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How To Look Taller – Easy Style Tips And The Best Clothes To Wear For Short Men

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Friday, 23rd November, 2018

Dress Yourself Taller - Style Tips For Short Guys

Do you feel small in the clothes you wear?

Do you want to appear to be taller than you are?

Fortunately, there’s a few style tricks you can easily pull off, perfect for guys who are short and want to look taller.

If you’re not happy with your height and wish you had some extra inches, sadly there’s no magic spell which can help, but you can dress yourself taller, and it really does work.

Wearing the right clothing will help enormously in changing how you look. Wearing the wrong things can do nothing for your height, but when you get it right you can easily appear to be taller than you are.

I’m going to give you some tips on how you can present yourself to look taller which are really easy to implement into your life and everyday style.

Did you know that the average height for a man in the UK these days is 5ft 10in? (source) It seems to keep going up and up, everyone is getting taller, but what can you do if you’re not blessed with height? You can dress yourself taller.

I am right on 6ft, and I’ve never really felt small, but these days you can be standing around and there’s a new world of giants out there – It’s like the newer generations are growing bigger and bigger.

I have found that although I can’t change my height, I can change how tall I look, it’s all done with style.

You can make yourself appear taller to the world, even your friends and family who see you day in, day out.

There’s plenty of little style tricks, secrets and tips on how to make the most of your height, how to look taller and some mistakes to avoid if you’re self-conscious about your height.

Are you ready to look taller?

Here’s some tips which will get you there.

Posture: Stand Up Straight

This is something you can do without fashion, and something I don’t do enough myself.

My posture is terrible. I’ve had back pain and problems with my back, and I was encouraged by my physio to stand up straight, at all times, don’t stoop, don’t slouch.

This isn’t just good posture for the back, but it does make you look taller.

Having the perfect posture and standing up straight will immediately work if you’ve previously had bad posture. I’ve had people who I’ve known for years ask me if I’ve grown or that I look taller, just by standing correctly.

Get The Fit Right

We say this time and time again, and it’s the number 1 rule of style whenever you’re getting ready, no matter what the occasion – Get the fit right.

The fit is key, and you should get clothing which fits. Guys often buy clothing to hide their size, but trust me, everyone can see you, and buying something larger looks sloppy, and too small will look silly and be really uncomfortable.

All Black Makes You Look Taller

Wear Monochrome / Very Similar Colours

Colour blocking is the devil for short guys who want to look taller.

If you’re on the smaller side, splitting up your body with the colour of your clothing will chop up your body and make you look smaller; Whether it’s your lower half which is small, or your top half.

The better option is to go monochrome, or wear colours of very similar tone. This will elongate your body, and give you a sleek look, and give you a nice silhouette. You can also go for colours which are a similar tone if wearing all one colour is not something you want to do.

For a casual look, wearing black jeans with a black T Shirt is the perfect combination. Black is known as a slimming colour, and pairing the same colour jeans and T-shirt will create a nice long silhouette, giving you a few extra inches (to the eye at least).

Prefer a smarter look? No problem. You can wear a black shirt and black jeans, and even throw over a black blazer, if needs be. Once again the all black look will give the illusion of you being taller than you are.

Keeping things dark will work well, so using black, dark grey and navy in your outfit will work well.

Jeans/Trousers – Getting The Perfect Fit

When we’re talking about the lower half of your body, whether it’s jeans, trousers or something else, getting the fit right is important. You should wear the best fit of jeans for your body type.

But what do you look for?

If you’re a slimmer guy, get a slim cut of denim, and if you’re a little larger on the waist size, go for a regular cut.

I have a slim frame, and therefore my personal preference when I go for jeans is usually a slim cut, with sometimes going for a skinny or a straight cut.

Getting loose or baggy fits will result in your outfit looking sloppy and won’t add any height.

Stick to mid rise and wear your jeans or trousers at your waistline. No drop crotch or high waist trousers.

