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What Colour Shirt To Wear With A Blue Suit – Stylish Combinations For Men

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Tuesday, 20th February, 2024

What Colour Shirt To Wear With A Blue Suit

Wearing a suit always oozes confidence and style, but the biggest question is what other clothing do you pair up with it?

Getting this right is important, and one of the first pieces of clothing you’ll think about is a shirt.

If you’re wondering colour shirt to wear with a blue suit, you’re in the right place.

Stop staring at your wardrobe and rails, this guide will show the best blue suit and shirt combinations to give you some ideas on what to wear.

I love a blue suit, in fact I’ve already spoken about how your first suit should be navy. It’s such a versatile colour and works with anything.

With that said, here’s the colour shirt you should wear with a blue suit.

White Shirt With A Blue Suit

White Shirt With a Blue Suit

The most obvious pairing with a blue suit is a white shirt. Wearing a white shirt with a blue suit is timeless, and this combo works well no matter what colour blue suit you’re wearing.

Navy is more traditional, but you can go royal blue or lighter shades at one end, or go for midnight blue at the other. Whichever you go for, you can’t go wrong combining a white shirt with a blue suit.

Wearing a white shirt with a blue suit is a trademark style for those who work in an office.

Light Blue Shirt With A Blue Suit

What Colour Shirt To Wear With A Blue Suit

My next go to colour is always wearing a light blue shirt with a blue suit. Pairing up blues work well especially when the hues are completely different.

A light blue shirt such as a pale blue or sky blue will work with any blue suit colour. If you’ve got a really poppy blue suit, such as a royal blue, it will work too.

Very dark blues such as midnight blue will also work well with a blue suit.

If you’re an office worker who has to wear a suit, this is a great combination.

Patterned Shirt With A Blue Suit

Blue Suit With Patterned Shirt

For those looking for wearing something that stands out more, a patterned shirt with a blue suit works well.

If you go down this road you should use caution. Mixing a patterned shirt with a suit can be a difficult look to pull off. You have to ensure you choose the right patterned shirt that goes well with a suit.

Patterns come in all shapes and sizes. The more standard and formal patterns can include checks, gingham, broad and windowpane style of patterns.

Those which are more out there and flamboyant include paisley and floral print shirts. These can look a little more casual, so may not be a good choice for the workplace.

But if you’re looking to really stand out and impress, they could be a good option for an outfit for the races, or even a casual summer wedding pairing.

Striped Shirt With A Blue Suit

Blue Suit With A Striped Shirt

One of my favourite suit and shirt combinations is a striped shirt with a blue suit.

I went to a wedding wearing one of my Jaeger shirts which was striped with a navy blue suit. The shirt looked really contemporary, and I think was a really good choice when it comes to a wedding outfit.

When it comes to stripes you’ve also got to be careful. You’ve got to ensure that the colour combinations of the stripes is good. Stripes which have a high contrast will be striking, whereas stripes which have less contrast will give a better and more contemporary look.

Pink Shirt With A Blue Suit

Pink Shirt With Blue Suit

To throw in a curveball, a pink shirt with a blue suit works really well. Now, this does depend on the colour blue and colour pink you go for, where you’ll get different looks depending on what you go for.

A light pink or even mid pink shirt works well with a navy blue or dark blue suit.

Combining a pink shirt with a blue suit is a great choice for the summer. This outfit works for events such as the horse racing, summer weddings and a smart look for around the city.

Black Shirt With A Blue Suit

Navy Blue Suit With Black Shirt

A black shirt with a blue suit is not often seen, but it is possible. People always ask if you can wear black and blue together, and it’s an interesting question.

When it comes to pairing colours, it does work, but as with most colours, it depends on the tone, hue and saturation.

Black is of course dark, the darkest colour you can wear. But when it comes to pairing with blue, you can wear midnight blue or navy blue, which will give a really nice tonal look.

Pairing blue and black in this way is quite cold, so it would work best in the winter or when you’re happy to wear a more cold outfit. This could be to some events, or just going around town.

Can You Wear A Blue Shirt With A Blue Suit?

Blue Shirt And A Blue Suit Tonal Colours

For the ultimate in a tonal look, wearing a blue shirt with a blue suit is the way to go.

Some have asked if you can wear blue with blue, and yes, you can.

As we’ve already seen above, wearing a light blue shirt with a dark blue suit looks incredible. But there’s another way to pair up the blues.

Wearing two blues close together creates a tonal effect and really stands out without standing out. This outfit combines slightly different shades of blue to give some tonal vibes.

And there you have it, plenty of options of coloured shirts and blue suit matching combos. When it comes to clothing colour combinations, a blue suit has plenty to choose from.

Stick with the classics such as white and light blue, or go for something a little more exciting, such as a pink or striped shirt.

If you’ve got a grey suit, why not check out the best colour shirts for a grey suit which will give you tips on looking stylish in a grey suit.

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