashmere, but you should check the label with regards to how much cashmere.

A lot of fashion brands do this because most people associate cashmere with quality, so even if there is only 2% cashmere they can say it’s a cashmere blend. Always go for the real deal if you actually want cashmere.

Wearnig Knitwear And Jumpers

Types Of Knits

Fine Knit – These are very soft, plain styles of knits which many jumpers use

Cable Knit – Knitted using a Cable stitch, these types of sweaters have thick, cable knitted patterns

Ribbed – The jumper has a ribbed texture, which is usually vertical but can also be horizontal or patterned.

Necklines: V-Neck, Crew Neck & Roll Neck

The two main necklines are V-neck and Crew neck, also called round neck collar. They are both self explanatory to what they actually are, but when would you wear each one, and what with?


V-Necks expose your under layer, so a shirt is required for this look. When choosing your V-Neck sweater, make sure you own a shirt, or buy a shirt which compliments the colour of the sweater you have.

You’ll probably have three layers on your upper body (shirt, knit, jacket/coat) so make sure they compliment each other well to create a good look which works for the occasion.

Wearing a V-Neck without anything under, especially in the colder months is not so stylish and should be avoided.

Crew Neck

Round neck collar knits are slightly more versatile, since they cover your whole neck there is not a need to layer if you don’t feel the need. Having said that, there is still plenty room to layer, wearing a shirt under with the collar exposed will maintain the layered look, make sure you choose colours which compliment each other well.

Roll Neck

Also known as turtle neck and polo neck, Roll neck jumpers are one of those things that you either love or hate. I was never a fan of them until last year, I got myself a couple and have never looked back. It’s definitely worth having at least one of these in your wardrobe, it will give yourself a fresh new look and make a statement.

Wearing A Roll Neck Sweater

Colours & Patterns

For this season there is no set rules for colour. You can create a more monotone and minimal style by choosing black, greys and dark blues, which will work well in both a casual and more formal situation.

You can brighten up your look by adding colour; A brighter blue, red, green, brown and even purples can work perfectly well and will add a bit of colour to your look.

Patterns and prints can also be quite smart, as long they are not loud, and are quite minimal in the colour palette.

Check out 30 of the best knitwear for this season from 10 of the best fashion brands, check out the colours, fabrics and styles on offer this season.


And there you have it, the best jumpers, sweaters and knitwear for this Autumn and Winter!

Hopefully these will keep you warm as well as looking stylish this season. They come to life with layering your other clothing with these, it’s just a matter of which style fits your personal brand, and once you identify that, you’ll look the part.

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