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Should I Remove My Suit Jacket/Blazer At Dinner? [Here’s The Answer!]

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Monday, 21st October, 2019

Should I remove my blazer jacket at dinner - Here's the answer

You’re suited up at a formal event, you’re at the dinner table, should you take your jacket off?

Do you remove a jacket at dinner at a wedding reception?

Can you remove your jacket in a restaurant?

These are just a few common questions that guys wonder when they’re wearing a suit or a blazer. Should you be taking off your jacket when sitting down for the meal.

The traditional etiquette states that you should keep your jacket on when sitting down for a meal.

You shouldn’t remove your jacket unless you absolutely have to, and when you’re wearing it, you’ll want to make sure it’s unbuttoned when you’re sitting.

There’s a few instances where you might be wearing a jacket and wonder if you should or shouldn’t take it off. Let’s take a look at a couple of scenarios you’re likely to encounter.

At A Fancy Restaurant – Jacket Required

Should I take my blazer or jacket off at dinner in a restaurant?

So you’ve taken a girl to a fancy restaurant. You’ve read what you should wear on a first date, and you’ve got suited up. Now you’re sitting down, you’re thinking, do I take my jacket off, or not?

If you’re wearing a suit, you don’t take off the jacket. If you’re wearing a smart blazer, you don’t that that off. Consider these items as part of your outfit.

If you’re wearing an outside coat then yes, of course you do take that off.

Wedding Reception / Dinner – Jacket Required

Should I keep my jacket on a dinner at a wedding?

You’ve been to the wedding, and now you’re at the sit down meal. Everyone is looking their best. Do you keep your jacket on? Yes.

There is a few etiquette rules which state that if the you can remove your jacket if it’s OK with the host (i.e. if the groom removes his jacket), or if the wedding party remove their jackets, you are free to do so.

However don’t be the one guy who removes his jacket. If you see everyone remove theirs and you want to, you are free to remove your jacket.

Traditionally many people will say, if you’re at an event (such as a wedding) which requires you to wear a suit, you should not remove the jacket. Sadly as we’ve entered more casual times not a lot of people will adhere to this rule, and as a few people remove their jackets, so will everyone else.

As we’ve already discussed, you should wear a jacket with a tie.

Wearing Jackets At Other Smart Or Formal Occasions

As already stated, if you’re somewhere which requires you to dress up, then you should stay dressed up. You should keep your jacket on, unless of course, everybody has taken theirs off. If that’s the case, it could be considered acceptable to remove your jacket.

If you’re wearing a three piece suit which comes with a waistcoat, then not wearing your suit jacket looks less sloppy and could also be considered OK, but you should generally follow the rules above.

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Jacket Buttons: Button Up Or Wear Open?

When it comes to buttons, it’s simple. When standing, button the jacket. When sitting, unbutton the jacket. You should follow the simple Sometimes, Always, Never button rule when using the buttons, which means never fastening the last button.

Should you remove your suit jacket at dinner? Here's the answer


Taking off your suit jacket at dinner is considered a faux pas for formal dressing. If you’re out on a date or a one-on-one situation, keep it on.

If you’re at an event, party or wedding, keep it on.

But if everyone around you is removing their jackets and you feel uncomfortable and out of place being the only guy with a jacket on, then you can remove it.

This is a break away from tradition and etiquette, but if it makes you feel more comfortable following the room, it should be OK.

For more tips, check out the men’s style guide for both formal and casual dressing tips on how to look your best.

Suit Button Rules - How To Button A Jacket Properly

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