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Men’s Style Tips: 14 Quick And Easy Style Upgrades For Your Everyday Outfits

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Monday, 29th October, 2018

Simple Every Day Style Tips For Guys To Upgrade Your Look

Want a few simple ways to upgrade your style but don’t know where to start?

If you’re looking to up your style game with minimal effort and cost, you may be able to do it with clothing and accessories you already have in your wardrobe.

Everyone always says money can’t buy style, which is true, but most of those who are spending money also get the small details right, which is something anyone can do, with or without spending their cash.

The good thing is that it does not require you to already own a mountain of clothing, it’s all about using what you’ve already got, and making a couple of changes or additions which could really give your outfits an upgrade.

Small details are something which people notice, they’re often very subtle and almost look unintentional, but everyone who knows, knows that it’s deliberate.

Here’s a few simple style tips you can use in your every day look to get you looking like a better, more stylish guy.

Add A Pocket Square For A Touch Of Elegance

Add A Pocket Square To Your Suit Jacket Or Blazer

As already mentioned, it’s about the small, finer details, and a pocket square is something which is a fine detail, but goes a long way to completing an outfit. They turn a nice jacket into a statement, with plenty of handkerchief styles available.

Plain or patterned, go for one which shows off your style.

Wear a nice watch

Wear A Nice Watch

Did you think buying a smart watch was a good idea? Well it’s not a stylish one. A stylish or classy watch is going to add something to your outfit. Watches are a gentlemen kind of thing, when it comes to jewellery, guys don’t wear too much.

This is one piece you can wear which will give you an upgrade. You don’t need to spend a fortune getting a luxury timepiece, there’s plenty of clean minimalist watches which will get the job done and elevate your outfit.

Blazer over a T Shirt

Throw A Dress Jacket Over It

If you’re wearing a plain shirt or even a plain T Shirt and you plan on going out but want to feel a little more elegant, the easiest way is to wear a blazer over a T-shirt.

Dress jacket, sports coats, suit jackets, they’ll all have the same effect. Leave the denim or leather in the house, wear something smarter and you’ll feel like a million.

Wearing A Tie? Add In A Tie Bar

If you’re wearing a tie and want to add something a little more edgy or just as an extra talking piece, a tie bar will make your outfit that little bit more classy.

If you’re wearing a tie it must be a formal situation where everyone else will be wearing a suit, you can easily elevate your own outfit with a simple and inexpensive tie bar.

Wearing a scarf with a coat in the Winter

Add A Scarf

Wearing a scarf is not just about keeping your neck warm, it’s about style. Learn the different knots and ways to tie your scarf, then when the time comes, put on your scarf.

Remember there’s all different kinds of scarves – From wool for the Winter to Silk and fabric in the Summer.

Save Your Best, For Best

We all have favourite clothes, whether it’s that pair of jeans, shirt or shoes. You’ll want to wear them a lot of the time, because they make you feel good, but wearing them too often will wear them out. White shirts become less white, black can become washed out.

Wear your best pieces less to maintain them better, only for the occasions you need to wear them.

Buy Less Buy Better

If money is tight, save up for better quality items. Rather than buying 3 pairs of £50 jeans, go for the 1 pair of quality £150 jeans.

The same goes for most items. Expensive items usually fit better, and are usually better quality. Although this is not always the case, it’s usually true.

Build a sustainable wardrobe with your clothing, spending more on better quality, and loving the clothes you own.

Dress For Your Body Shape

You should be dressing for your body shape, and getting the clothes which works best for you. If you’re not skinny, then skinny jeans are never going to look good. If you do have a slender frame, then go for form fitting clothing.

It’s guaranteed to look better, and it’s possibly the easiest way of getting a style upgrade with minimal effort.

Monochrome Works Well

If in doubt, go monochrome. Black and white always works well, from wearing black jeans and a white T-shirt or shirt, or adding in a jacket, it’s always going to look stylish.

Roll Up Your T-shirt Sleeves

If you’ve got a regular fit T-shirt the sleeves could be quite baggy, and there’s a quick and easy fix for this; Roll them up.

You only need to roll them up slightly to give the rolled effect, you’re not looking to make a sleeveless tee, just enough of a roll up to create the effect. It will make the sleeves appear fitted.

Tuck In Your Shirt

When you’re going for a laid back and casual look, the un-tucked shirt can work. But if you’re wearing a plain shirt, especially if it’s smart, you’re going to want to tuck it in.

A good rule of thumb could be if you’re wearing a smart jacket with a shirt, it’s probably correct to tuck it in.

Roll Up Your Selvedge Jeans

Slevedge Jeans? Roll Them Up

If you’ve invested in Selvedge jeans then hopefully you’ve got a slightly longer leg than you need. Why would you do this? So you can roll them up. If you know about selvedge denim, you’ll know about the trademark stitching, rolling up the legs at the bottom exposes this, and will shorten the jeans to the perfect length.

Pick The Right Fragrance For The Occasion

You probably already own a few aftershaves, but are they a similar scent?

The fragrance advice is simple; Just like clothing, you want the right scent for the right occasion. darker and woody scents are good for a night out but could be too heavy for the office.

Invest in at least 2 scents, one for day, one for the evening. If you want more, that’s great, because we all love to smell good!

Feeling Confident? Experiment With Your Look

If you’re feeling confident with your look and want to experiment or do something different then you should go for it. This can be easy to do, you can start with something as small as going smarter than you usually would, adding in accessories, or using more colour in your looks.

A coloured pair of chinos would be a good starting place, and pair them with a complimenting coloured shirt or tee.


That’s 14 simple every day style tips which can really upgrade your outfit or look. The small details always matter, and they don’t go unnoticed, so when you get them right, it has the effect of making a big improvement.

What are your favourite small additions guys can make to their style? You can read more in-depth style guides for men if you’re looking to get more information on this subject along with other stylish tips.

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