When it comes to colours, I’ve always found darker denim is a lot more pleasing on the eye. Go for indigo or black jeans if you top half is also in a darker colour.

If you’re going for a smarter suiting option, then you’ll already be set.

The more important part of the fit to look taller is the leg length and type. You want the leg length to fit perfectly. No break, no flares, no cuffs – You want your trousers or jeans to just hit your footwear.

It can be tough at times to get the perfect length, but you should be able to go to a local tailor and get your trousers or jeans altered, at a very small cost.

A lot of the higher end denim brands only do one leg length, long, which will be too long for you. To just shorten a pair of jeans, it can cost around ยฃ10, depending on where you go, and it will be an investment.

A Good Fitting T Shirt Will Help You Look Better

The Perfect Fitting T Shirt

We all love T-shirts, and you’ve probably already read my T-shirt tips and advice, where I talk about everything to do with the most common item of clothing you’ll have in your wardrobe.

But how is the fit?

As with most of this guide, the advice is to go with a fitted tee. There’s a ton of fits available these days, but I think to create a longer body, you want to fit a tee which has a very slightly longer length, and is fitted.

Don’t go for the boxy types, not the oversized, and not shorter, cropped ones either.

If you can get one which is slightly longer (not long length) and fits well, it will create a longer look.

When it comes to colours and patterns, it’s better to go for a plain tee, or if you have to go for a pattern, vertical stripes.

Avoid Horizontal stripes if you want to dress taller

Avoid Big Patterns Or Horizontal Stripes

This is probably not news to most, but large graphic patterns, and especially horizontal stripes are not good for short guys. There’s too much going on, and the horizontal stripes don’t work well at all.

The illusion is that you look shorter and wider, and it’s seriously true.

If you look at the above pictures which were taken a few weeks apart, I look completely different in height. One is a pattern shirt with a belt and a variety in colour palette, and the other is all black.

The all black photo makes me look taller, although I’m obviously the same height.

Add an overcoat to make yourself look taller in Winter

Choose An Overcoat

When Winter comes and you want to add a couple of extra inches, I think an overcoat works really well.

The men’s overcoat trend is something I only jumped on later in life, but I am a big fan of the outerwear.

If you can get a good fit which has a nice length to it, it will streamline your body shape, giving you a nice larger appearance. I like the camel colour, but if you’re looking for something a little darker, greys and black will also work well.

The Tie And Other Accessories

Using accessories can give off a positive illusion, and there’s nothing better than a tie. Make sure you get the type right, with a slim or skinny tie working well, along with being fashionable at the same time.

You’ll want to avoid a belt, or anything else which breaks up your top and lower half.

Stay Clear Of Short Sleeve Shirts

When you’re going for a shirt, make sure you opt for a long sleeve shirt. Short sleeves will make your arms look shorter, and give you an overall shorter look. Instead go for the long sleeve shirt, and if it’s Summer, you can always roll them up if absolutely necessary.

Faking It With Shoes

If you want to literally add some inches, the only feasible way of doing it is in your footwear, and wear some shoes which will give you a little bit of height.

A slight heel or lift in your shoes can give you an added inch or two, if you’re really looking to add a little bit more height.

Find A Tailor And Have Your Clothing Adjusted

Generally, clothing manufacturers make clothes to fit as many people as possible, in the least number of fits and sizes possible. That means most people will be walking around with clothing which doesn’t really fit them properly.

The way around this is tailoring. It may sound a bit pretentious or bourgeois, but having your clothing adjusted is perfectly fine, and isn’t too expensive either.

As already mentioned above, getting some inches cut off your trousers or jeans won’t cost the earth, you can get them hemmed by a local tailor which you’ll have in your town or city.


By wearing the right clothes or adjusting your style, you can make yourself look taller, all with the illusion of fashion.

The aim is to create one long and sleek silhouette of your body, from top to bottom, getting the colour and fit right is the best start, and you’ll be looking taller in no time.

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