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What’s The Difference Between A Jumper And A Sweatshirt? Men’s Style Guide

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Friday, 26th February, 2021

The Differences Between Sweatshirts And Jumpers

Whether you’re shopping for clothes or talking about them, you’ll have heard of and probably own jumpers and sweatshirts.

But what’s the difference between a jumper and a sweatshirt?

It’s really easy to know.

Sweatshirts vs Jumpers

A jumper is a piece of clothing knitted typically with wool or a mix or blend of fabric like wool. They can be fairly lightweight, and can come in a V-neck or round neck style. Jumpers are often called knitwear.

A sweatshirt is made from a heavier material, which is typically cotton. Other alternatives to cotton can be used, such as polyester or a mix of both.

Technically speaking cotton is knit during the manufacturing process. But it’s a very tight knit to leave a surface which is smooth to touch.

In terms of the code of dress, a jumper is considered more formal than a sweatshirt. You can wear a jumper and often layer it with a shirt and a blazer as a 3rd layer. A sweatshirt is a more casual item, which could be worn without an under layer.

When it comes to design, jumpers are usually more toned down. They’re often plain, or can have patterns such as stripes or geometric shapes. By contrast, sweatshirts have no design rules. They could be plain, patterned or have small or large graphics on them.

You can check out my guide on sweatshirts here, and my guide on jumpers here which has all the information you need on both items of clothing.

What About Sweaters?

The Difference Between Sweaters, Sweatshirts And Jumpers

You might have come across the term sweater. Is this a sweatshirt or a jumper, or something else?

A sweater is actually the same as a jumper. It all comes down to British vs American English.

The word sweater is generally used in American English, while us in the UK use the word jumper. Therefore Sweaters and jumpers are the same garment.


And there you have it, the difference between jumpers and sweatshirts. Both can be considered an essential part of a men’s wardrobe. For more casual, relaxed and laid back situations, a sweatshirt is king of comfort.

When you want an additional layer and still look smart, a jumper is the way to go.

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