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What Colour Shirt To Wear With A Grey Suit – Stylish Colour Combinations

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Friday, 16th February, 2024

What Colour Shirt To Wear With A Grey Suit

Wearing a great suit can look really classy, but you’ve got to get the rest of the outfit right.

You’ll be looking in your wardrobe for clothing to team up with it, and probably wondering what shirt should you wear?

I love wearing my grey suit, and there’s plenty of shirts I can wear with it.

Here’s what colour shirts to wear with a grey suit which are really stylish and will have you looking sharp.

White Shirt With A Grey Suit

Grey Suit With A White Shirt

One of the easiest outfits to pull off is wearing a white shirt with a grey suit. A white shirt is an absolute classic and essential for any man’s wardrobe. Teaming it up with a grey suit is an easy outfit to pull off.

When it comes to matching grey and white, it’s often better to pair a dark grey such as a charcoal suit with white. This creates a lot of contrast and really stands out, making the bright white shirt pop.

When it comes to a grey suit with a white shirt, this is often worn as a formal outfit, and you can wear it with or without a tie, and some smart shoes.

Black Shirt With A Grey Suit

Grey Suit With A Black Shirt

One of my favourite outfits to wear is a dark grey suit with a black shirt. Wearing black on black can be good, but when you want just that little bit of contrast, a charcoal suit jacket with a black shirt looks great.

It’s a very sleek look, but the combination of the grey with black just gives it that little bit of contrast that would be lacking in an all black outfit.

In my outfit I’ve paired up the outfit with a pair of black derby shoes to keep the look smart.

Blue Shirt With A Grey Suit

Grey Suit With A Blue Shirt

When it comes to adding lightness, a blue shirt with a grey suit works well.

Light blue works with dark, mid and light grey suits and jackets, give the outfit a light look without using a white shirt.

If you’ve got a dark blue or navy shirt, this looks best with a light grey suit rather than dark, although it can work. The light grey navy blue shirt combo looks best, and when going for blues and greys, I would mix them up to give your look some contrast.

Pink Shirt With A Grey Suit

What Colour Shirt To Wear With A Grey Suit

One colour you might overlook is pink, but wearing a pink shirt with a grey suit is a good choice.

If you’re looking to stand out without standing out, this is the way to go. There’s one rule, you have to be careful with the tone and shade of pink you go for.

In my suit I went for a very pale pink shirt with the grey suit. It almost doesn’t look pink, but it is. A very pale salmon shade which works well with this mid grey colour suit jacket.

This combination of suit works really well for horse racing attire. If you’re looking for an outfit for the races, this combination works really well.

You’ll want to avoid bright pop shades of pink and deep pinks such as fuchsia, and stick to pale or pastel shades.

Purple Shirt With A Grey Suit

Grey Suit With a Purple Shirt

You can wear a purple shirt with a grey suit, yes purple!

In this outfit I picked out a pastel purple colour shirt and I’m wearing it with a grey suit jacket. This look is smart-casual, but I could dress it up and turn it more formal with trousers and different footwear.

The light grey suit jacket works well with the purple shirt which is a lilac shade of purple. Once again light shirt mixing with light grey, and it works.

For the final touch I added a pocket square to the outfit.

Stripes And Patterns Shirts With A Grey Suit

There’s not only plain shirts you can wear, but you can also combine stripes and patterned shirts with a grey suit.

A solid grey suit can easily be worn with a contemporary stripe blue shirt, and it will look the part.

Tips For Picking A Colour Shirt For A Grey Suit

When it comes to picking out colour combinations for a shirt and grey suit, there’s lots of ways you can decide on which to wear.

For contrast, pick out a colour from the opposite side of the scale, i.e. mix a light colour shirt with a dark grey suit, and vice-versa.

Don’t pick a bright bold colour. These often stand out far too much and generally speaking don’t work well with grey suits.

When it comes to footwear, you can wear smart shoes or more casual shoes, depending on the overall look you’re going for.

If you’re wondering about shoe colours with grey suits, all of the usual suspects work. As you can see above, I’ve paired black shoes with my grey suit, as well as wearing some trainers in a casual outfit.

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