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What To Wear With White Jeans: A Men’s Style Guide

Wednesday, 1st May, 2019

What To Wear With White Jeans - A Men's Style Guide

Are you looking to make a statement this Summer? White jeans could be the way to go.

If you’re wondering what to wear with white jeans, there’s plenty of great combinations, with tips on how to wear them.

When it comes to our lower half, guys tend to wear various shades of blue or black, but white is available, and is a great option. For one thing it will set you apart from the rest, wearing white denim is definitely going to get you noticed.

Another great reason to go for this trend is that white is a colour which can be paired up with so many other colours, giving you a lot of options when it comes to putting together an outfit.

If you’re struggling with ideas or need some advice, here’s the low down on white jeans.

1. A Navy Shirt

One of my favourite things to wear with a white pair of jeans is a navy shirt. There’s just something about the dark hues of navy and the bright white which go together so well. This combination looks incredibly clean and crisp, it stands out without being loud, and is always stylish.

2. Nautical Stripe T Shirt

As you can see from the pictures, the nautical stripe T Shirt is something which goes well with a pair of white jeans. It doesn’t matter if the base of the tee is white or it’s flipped to blue with white stripes, they both work really well.

3. Dress It Up With A Blazer Or Jacket

White jeans can look incredibly smart if you dress them up well. Wearing a navy blazer will do the trick, and even wearing a really good fitting Shirt will add class and some smart sophistication to your outfit.

There is always the option of a T-shirt too, throwing a blazer over this still keeps the smart style you’re going for. Make sure The tee or shirt compliments the jacket well.

4. Blue Shoes/Trainers

If you want a more casual look, wearing blue shoes or smart trainers is a fantastic combination with white jeans. Just like with your upper half, wearing a contrasting colour of shoe is going to make you stand out and look great.

As you’ve noticed in this guide there’s a lot of talk about colours of blue, all of which work with white denim. My personal preference would be some dark blue casual shoes, still smart, but on the edge of casual.

5. Plain Navy T Shirt

Colour blocking is a good idea when it comes to white jeans, it really makes the look stand out. This is the art of wearing 2 or more colours together which compliment each other well. I’ve already mentioned a button up shirt, but if you want something more relaxed, a plain navy T Shirt is going to be an option.

6. Light Colours With White Denim

If it’s the summer then it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a very light colour palette when it comes to your outfit. You could mix up sea blues or greens, other pastel colours with your white which will create a real summer vibe.

Great for on a holiday, BBQ or other summer activity or event you may be going to.

7. All Whites In The Summer

Who said all white was bad? It’s not just for P.Diddy and a white party. It is, however a summer trend, so it’s best to keep it in the warmer months, if you’re going to go for this.

8. Don’t Forget The Belt

Wearing a belt is a great idea when it comes to white jeans. As your belt is unlikely to be white, it will be seen and on show, and will break up your lower half and upper half of your body really well.

Bear in mind you should match your belt with your shoes if you want the outfit to be more on the more formal side of things.

Slim Fit & Skinny White Jeans

You should opt for a cut which is quite slim fitting. Relaxed or loose fitting white denim is not a good look, fortunately most clothing brands and fashion labels already know this, so skinny or slim fitting legs are usually the only cuts available. As with everything the fit is always key, so make sure they do fit you well.

Casual Outfit

You can create a casual look by dressing down your white denim with a T-shirt, a more casual jacket or a sweater if the temperature dictates it. Go for a shirt with rolled-up sleeves or nautical tee and forget the jacket for a smart but laid back look which should go down well.

There are a couple of drawbacks

First of all, it’s not like every guy is walking down the street in a pair of bright, white bottoms, therefore, a certain degree of confidence is needed. Second, white shows up everything, stains, mess and all. It is not all bad, and actually white jeans are a really good fashion piece to own and wear.



When Is It Correct To Wear White Jeans?

White jeans for summer is obvious, and Spring time too. However they can be worn in any season, you just better check that weather forecast and pray it doesn’t rain. White denim looks good in any season, as long as you pair it up properly (more on that later).

You are more likely to wear it in the summer, especially in the UK, since we get quite a bit of rain, and wearing white bottoms are not a good thing to be seen in when it pours down.

You can of course wear white jeans in winter, and they can look just as good.

White Denim Buyers Guide

I will always profess to buying really good denim which feels great, fits well and looks good. If you’re trying out white jeans for the first time, you may want to go for a less expensive option than you’re standard jeans you can wear all the time for months and years to come.

White denim is a trend, and you’ll only look good wearing it if you wear it sparingly, so I can appreciate that you may not want to spend the same money as you would if you were buying a pair of indigo Selvedge jeans.

Buy a pair of high street jeans for your first time out. Brands like TOPMAN, Nudie Jeans and H&M do some really nice white denim, with a few different choices. If you can, you should go into a shop and try a pair on.

Remember to wear a shirt, T-shirt and/or jacket which you can see yourself wearing with them, that way you can see how you will look before actually buying white denim. If you start to really like this look, you can then invest in a better pair of jeans.


I hope you have enjoyed reading the tips on white jeans and they’ve given you plenty of ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing up smart and casual, as well as different colours to see what suits you best. Try a few combinations if you’ve never worn white before, so you can get an idea of what it will look like on.


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