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What Colour Shoes With A Navy Suit? Here’s Your Stylish Options

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Monday, 13th February, 2023

What colour shoes to wear with a blue suit

What colour shoes go with a navy suit?

I think there’s nothing better than a blue suit, in particular a navy blue suit. But some have asked the question about footwear, in particular the best colour to go with a blue suit.

There’s a few colours you can go for, and these are the best ones.

When it comes to blue suit and shoes combinations, a pair of brown shoes looks great. There are other options such as black, grey and oxblood being other fantastic colour shoes to wear with a blue suit.

A blue suit is a brilliant colour, in particular the darker shades, such as midnight blue and navy. It’s so versatile, and can be worn for almost any occasion – From a day out at the races, weddings and every smart occasion.

It’s the one reason why myself and many stylists often say it’s the best colour for a first suit.

I have taken a few pairs of my own shoes and took some photos so you can see what each colour looks like, so you can see what colours shoes work with a navy suit.

Here’s some outfit pictures so you can see for yourself how a blue suit works with black, brown and grey shoes.

What Colour Shoes With A Navy Suit

Black Shoes, Brown Shoes And Grey Shoes With a Blue Suit

Brown Shoes With A Navy Suit

Brown shoes work so well with a navy suit. You can wear dark brown or lighter shades such as tan, and it’s going to look good.

My shoes are brown brogues, and I think that they work really well with this colour suit.

Brogues are more informal to derby and Oxford shoes, but they still look smart, and I think that this colour works well. If you want your shoes to do the talking, this colour will do that.

You could wear a blue suit with brown shoes to a wedding, to the races or any other occasion. Brown shoes go with a blue suit, you will look the part wearing these two colours together.

Black Shoes With A Navy Suit

Don’t have brown shoes? No problem. You can wear black shoes with a navy suit and they look fantastic.

My black shoes are Derby shoes, but they could be Oxford or Brogues, you’d still get the same colour palette. Yes you can wear black and navy together.

I think that the black and navy tones work well, they keep the overall outfit dark and sleek.

Black shoes work with most outfits, whether it’s a black or blue suit, smart jeans and virtually anything.

It’s a good colour to pick if you’re going for some new shoes.

Wearing a blue suit with black shoes works well for most occasions.

Grey Shoes With A Blue Suit

I have a pair of suede grey derby shoes, so I thought that I’d also throw that into the mix.

I really love this colour, and usually wear these with jeans. The grey suede works fine with blue and black denim, and I think that this style and colour works equally as well with a blue suit.

Blue Suit Blue Shoes

Blue Shoes With A Navy Suit

What about blue shoes? Can you wear blue shoes with a blue suit?

A while back I tried it out a smart casual style of “many shades of blue”, with a pair of blue chino trousers with a blue shirt and blue jacket.

I have a pair of blue suede shoes which I really like, so wanted to check out how this would look.

For a smart-casual look blue shoes is fine. Even though that blue shoes are not the typical shoes that you’ll have in your wardrobe, if you do, they don’t look bad at all.

As you’ll know, there’s a lot of different men’s shoes styles which you can wear, and getting that right along with the colour is key.


You can wear brown shoes with a navy suit and look stylish. Black shoes and navy suits go together well too, giving off a more colder and sleek look that works well in the winter months.

These are possibly the two best colours you can opt for, but as seen there’s other options too.

Darker reds such as burgundy and oxblood will work well too, but you should probably avoid anything too striking, such as white or bright colours.

You should already own a pair which work, and if you’re looking to invest in a pair, there’s plenty of good options out there.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the men’s style guides for advice on looking your best.

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