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Made In Chelsea: Men’s Style Guide

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Monday, 6th August, 2018


Who’s ready for tonight? Made In Chelsea is back on our screens, with the gang in Croatia. Aside from the drama, there’s one thing which is the show is all about, and that’s fashion, so here’s a style guide with tips on how to get the Made In Chelsea look for guys.

Rich posh people always fascinate us, which is probably why Made In Chelsea is such a hit. It’s popularity among the characters has spanned several years, and there’s no slowing it down.

Money may be the thing that most of the cast have in common, but personal fashion tastes really set them apart.

When it comes to dressing, there’s plenty of individuality in the characters, from a tailored formal approach, to the smart casual all the way down to super casual from some of the guys, depending on the situation.


Mark Francis

He’s a man of many words, you could call his sense of dress smart, formal, sophisticated, upscale, or anything else which fits the part. He plays up to his posh boy upbringing, but does it with impeccable style. You’ll see him in well-fitting suits and shirts, never anything sloppy and doesn’t know what the phrase “dressing down” means.

The only thing bad about his look is his chest hair on show; Maybe his expensive shirts don’t button all the way up? Button them up Mark!

Get His Look

  • Grab yourself a well fitted suit. Navy blue is always a good colour all year round
  • Sand or light colour suits well work well in Summer
  • Wear a smart or casual shirt; It should be plain, with too many buttons undone – Chest hair on show
  • Get yourself a pair of oversized Sunglasses from a designer brand


Francis Boulle

If there was a man of many styles in the show, it’s Francis Boulle. He’s not afraid to mix it up, or go for completely outlandish outfits when strutting around Chelsea. From a sharp suit to a shirt and blazer, he isn’t afraid to mix up styles.

Wearing a backwards snapback cap and trainers with a suit doesn’t sound like your typical Chelsea posh lad, but that’s why he’s style is so recognisable. Don’t forget the Harry Potter style glasses either.

He’s never afraid to look the part, and will dress for the occasion rather than sticking with a trademark style.

Get His Look

  • Mix smart clothing with casual pieces aka put together a smart casual outfit
  • Wearing a suit is always a good choice
  • When you go casual, go big, with a backwards cap
  • In the Summer go for a short sleeve shirt which is almost completely unbuttoned.


A man who seriously thinks about what he wears, Proudlock can carry off most styles pretty well, and dresses for the occasion. He’ll wear a good suit when the time calls for it, and isn’t afraid to wear a statement piece or full patterned suits.

When the time calls for casual wear, he pulls it off well, making basic tees look great, and adding in accessories such as hats and jewellery. It’s all about the fine details and accessories.

Get His Look

  • Dress for the occasion
  • Wear a suit when the time calls for it
  • Dress in smart casual for most events
  • When you can, go full casual wearing only a tee or vest and pair it up with a hat or jewellery


Jamie Laing

Super skinny denim and a loose cut T Shirt, that’s of of the trademark outfits of Jamie Laing. He’s also known to mix things up a little, and is another one who likes to wear his shirts in a relaxed style, with too many buttons undone.

Loose cuts and oversized clothing are his style, with occasionally wearing a suit.

Get His Look

  • Keep things casual
  • Wear tight or skinny fit chinos, trousers or jeans
  • loose fitting T Shirts and shirts (Check out the best  t-shirt brands)
  • Shave your head


Sam Thompson

Another member of the cast who’s personal style is quite dress-down and casual is Sam Thompson. You’ll never see him in a suit on Made In Chelsea, instead opting for simple casual peices such as T Shirts, casual shirts and dark or black denim. He loves a jacket when the weather calls for it, and it’s not unusual to see him rocking a hoodie.

Get His Look

  • Keep things casual with a T Shirt and denim
  • Wear staple colour pieces
  • Black denim is a favourite
  • Pair it up with a jacket if required

What do you think of the boys of Chelsea’s style? You’ll be able to see it once again on your screen, Made In Chelsea Croatia starts tonight, Monday 6th August at 9PM on E4. As always, get your regular fashion fix on the Style Blog here at Michael 84.

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